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Honda Fit Travel Experiences



  • Has anyone installed the Honda Garmin Navi 350 GPS unit? I was wandering if there was any difficulty in disassembling and putting the dash back together.
  • We averaged just under 34 mpg. Not bad considering it is an automatic, I was driving 75 mph a lot of the time, and the car was overloaded with us and stuff.
  • Hello. I got 46.60 miles per gallon on my last tank with my 2007 Honda Fit MT.
    422 miles/9.05 gallons of fuel (using the same pump both times) equals the above mpg. I am averaging over 43 miles per gallon with the Fit. I make use of some "hypermiling" techiniques (nothing absurd) to generate the totals I get. I also drive mostly highway and back roads wherever possible. These cars are capable of really great gas mileage if you are very careful with shift r.p.m., speed, etc..,
    Take a look at "" for some tips on increasing gas mileage.
  • yes...I have done this also...repeatedly..just as you say!!
  • I've had my Fit for about 13,500 miles. In town, it gets about 26.5 mpg. On a trip I can get 34. Sometimes in town it slips lower like at present I think I got just about 22/23. It's very aggravating because I bought the car based on Honda's claims on the invoice on the car. 31/37. One thing I've learned: my town is horrible stop and go-short blocks. The tires need to be inflated sufficiently for optimum mpg. But, this last tank plummeted because it has been raining and I've had to use the defrost alot--this achieved low mileage because of that stupid AC being on to demist the cabin. There's no way to turn it off. What kind of design nonsense is that!!??
    I have a love/hate relationship with the car. Honda really should know better than to allow a 109 horsepower mini car to only get 23-27 mpg in town!! Their civics have gotten 32 in town and 42 on the highway. And to mandate the AC on to defrost the windows is madness!!
    Try to take routes that are less stop and go. This will increase your mileage.
    My final word is: I understand completely what you're going through. But if you like the car....3-5 mpg or so won't add up to that much annually. I guess. :-\
  • Well,

    Sorry that you are not happy with your Fit.

    To address one of your complaints, the one about the A/C going on with the window defrost settings, guess what? That has been mandated for ALL cars for the last 15 years or more that the A/C MUST go on with the defrost settings for safety. Up here in the Pacific Northwest, if the A/C did not come on with the defrost setting automatically during the intense rain storms, I would have to turn it on to keep the windows clear. Actually, it does not come on and stay on, but rather cycles on and off during use of the defrost setting. Just to set your mind at rest about the A/C costing you substantial fuel mileage, Consumer Reports did some tests to see how much A/C affects mileage on a few different cars. The result was almost ONE mile per gallon difference. The fuel penalty for opening the windows could hardly be measured according to Consumer Reports.

    When the A/C cycles on, you can see and hear it in the Fit. The engine RPM increases slightly to compensate and the coolant fan automatically kicks in with a light roaring sound. This is all standard stuff on any car, only on the Fit, it is light enough and small enough to notice it more.

    I'm not sure why your mileage is low. I'm getting an average of 35 mpg per tank for the last six months so I cannot complain. That is with a city highway mix. Mine is a Sport M-5speed. I do know that the Auto gets worse city mileage but is geared lower and gets better hiway mileage.

    Cheers, Pete
  • ifitifit Posts: 18
    I get between 32 and 34 in town. Because I don't want the AC to come on, I don't use the defrost. I wipe off the windshield with a towel instead of using the defrost. You probably live somewhere where foggy windshields are more of a problem. Most cars link the AC to the defrost by computer. It's just a matter of finding the disable code and your problem is solved. Most Hondas can be fixed by using a disable code. The Fit uses a link to a toggle switch, not a computer. When you turn the knob to defrost it turns a switch that turns on the AC. All you have to do is remove the cover, & unlink the two. It's reversible if you don't like the change. You can find the plans or links to them on this site.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Seems a bit extreme just so the AC doesn't come on in defrost mode.

    As far as Fit and Civic MPG, you'll find as many happy/unhappy Fit owners as you will Civic owners with respect to their MPG. Some really good, some really bad, but most in the middle. The only difference is that Fit owners can hold a lot more stuff in their car ;)
  • My wife and I have the same problem- getting about 26 MPG consistently - regardless of who is driving.

    The driving tips posted before all seem like they might make a few mpg difference, but a 30% difference?

    Is it possible that 1 in a hundred fits, or maybe all from 1 plant, have a defect that causes this problem? Has anyone who had this problem found a way to fix it?

  • thora47thora47 Posts: 5
    I don't have my Fit yet, but have been reading forums obsessively since I started researching the car.

    Investigate the "Idle Learn Procedure." It's my understanding that the dealership is supposed to do it during the Pre-Delivery Inspection but it doesn't always get done. I believe it also needs to be done again if you disconnect the battery or one of several other things happen....
    If it's not done, one is supposed to achieve sub-par gas mileage.

    But this is all hearsay; Good Luck!
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    A 4 hour treip with 2 people & problem. We drove for 9 hours in our Fit with 2 adults, a toddler and so much stuff that I needed to use the side mirror to see out back and it was just fine...saved me a lot in gas money too.
  • wgewge Posts: 16
    I just got back from a two-week hiking and climbing trip to Colorado in my Fit. It was just me and about 200 pounds of gear. It worked great. I slept in the Fit four nights and was very comfortable. The trip of just under 4000 miles yielded an average of 45.09 mpg. It was great on wet gravel and mud roads as well. In September, my wife and I and three Beagles will do another vacation trip to North Carolina and we should have plenty of room. So, I think the Fit is just fine for an economical travel car.
  • vdalvdal Posts: 6
    Thank you guys.Fit it is then.Mine still making 19-21 mpg so it's not gonna be economical but at fun for sure,cause I love me "bullet"
  • i have a same problem. my Fit just get 24-26 par gallon gas mileage. I drove on freeway and city harf and harf. This gas mileage is too bad.
  • Gang,

    Yesterday, The Buster and I drove the 2007 Fit Sport AT to Corpus Christi and back from Austin. Left early morning and returned late afternoon. 40 mpg on the way down (A/C off most of the way) and 39 mpg coming back (A/C on). :shades:

  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    what sort of speeds were you doing?
  • Bob,

    We drove between 60 and 70 mph. I should have mentioned that we had an extra 110 lbs. of stuff in the car.

  • I have a different posting about my recent purchase of an armrest. I was satisfied with its fit but I couldn't drive the 4 screws snugly because they're screwed into a soft base. I'm thinking of replacing them with longer screws but I don't know if there's more soft material deeper down the surface. I'd want to hear from others about how I can make the armrest fit more tightly.
  • wehnerwehner Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2009 Honda Fit sport with automatic transmisison on 21 October 2008. The owner's manual says the vehicle can be towed behind a motorhome 4 wheels down provided you don't exceed 65 MPH and the auto transmission is cycled through all ranges with the motor running for 3 minutes ending with the shift lever going from Drive to Neutral. This must be done at least every 8 hours of towing. There are no other restrictions mentioned in the owner's manual. The manual transmission can be towed simply by putting the shift in neutral.
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