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Top Ten Resale Values -- What's Their Secret?



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,041
    Kelley is dealer asking price. TMV is based on actual selling prices.

    Then there's supposedly more than one Kelley book out there.

    What is the "Kelley Blue Book" Price?

    In the real world, Miatas would be in the top 3 or 4 on any of these lists.

    Ateixeira/Juice has three buyers lined up for his old one right now.
  • 1stpik1stpik Posts: 495
    How can the BMW 1 series be on this list? It's a new model for 2008. No one knows what it'll be worth in a few years.

    And why is the Civic Hybrid on the list, but the Prius isn't? Both those cars are selling for unbelievable used prices right now. Even the discontinued Honda Insight is worth a fortune these days.
  • lemmerlemmer Posts: 2,676
    This is one of the reasons why leasing is losing favor with the car companies - predicting lease residuals is a form of gambling.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    Do the leasing companies ACTUALLY throw darts at a board to determine residuals??!!

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • tatum2tatum2 Posts: 7
    The resale has nothing to do with real value. It is all about "Perceived Quality"
    It is hard to change someones mind when they believe a Honda is better
    than say a Chevy. No amount of hard facts will convience them.
    Also you pay more for a Honda to begin with it should be worth
    as a percentage in resale
  • I think the BMW Series 1 will be a good gamble,however.

    Civics are desirable, as are Miatas, but they are a dime a dozen. The used car market is flooded with them. This HAS to have an effect on resale.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,041
    You'd think so but around here people want $2,000 or more over TMV for a run of the mill Miata. They seem to be getting their price too even on the older, high mileage model ones. Fuel prices popped demand up on them as well.

    There's a '91 in today's Craigslist here with an asking price of $3,500 - more than twice Dealer Retail TMV assuming it has high miles (the ad doesn't say, so I'm assuming over 120k on it). Other ads I've watched for the last couple of years have similar prices, and the one I passed on got sold for crazy money.
  • lemkolemko Posts: 15,075
    Shoot, I recall Miata Mania when the first models were new. People were paying well over MSRP for them.
  • I think that's just anecdotal data. People can "want" whatever they wish for a car, but the TMV is based on what's in the fat middle of the bell curve, not the highs and lows we hear about now and then. Besides all that, it's summer season. Go sell a Miata in a snow storm. :P

    As for a 1991 Miata---ANY decent clean used Japanese car is worth $3,500. What you're seeing there is just the floor price for a decent used economy car in 2008 America.

    Besides, we're talking about 3 year old cars and their resale. The number of used 3 year old Miatas on the market is enormous. There's no "Miata shortage". But a low miles, very clean Prius or MINI will get snatched up a lot faster than a Miata IMO.

    HAVING SAID ALL THAT---the Miata does seem to share some of the characteristics of the cars with highest resale. Only the glut of them keeps them off the list I think.
  • 1stpik1stpik Posts: 495
    Mazda killed the spirit of the Miata when they eliminated the pop-up headlights.

    My '94 had a button on the dash that would allow them to "wink" at girls ..... a feature which I found useful on a few occasions.
  • fezofezo Posts: 9,195
    I had actually been shopping for the next generation Miata (I liked the wink thing but needed a trunk that could at least hold a guitar). Everyone wanted silly money for them.

    Ended up with a Celica convertible. Wasn't until I parked it next to a Miata that the Celica looked BIG!
  • lemmerlemmer Posts: 2,676
    I wouldn't think a winking Miata would be helpful in any way to a man trying to attract women.
  • Women like Miatas. I'd imagine a disproportionate share of the used Miata market is shopped by women. ( Men make the mistake of thinking women like their expensive macho cars, but what women may be attracted to is that they are expensive cars IMO. :P )

    Women like MINIS too, and small SUVs right now. Female power is definitely out there in the resale market.
  • hey lemmer,...agree with most of your list[just having fun as a new member looking at old postings that interest me]...have to take exception to the 'vette listing though,...much as i love the corvette,...everything i've ever seen,...and researched,...unfortunately shows this cars value PLUMMETS once you take it off the lot, much so,...that even a 70000$ zo6 is worth about a third after 3 years,...don't quite know why,...they ARE building them better then they used to,...and now with gm in trouble[more then trouble, they're BANKTRUPT!],...why are the porsche 911's resideduals so good after 3 years[still at almost 2/3's of value?]...just perceived better quallity is all...this car ,as well as the porsche marque in general, should be on that list,...try buying a good condition 911,...say a 2007 s coupe, for less than 55000-60000 or so, and you'll be laughed off the lot!...i think people just perceive these cars to be a better built product, rightly or wrongly...
  • The reason for low Corvette resale (relatively speaking) is that they made a TON OF THEM every year. There are thousands for sale every day all over the country, and in every podunk town you can name, probably.

    It's just a supply and demand equation that tilts against excessive supply.

    As for "quality", that, too is relative, although they joke for *older* Corvettes used to be that they "aged in dog years".
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,161
    The recent recalls for roofs flying off doesn't exactly scream "Quality"...
  • Well let's put it in perspective. You are getting near-Ferrari performance for 1/2 the price.

    So they have to skimp on something to get that price point---in the Vette's case, it's always been interior fitments, fit and finish on the exterior, and some off-the shelf GM hardware to save bucks.

    Still a remarkable car for the money, especially for the 2nd and 3rd owners. But it is, after all, a Chevrolet, not an Aston Martin.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,161
    Meh, I've driven Vettes before and their performance can be described IMO as "squirmy". Too much power and not enough control. I would trust a Ferrari or an Aston at the limits, I wouldn't feel safe in a Vette doing the same thing. Feels too fragile.
  • I have heard that from hi-performance drivers but I've never pushed one that hard. But judging from all the heavily damaged Dodge Vipers I see advertised in Hemmings, I would suspect that the car is beyond the skill of most owners.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,286
    The most critical component is a high powered car (indeed any car) is the nut behind the wheel! :)

    Even a Corvette, which might be more squirmy at the limit compared to a Ferrari, will still have limits that far exceed the ability of most drivers that it is a moot point, I think.

    A good analogy would be drivers that argue that a jet fighter that pulls 9.5G is better at the limit than another one pulling 9G, when people not trained to be fighter pilots would all black out at 6G.

    Me personally, I'd be happy with either one! :)
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