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Question on TSB: Toyota Sienna Door Welds Causing Clicking



  • Had mine welded a year ago...just started clicking again...
    just sold the more toyota...
    let someone else deal with it!
  • zeebo1zeebo1 Posts: 4
    "Don't know.. I sold the car in May. I'm now driving a Highlander...
  • Own an 05 Sienna, same problem with the drivers door. Took it to Toyota in June, would not cover it at the time, van only had 30k on it but was over 5yrs old. Dealer told me to call Toyota, otherwise $500 to weld the door hinge.

    Took the van to a body shop, welded the door for $200.
  • I too have a 2004 Sienna van bought brand new form our dealer. This past summer, the driver door started making clunking noises and its getting worse...contacted dealer.. they know nothing about this???? Called Oahu main office to be told that it was documented as a defect in 2007 and an extended warranty was set up for the repair but no notice was sent to those of us that purchased this van....I find this amazing because the failure of this weld can be dangerous as noted in some of the other posts i have read. They did not think it was important enough to notify us of this defect????? or the resultant extended warranty ???? has anyone started a class action suit for this?
  • I called Toyota and they said I was beyond the 5 year warrantly period. I am the 2d owner for my 2006 Sienna, initially purchased Fall 2005. I had it repaired at a body shop for $650. One body shop said they would not know until they took apart the door if they could repair or would need to replace the door.
  • I have a 2004 Toyota Siena with busted weld joint on divers door, and local Toyota said they never heard of a recall or defect. I will try to drill a hole and place a sheet metal screw (but I found I needed a angle drill). Apon further examination, I found that the inner cup of the sheet metal that is welded to door has a crack or tear (maybe it can be welded)??
  • My repair held for about two years.. then the cup you describe basically disintegrated.. I successfully removed the remainder which dropped to the bottom of the door. I disconnected the rest of the door check hardware from the door post and had the car 2more years before I traded it in. The entire mechanism is merely a door check. It stops the door from opening too far and holds it open for entering and exiting. It is not a safety issue! There was however a recall by Toyota, but it was only for cars under 100k miles. Definately a design flaw. There should have been a class action suit.
  • adiehl13adiehl13 Posts: 28
    edited November 2011
    Even though this an old message, I had to post since I was an earlier poster on the weld issue...... Fast forward to this year- and guess what, we had the same cable thing rust and break just as you described. This too would have been close to a $2000.00 bill if I hadn't gotten the platinum warranty (a complete fluke that I purchased that because we never do).....

    Let's see- I got my first Toyota celica in college 1990, and have been a Toyota loyalist since.......well, since the first problems with the Sienna cropped up-

    Honda here I come. Oh and I forgot to say- can't wait to have a navigation system that can be used when it's needed- let's see, like when a road is closed and We want to get directions on the fly? Duh.
  • Went to Toyota today with my 05 Sienna, 61 k miles and I am out of luck. I have had it 6 years.
    Since the crack is too large to weld, they say my Extended warranty will not cover it. First they said I could have $500 of it covered, but since it can't be welded and the door must be replaced, no help at all. Not a dime. Wow Toyota! This is my third Toyota van and I am sure it will be my last. I really used to LOVE Toyota, but not any more What the heck is this extended warranty anyhow? Why is this not covered for me, but others are getting it covered with theirs? I bought 100 k 7 years.............Hmmmmm
  • That is amazing! You have a 100k mi warranty and they still won't cover it! Is it from a Toyota dealer?
  • Yep, supposed to be one of the best extended warranties they offered at the time. I am not through with them.
    They said they only would have covered up to $500 of the weld, but since it is the door, so sorry no help at all.
  • buknoybuknoy Posts: 2
    edited December 2011
    I have the same problem too. I have the 2006 toyota sienna CE. Mine just started a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was just the hinge and I put WD40 thinking that it is just getting rusty but unfortunately after a few more observation i noticed that a part of the door wasn't welded good and that thing is the one making the noise.
  • Has anyone started a class action suit, yet?

    It seems there are two major issues:

    Driver door weld popping

    Sliding doors quit working

    Please, I am ready for a class action, because I have been battling with Toyota USA about this issue and they said the would pay for half, as long as it was determined that it was not our fault. That would make us pay almost $1,000 just for our half alone - not good enough in my estimation if it's a known factory defect!
  • I'm in. They know it is a defect that is why they did the TBA and extended the warranty to 100 k miles, or 5 years. Conveniently just under the years this problem seems to show it's ugly face. You think it just needs Wd 40, but no, the problem is huge! Look at how many are affected. How can this be our fault? You would think they would step up and realize that they did a horrible job on the weld and take care of those of us who are affected. No one should have to buy a new door, on a six year old car. We have bought a lot of Toyota cars in our family. I even got my Mother, brother, sister and daughter to buy Toyotas. NEVER AGAIN! I talked to Toyota Care, They could care less! :mad:
  • Oh, and another thing, who knows whether the new door after we shell out 2k is going to have the same problem? :sick:
  • Where did you find the information about it being dangerous? I'd like to know more about my crappy door.
  • article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that reveals the automaker will voluntarily fix the front doors on 600,000 units of its Sienna minivan (current model shown above) built between 2004 and 2006. Apparently there may be an issue with the door check mounting panel on both of the minivan's front doors. The door check mounting panel is the piece that keeps the door open, and if the part fails the door can swing freely and unexpectedly shut – obviously a concern for parents with kids. Toyota has traced the problem back to bad spot welds performed at the automaker's Princeton, Indiana factory.

    Toyota will be sending out letters on Nov. 2nd to owners of said Siennas explaining the problem and offering to fix it. To do so, Toyota will offer what it calls a "warranty enhancement" to these vehicles, covering the cost of these door repairs on Siennas up to five years old with 100,000 miles or less. Though a bad spot weld on the door check mounting panel would normally be covered by the Sienna's standard warranty, that only lasts 3 years or 36,000 miles. Toyota has also said that it will reimburse owners who have already had the doors repaired on their own, in some cases at the cost of thousands of dollars.

    Curiously, Toyota is not calling this a recall. Of course, what automaker wants to refer to a problem with one of its vehicles as a recall if it doesn't have to? As long as Toyota takes care of the Sienna door problem to the satisfaction of its customers, they can call it a Happy Happy, Joy Joy Service Encouragement Bulletin.
    HEY, why didn't I get that letter?????
  • snw219snw219 Posts: 9
    edited December 2011
    It seems that a lot of us could write what everyone else has written, especially about how poorly and unwilling Toyota USA & the dealerships are at taking responsibility for this. I have contacted the Oregon State Attorney Generals office and they have written back that they are looking into this and have contacted Toyota (not sure if it's the dealership or the main corporation in Torrance, CA or both). We live in CA but are close to the Medford, Oregon dealership. I spoke with the service manager and was treated very rudely, even though I was near tears of frustration (yes, I'm female, my dad passed two years ago and I'm helping my mom with this issue). I ended up calmly saying to the service manager, "I can't believe you're arguing with me about this." Hung up and wrote to the Oregon State General Attorney's office right after.

    The State Attorney's office wrote back the next day that they're looking into this and to that they are seeing if other people are experiencing the same issue so that they can see if there is cause to take further action. They also stated that they are contacting the company. I sent them links to the forum discussions, youtube videos and hope that they see this is a big issue. I've heard that there are over 3,000 complaints regarding this issue.

    Toyota USA has agreed to pay half and the service manager thought they were 'generous.' What's generous with leaving us with over $1,000? Generous would be replacing our van with a new van of equal model number - XLE Limited. Can't believe we invested this much money for a poorly made car. Doing the right thing by fully covering the costs, providing a rental car, paying for our hotel expense (we live 75 miles away) would only be doing the right thing - paying only half is actually stealing from our livliehood, when it's a known factory defect issue.
  • Thanks for posting this. The curious thing is that they know it began with the 2004 models, which would make the five year warranty null and void, as in my case. We have approx 75,000 miles on our van, well under the 100,000 mile mark. This warranty should be 5 years OR 100,000 miles (and not whichever comes first).

    Yes, they are attempting to make it seem like they are being 'generous' as in our case by paying half. What's generous with leaving us with over $1000 for our half when it's something that was not our fault and beyond our control?

    Class Action Suit anyone???
  • Please let me know if there is a class action on this matter because I have the same problem too. Thank you and goodluck to us!
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