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Pontiac G8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    how do you know that, bvdj84.
    also, please provide numbers for the value before and after the plummet?
    is the plummet any more or less than any 2008 vehicle that has sat on the lot for a couple months? thanks...
  • josswjossw Posts: 9
    Here in SoCal the 08 G8 GTs are piling up in the dealer's lots. Typical GM - right car at the wrong time. The new 0% APR offer is so much better than employee pricing offer (which had 5.9% APR). I just had a friend get an 08 G8 GT for $27,500 with 0% APR. Just wait until November. $25K???
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Exactly! You don't have to look hard to get a loaded G8 with a V8 for way under sticker. Look on Ebay, some G8's have been sitting, and the price continues to go down. I have seen $25k for a G8, with a few 1k miles on them. Or for about $28k give or take, you can get a V8. Though the G8 is a nice car, it still depreciates fast along with its name. Not to mention the bad timing. They have a couple rows of G8's here. Its disappointing you pay that much, and then you drive it off the lot, and its price already dropped substantially. But, it is partially the economy. They new Challenger is not moving to well either. Most people are not thinking V8 right now, or even a V6.
  • holdenguyholdenguy Posts: 145
    Check my post in the main G8 thread as to why prices are dropping.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Look on ebay, You can get a loaded G8 for $24k!! Why buy new!?
  • can some one please tell me what would be a good price to buy a g8?

    Under invoice? At invoice? Also what are the rebates I am not any kind of supplier.
  • They are all over the place.

    If GM gets rid of Pontiac, expect them to go much lower.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just walked out of 2 dealers. Here in the NY area they are not dropping below the red-tag price of $30k on a loaded G8GT. Just too much for the car IMO.

    Dealers are gonna be stuck with these cars or just wait for the suckers.

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    You would be better off buying a used G8 on Ebay or elsewhere. Because they are substantially less, thousands less than MSRP. They have a few miles on them, but can be loaded with what you want. Paying new for a G8 or a GM car now would be not advised. The issue is, that your car's true value will be substantially lower than the price of the car. Much lower, so you are so upside down before you even drive off the lot. It is assumed that is the case for all cars, in there depreciation, but with current conditions of GM and the economy, this car, being the G8 is in a bad position right now. Being new would be a very bad use of your money. You would not be able to sell the car and get out from owing money still. Its too bad.

    Another issue, The Red Tag Event- Is they take the savings off the MSRP, when they need to take the savings off the sale price that is achieved, because most cars are not sold for MSRP. So if you consider all of this, there is no substantial amount of savings being adjusted for the deal. The savings is minimal.
    For instance, a car that is $28k, then has a sale price of $26, then the savings should be taken off the sale price. Because otherwise they aren't doing anything out of the ordinary. No one buys MSRP, if they do, then its a rare or very new car. Even then, market and conditions determine if this can be done. Right now, NO.

    Just think a used G8 with a few miles, already broken in, the first owner took the first hit in depreciation, sounds like a good deal, I do see the market getting better, and with that, comes with values getting stronger.
  • podpod Posts: 176
    A pontiac ad (national ad not local) in the Boston Herald offers $2500 off after the red tag price for a final price of $26,588. This is for the GT not the 6 cylinder G8,
  • My 2005 BMW 330i warranty was going to expire at the end of January, so last Saturday I asked two local Pontiac dealers and one Infiniti dealer for their best out-the-door price with trade. The final offers were
    $16,222.30 for a 2008 white sport premium G35 with a $37,475 MSRP
    $13,289.38 for a 2009 white sport premium G8 GT with a $33,210 MSRP, and
    $11,500 for a 2009 metallic red sport premium G8 GT with a $33210 MSRP.
    The G35 had more luxury features, but the G8 GT was roomier without sacrificing handling, and a 6.0 L V8 is just more entertaining than a 3.5 L V6. I preferred white, but not enough to pay the extra $1789. The salesman was not pushy and seemed to be a straight shooter. He said that I could not have gotten as good of a cash deal because they gave me way more for the BMW (sport, premium, xenon, automatic) than usual, to reduce their inventory. Rather than wholesale out the BMW, they plan to sell it on their lot. The BMW had 18,800 miles on the odometer, no dings or scratches, and retained a little new car smell because it was seldom parked outdoors. The red G8 GT had 41 miles on the odometer. The future of GM, Pontiac, and muscle cars is in doubt, but I like the G8 GT so much that I’ll happily take my chances. It’s not quite as agile or polished as the 330i, but for some reason I enjoy it more. I’ll be even happier after installing a cat-back performance exhaust system and a spare tire with a jack.
  • Hi G8'ers ;)

    Just wondering if anyone recommends opting for the extended warranty on the G8 as its $1000 extra and covers bumper to bumper 5 years to 100,000

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    You going to keep the car that long?
  • Thats a good question, however I honestly would not be able to answer that question. 5 years??

    I would hope I would keep it 5 years, but would need to drive it for a few months to answer that. ;)
  • A factory warranty is worthwhile if they offer it and you expect the factory to be in business that many years. Unfortunately, I suspect you will be offered a third party warranty, and those have a history of carefully crafted exclusions and outright fraud. Buyer beware. I'd spend a lot of time Googling before I'd sign.
  • I have no doubt that GM and Pontiac will continue to be in business for at least a few more decades. ;)

    However I am not sure if I will keep the car long enough, I tend to get the itch for new cars every 4 years. :)
  • GM will probably be around, but Pontiac will be toast just like Oldsmobile if their current troubles continue. Pontiac hasn't been a big selling division in a long time. If it ain't sellin' it must go...pure economics.

    If it wasn't for their troubles and the probable demise of Pontiac (IMHO) I too would trade my '05 BMW 330i w/ ZHP performance pkg. Oh well!
  • Toyota Sales are down 41%

    So, I guess by some Totota must be going out of business now...LOL

    PS: Pontiac is and will be fine.
  • dhampdhamp Posts: 8
    I'm assuming those offers were after your trade-in? What were the offers without the trade, if you don't mind?
  • So I was surfing around the gmfamilyfirst web site today and found out they have a discounts on the yet to be released 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP. How in the hell do you do that?

    Pontiac G5 2.9% 2.9% 2.9% - Or $1,500
    Pontiac G6 (1SA) 4.9% 4.9% 4.9% - Or $1,250
    Pontiac G6 (1SB) 6.9% 6.9% 6.9% - Or $750
    Pontiac G6 (1SV) - - - - Or $0
    Pontiac G8 GT Sedan 5.9% 5.9% 5.9% - Or $1,500
    Pontiac G8 GXP Sedan 5.9% 5.9% 5.9% - Or $1,500
    Pontiac G8 Sedan 4.9% 4.9% 4.9% - Or $1,500
    Pontiac Solstice - - - - Or $500
    Pontiac Torrent 5.9% 5.9% 5.9% - Or $1,000
    Pontiac Vibe 6.9% 6.9% 6.9% - Or $500
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