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2009 Volkswagen Jetta



  • rosweetrosweet Posts: 6
    I have my 09 Jetta SE for almost 6 months now, at first 3 months I did notice the acceleration difference comparing to my 2001 Civic. I guess it just took time to get used to. What I have noticed recently is the clicking noise behind the steering wheel in low speed at first couple minutes when you turn on the car. I'm wondering if others had such experience. Since it randomly occurs, the dealer has no idea what the cause is. :confuse:
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    We have the 5 cyl auto in a 2005. I would say initial acceleration is the opposite of what you gets going from a stop very quickly. It is my wife's car and I have to be careful to use an initial light touch on the gas pedal when I do drive it in order to avoid getting a sqeak from the tires, my wife has no problem as she is used to it.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074

    This is pretty much what the new 2010 Jetta will look like. It will have the Golf VI fron end, new white MFD display, Golf VI steering wheel and finally the Golf VI dashboard.
  • intelmanintelman Posts: 5
    I have a 2009 with 11,300 miles. Only had one problem which is the FR door was not aligned right in the frame and made it hard to close the door. 1st gear acceleration is very brisk in automatic mode, I suspect due to a very low gear ratio. I average around 27 mpg with some freeway driving and have gotten as high as 31 mpg . The car is very fun to drive and acceleration is very good around 4000 rpm's. The trunk is huge which is a major plus. I would like to keep this car after 39 months are over as long as no problems crop up.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    A national reporter is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a Volkswagen (VW) vehicle recently (within the past four months). Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to by Friday, June 5, 2009.

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  • Things you cannot tell in a quick test drive. I owned this car for just 42 days before I traded it in. It had a tight gas pedal, mushy brakes, and a squeaky steering wheel. It was sold to me as certified pre-owned, but I have no idea what it went through in its brief life with the previous owner. I had had enough of sliding through stop signs and stop lights waiting for the brakes to stop the vehicle - safely and in a straight line! The vehicle's line curved with accelerating and braking. It had 3000 miles on it already and by 4000+ miles the brakes were grinding and the steering wheel would not turn. :( I purchased from Boardwalk Volkswagen in Richardson, TX.

    Here is what happened. I took my 2001 Jetta GLS with moonroof in for repair (1 owner, purchased brand new from Boardwalk with 0 miles in 1/2001). At 90,000 miles it started stalling out and driving rough. Service diagnosed many things wrong - some were maintenance related like vacuum tubes - and told me it would be $2000 to fix. Paid $2000. Stalled on 50 mile round trip home. Pop the hood. See a repair done with shiny black electrical tape! Back at dealer, which does not know what is wrong. I say the shoddy repair with black electrical tape could be something! They said they did that to save me money and that "it is not fixable". I am convinced to use the $2000 paid repair bill on my fully-owned paid off car as a down payment toward the financing of a pre-owned 2008 Jetta S. I have cerebral palsy and A tier credit! That car was my transportation. I needed transportation and controls. I signed the contract on the 2008 Jetta S. Tried to return it the next morning, due to its issues. Dad goes up there. Service tech goes "Eddie Haskell" on him and tells him it could have been an engine speed sensor, a nominal fee to pay ($200 or so) compared to paying $2000 for repairs and financing another car purchase of $16000 (retailed at $20000 sticker)! :mad:

    So far I have written to the Texas Attorney General and the Owner and Sr. VP of Boardwalk. Should I write to the CEO of Volkswagen of America, Stefan Jacoby? When I bought the 3rd vehicle, I had nothing to trade against it. I lost thousands of dollars on two deceptive deals to get to the vehicle I have now which I love: it accelerates, brakes, and steers! What more could a gal ask for?

    Yes, I signed the contract for the 2008 Jetta S, under duress. What about honoring a provision of repair service contract, when $2000 is paid? I think my case is strong for deceptive trade practices involving Jetta 1 and Jetta 2. I would have paid $200 for a sensor! Why weren't they checked before $2000 worth of parts had been installed and labor performed? There was a known issue with the engine speed sensor in 1/2009.

    I did not trust them to fix car #2 since car #1 was not fixed satisfactorily. :(
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    I might be wrong (and please correct me if I am) You bought a used vehicle. You signed a contract. I don't know how the laws are in Texas but don't you have 72 hours (or 3 business days) to change your mind and return the vehicle?
    Seems to me that you rushed into a deal, the vehicle was not what you wanted , you should have 3 days to back out of the deal.
    A letter to Jacoby might help, if he even reads it. I would get a good lawyer and hope for the best. Good luck.
  • I have discovered that "lemon laws" only apply when the car was not bought at a place of business, and the 3 day return policy is an urban legend. It is up to the seller/merchant to decide to take it back. I left the keys with the service department and was taken to work by my dad. I was later called aty work and told to remove the vehicle from the premises. I didn't want to lose my $2000 I'd paid toward a non-running trade I could not sell elsewhere. I still held the title to my car. I just wanted my car to be fixed and to run.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    It really sucks when you have a supposedly "new" product and you can tell its not normal. I tried taking my car back within 3 days and the couldn't do anything I was pretty much forced into my car too. I had to choose a GM car in order to lease a VW product too.(we needed 2 cars.. Wanted 2 VW's.) VW wouldn't let me lease 2 VW's. I want to write a letter to VW to let them know that I am now paying for 2 cars now, I drive the GM car and my family member drives the VW. They could have had more of my money. I wanted a VW too. They wouldn't let me.

    Blah, anyway... I know what its like... you get the car and your like wow! I don't want it! Luckily I only lease my cars, nothing is ever permanent. Its just a car,
    but your issues go way beyond that... I am sorry to hear about all of that!
  • i just purchased a 2009 jetta s and i have the same problem in the acceleration. i asked the salesman and he said that it would go away...i dont like it! what happened with your car and what did they tell you? did you get it fixed or did it just go away like he said it would? :confuse:
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    What do you all think of the new front end on the Jetta, or at least what is going to be the new front end? I think it looks okay! I am not sure either way right now. It looks more casual now. The Jetta I think holds its own luxury type look and feel for a car of its kind. It looks more casual now. I'll give it a chance.

    I was totally hoping for the VW CC to have a 5th seat, because I would get that car. Its a car of size that I would like.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Kinda bizarre that the Jetta has 5 seat belts and the CC only 4. :confuse:
  • the hesitation is the DSG transmission, sometimes it feels like it goes clunk, but every article I have read said this is normal. it just gets some getting used to. I have over 15K on mine and sometimes it feels weird, but you get used to it. The real issue is sometimes when you put it in reverse it jumps back real quick....hope this helps.
  • the clicking noise you hear is a relay problem. take it to the dealer and have them look at it. My delaer said it was a relay but you need two people in the car, one to drive and one to find out which relay is clicking before he can fix it. i have to bring it back in next week to fix it. He said it's not a safety issue, so no worries there, but it is annoying. Hope this helps. Alex
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    the 2.5 does not have a DSG transmission
  • I'm having the same relay clicking in my 2009 Jetta TDI -- how exactly does the passenger determine which relay is the culprit while driving? It seems to be coming from somewhere inside the steering column...thanks for any advice!
  • My 09 VW Jetta has been nothing but problems since I got it last year, when it's cold it slips in rev. While im driving their is accelertion heasitation, and some times the car just shifts into netural and all the lights on the dash flash. (if this were to happen when I pulled out into traffic id be dead). I'm aware of the recalls on the dsg trans which states all the excact symptoms im having and they claim to have made the nessary repairs to correct the issue. I have had it into two different VW dealers and the mechanic at one of them stated the trans was slipping bad in rev when the car is cold but later when I was called to pick up the car the manager claimed his mechanic was mistaken I just needed to let the car warm up for 15min befor driving it. And they say everything else is fine yet they never really drive the car more than a few miles.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    "let the car warm up for 15 minutes" :surprise:

    That is ridiculous! Did they actually say minutes, not seconds?

    I'm pretty sure the owner's manual does not indicate that this is the way the car is to be operated. Maybe contact VW and tell them your dealer is claiming that the car needs to warm up for 15 minutes in order to operate properly and see if they agree that this is required for normal operation.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    edited May 2010
    Methinks you misunderstand.... the 15 minutes of warmup means to DRIVE GENTLY until the engine is up to operating temp.... this is normal for ANY automobile.

    Simply idling an engine to "warm it up" has been proven to cause premature engine wear..... besides, A TDI diesel would have to idle for a lot longer than 15 minutes to get warm because it is soooo effficent. the winter, my fully-warmed-up TDI will actually start to COOL OFF if I let it idle. (the temp. needle will move back down to the cold indication) The trade-off for nearly 60 MPG is no heat in the winter.
  • whitneymswhitneyms Posts: 1
    Has anyone had problems with their 2009 jetta tdi fuel pumps? Mine has totally disenegrated and according to the dealership my whole fuel system will have to be replaced due to metal shards in it. I had no warning signs of a problem, it just quit in the middle of the road.
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