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Lincoln MKS New Owner Reports

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
Got a new MKS? Share your first impressions here.

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  • I took delivery of my leased MKS 1 month ago and currently have driven it 500 miles. It is Cinnamon with the Light Camel interior, the Ultima and Tech packages and 19" wheels.I decided to lease the MKS for 2 years because I felt it offered the best bang for the buck but wanted to have the opportunity to evaluate the EcoBoost engine when it becomes available. I love this vehicle! I feel it has adequate power and an excellent ride. I didn't choice the vehicle because I wanted a Sport Sedan but because I wanted a Luxury Sedan and I have not been disappointed in my selection.
  • I took possesion of my MKS the first week of October. I've driven approximately 1000 miles so far without any issues.
    I haven't owned an American made vehicle since 1997 and so far I've been impressed with the overall quality of the Lincoln, especially the fit and finish. My Lincoln was built during the month of June 2008, so it was probably one of the first vehicles off the production line.

    RIDE: The MKS ride beautifully! The MKS is very smooth and quiet. It absorbs bumps like a champion. I was skeptical at first about the ride, especially with the 19" tire specifications. After two separate test drives I was convinced that Lincoln softened the suspension to create a luxurious and stable ride with 19" wheels. I would've preferred the 18" wheels but they are hard to find, plus the car weighs over 4000lbs and 18" wheels might've been a little to small for such a large car. The 20" wheels are beautiful, but they cost a lot more, and I was really nervous about how soft the car would ride on rough surfaces.

    TECHNOLOGY: The best I've ever seen in a car. Bar none. The Sirius Travel Link is amazing. I have so much more to learn, even after a month of ownership. The system is very user friendly and easy to master. The SYNC system is a pleasure and very versatile. I really need to spend more time in the vehicle to really appreciate the benefits of the SYNC system. The sound system is superb. The THX surround sound will make you smile everytime you turn it on. The turn by turn navigation works perfectly taking me where I want to go.

    Interior: Very spacious. Very supple leather seating surfaces. The seat heaters work well except for the fact that the system is a little loud on the maximum setting. Some of the interior plastic trim and controls should be of better quality especially for a car of this level.

    Exterior: I chose black and so far I've been very happy with the paint color. When you shut each door, you do get a good feeling that you bought a heavy, quality built car.

    Handling: The car handles very well for a large vehicle. It feels pretty tight around turns especially highway on-ramps and off ramps.

    Brakes: No complaints so far. Straight and solid stops at all times.

    Power/Transmission: The engine shifts smoothly under most conditions. The downshifts are a little more pronounced, but it could also be the fuel pump shutting off.(a special economy feature of the MKS when you lift your foot off of the accelerator). The car has a decent amount of power, especially torque on the lower end. While traveling up steep grades through the Rocky mountains of Colorado outside of Denver, the MKS requires a good amount of pedal pressure to conquer the hill. A few more horsepower would be the icing on the cake.

    I wish I could comment on more of the vehicle's features, but I haven't spent a lot of time "playing" with all the buttons.
  • I leased my MKS in September of this year and since I have had it when the brake is applied there is a scrapping sound as if the rotors or brakes are bad. After taking it to the service center they tell me nothing is wrong with the brake system. I have taken it back at least three different times and no solution.

    Has anyone else out there experienced this problem?

    Other than that the car is incredible, but I think safety should be the first priorty.
  • ...but I think safety should be the first priority.

    I agree, but other than the noise, have you noted any problems with actual brake performance?
  • Someone posted about this on another site and indicated that there was a service bulletin on it. I would check with another dealer.
  • My Friend bought the MKS in September and has about 2,500 miles on it. She wants to dump due to the fact that she can't find a comfortable position with the steering wheel and it is causing her arm and shoulder pain. Back to the dealer several times with no relief. I'm also tall and I felt cramped inside the driver seat. She wants me to find out how she can get out of this 3 year lease and get back to the Chrysler 300. My friend is a realtor and LIVES in her car and this is causing lots of problems. Any ideas?
  • I have a 2009 MKS that I picked up in Nov. It has 2000 miles on it an the same noise started about a week ago - at first it came and went. Over the holiday the grinding noise got extrememly loud when hard breaking or applying brakes while turning - it sounds like it is really damaging the brakes/rotors. I have called roadside assistance and they will be here shortly to flatbed it to a dealer. My locks are also malfunctioning. First American Car I have driven in over 15 years - the last one was an Mark7. I have been in Merc., BMW, and SAAB since. Thought I would try to do my part - I hope the problem is resolved quickly as I am in a 39 month lease and I thought I was going to love this Lincoln!
  • Have you resolved your brake issue yet? My dealer has told me the same thing - NOTHING WRONG - the noise is unbearable when it occurs and clearly has you doubt the safety of the car - as I am sure you are aware - what is your current status with having Ford/Lincoln resolve the issue?
  • Love my MKS ultimate AWD, but the radio goes off and the audio may be off for a whole day or just a few minutes. It will come back on with a screeching sound or a loud bang similar to a gunshot. Ford promised a fix during jan 09 and this has been going on since Nov 08. any help out there???
  • techwiztechwiz Posts: 3
    I have the same issue. I have taken my brake issue to the dealer 4 times and they acted on some type of similar service alert and that did not work. They also lubed my struts (issue still there). So far with my MKS, the lock rods have stopped working on both sides of the front (2 dealer visits). This is the problem where you press the unlock button and it automatically locks. I also had the back of my front seats fall off into the laps of my kids while driving (2 more dealer visits). I had a BMW 2006 750i and thought I'd give American cars a try. Overall, the car is great if they can just fix this break issue. I have sent two letters to Ford's Board of Directors and Public relations to tell them there is an issues with their brakes. Hopefully, they will figure something out soon. :
  • rahcrahc Posts: 1
    On the first week the back locks did not work took a month to fix, then horn did not work, GPS turns off, ac, radio the whole screen gets stuck, and seat belt slides up. I had this car for 6 months and more things go wrong :sick: . I don't want this car its to much trouble.
    Could this be a lemon, :lemon: what could I do?
    Has any one had similar problems and where they corrected?

    Help please,

    Thanks in advance
  • ram88ram88 Posts: 1
    My wife has been driving this for 7-8 months total 10k miles and absolutely no issues with the car.
  • There is not a thing wrong with my new MKS. It's a 2009 and and is just like brand new, but I really do not need such a large car. I am wondering how much I could get for it. It only has 9000 miles and is loaded with every option. I leased it for 39 months-at this point pay-off is around 38,000. Does anyont think I will get close to this? Thanks!
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    You might try asking this over in the Smart Shopper Forum. There is a topic for Real-world trade in values. Although you're trying to sell outright, you might get a good ballpark figure asking there.

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  • I just got a 2009 MKS. I have 3500 km on it. (Canada)
    It has been wonderful to drive. Powerful, sure footed and technologically impressive.

    I have had one problem. the subwoofer sounds like it is loose. My home theatre sound system booms. This one vibrates and rattles. The dealer staff say there is nothing wrong with it but there is. I don't want to sound like some "suped up" '85 honda. Anybody have this experience?
  • Sorry to hear of all the problems you guys are having with your new Lincoln MKSs.

    This just proves the adage that if you want reliability, get a Lexus or Acura.

    The shame is that Lincoln is charging 40k to 53k for a dressed up Taurus (same car).
  • Hi;
    New to this forum.Why? cause I purchased an 2009 MKS and ready for the "nuthouse"
    I too have the grinding noise problem with the brakes at 900 miles.
    1-Front brake pads changed and rotors cut. no change
    2-Rear brake pads changed and rotors cut. no change But it does not happen all the time but when it does it feels like the car is falling apart.
    I go a few days with no problem then it starts so I run to the dealer with it the mechanic takes it and it doesn't act up.
    I wonder if their listening up there?
  • Hello Freddy,

    I wronte to the office of the president and they said they had a new type of brake pad out. They put those "new" brake pads on my car about five months ago and for about three months the break issue went away. Some five months later I am right back to where I started. When I first reported this problem, I brought my car back and forth to the dealer 12 times only to get the "we did not hear anything" story. I just don't have the time to start that again. I have come to the conclusion that while Lincoln now has a very goold pound-for-pound contender, the car falls shorts with the breaking system. The breaks work fine; however, the possible repurposing of an older system into this new auto architecture is just a miss. The breaks are mushy and make noise "mostly" during the first 15 mintues of a cold start. In cold weather the problem is componded 10X. I still love the car but when my lease is up, this is the one sticking issue that might stop me from getting another.
  • Can any of you owners of the 2010 MKS, tell me how the security approach lamps in the side mirrors work?
    I know that they come with the smaller blind site mirror, but just wondering what and when the light in the mirrors come on.

    We're going to look and test drive one in about a week, but figured if anyone had one, they would know more than the sales people.
  • My Lincoln 2009 MKS has 18000 miles in it; I had an oil leak from leaking seal. I needed to take back my car 3 times to the service when they finally found it and fixed. The car is slow and underpowered. Overall, the performance and quality as well as the service fall short. I take back my car severall time to the dealership was told me that the car is ok, but when I tried to get up on the hill the car stopped, and the engine roared, so I had to swith back the shift manually in order to get up on the hill, that should be happen with the most cheappest car on hte market, and the Lincoln not the cheapest. :lemon: :sick:
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