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Lincoln MKS New Owner Reports



  • I also have a 09 Lincoln MKS with the same brake problem. I know your reply is over a year old. Anything new??

  • Hi, yes. about one month ago I received a call from Lincoln corporate and they told me that a new set of brake components were created for the MKS to remediate the issues. Those components were installed on my car and I no longer have the issues. You should go back to your Lincoln dealer and tell them that you heard there are new brake components for the MKS to stop the sticking and noise and they should know what to do. The correction is based on your complaints and only your compliant will get you the fix since this is not a recal.
  • kargkarg Posts: 20
    I really find it quite amusing when people make the comment the Lincoln models are just "dressed up Fords".

    Um - hello - Lexus dressed up Toyota...

    Um - hello - Acura TL - dressed up Honda...

    Um - hello - Infinity - dressed up Nissan...

    Um - hello - Cadillac - dressed up Chevy/Buick/Olds/Saturn/GMC...

    They ALL do it!

    The issue I have is making it sound like the 2010 Taurus or even 2009 Taurus is a BAD car. Nothing could be further from the truth!

    I just saw an early model of the Caddy's SRX and chuckled at how similar it looked to the Saturn Vue. Or - how about the Caddy of the 80's that was basically a Cavalier with leather and different headlights/tailights - need i say more.

    Same with the older Lexus, Acura, Infinity of yore. They were all VERY similar in look/style to their sister cars from Toyota, Honda & Nissan.

    I do think the Lincolns of yore at least stood out a little more in style and not just different front/back ends. Often the 'newer' engines debuted in the Lincoln and carried down to the siblings.
  • Any one else have this problem? There are no seals at the bottom of the doors and dirt and debris form on the interior of the rear doors. My dealer says they havent heard of this problem, but admit it is a poor seal. they have added stick on rubber seals, but they wont hold out the water or dust either. They checked and could find no recalls on this issue.
    I also have the brake problem.
  • The brake grinding issue has been solved. There is finally a TSB on it that works so see your dealer for that.

    The way the doors/rocker panels are designed may be the worst idea I have ever seen on a Ford product. The advantage is that it is easier to get in and out - no rocker panel to bump your ankle on. You have pointed out the drawback - dust & debris forms between the bottom seal and the seals to the interior. You can fix the problem but you will have to do it yourself.

    Go to any auto parts store and get some weather stripping tape - 3M brand is good. You will need the 3/4 thick stuff that is also 3/4 inch wide. The outside edge of the rear doors have a good rubber seal but it stops before it reaches the seal at the bottom of the door. Start there with your weatherstripping tape and carefully apply it until it reaches the seal at the bottom of the door. It needs to make a curve to go from the vertical rubber on the outside of the door to the horizontal rubber on the bottom. I did this to mine 2 years ago and it solved the problem neatly and completely.
  • Old issue. Ford knows about it. I learned Ford tells the service reps to tell customers that's it normal, and safe. I raised holy _____, got someone's attention, the regional rep got involved, the worked on the rotors, etc, etc., and the prob went away. Ford misdesigned the whole thing. They want the complainers to quietly go away, and then redesign the brakes in a couple years. The MKS is a horrible, horrible automobile, and Ford knows it.
  • The 2010 MKS, and likely the other model years from what I have recently read, is just simply a horrible automobile. The front suspension is an unbelievable disaster. It detects every little imperfection in the road, and transmits it to the driver in a way the is almost painful and results in tremendous driver's fatique.

    When new, this problem didn't exist. Over time, it developed and got worse, to the point where I hate getting in the vehicle. I much prefer driving my daughter's Jeep Grand Cherokee.........That must tell you something. Every little bump in the front right is grossly exaggerated, and those folks who ride in the car suggest it could be the wheel bearings, the swing arms, the bushings, etc, etc. Manhattan Lincoln in Rockville, MD said nothing is wrong with the vehicle, although they admit the phenomenon is there. Appparently, the vehicle is poorly designed. My friends who have driven in it swear they will never get a Lincoln as long as they live. Ford apparently doesn't know what to do about it, and is conspicuously silent. The last problem I had with the vehicle was the breaks, and that is a whole different story.

    I and others hate this car. The front suspension system is poorly designed, and Ford is at a loss. I love the other firmer rider cars like the BMW, and the CTS. This car, however, is the vehicle from ______. Don't buy one. I can't wait to just dump it.

    Ford's reported quality control problems continue. Adios Ford.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    edited January 2012
    I was looking at used 2010's. Are the problems still present in that model year?
    Trust me, your problems sound minor comparing my experience with 2011 Lacrosse CXS loaded. A very long list of issues and I am certain GM had taken the same stance about fixing. NOT! That GM rep was lucky I was behind the wheel. He kept saying he did not see a problem with all my issues. I snapped when I pointed up the last issue on my list, the side blind zone alert quit functioning properly. It would not let you know of presence until plus or minus 3 feet of rear bumper. I demonstrated by letting vehicles catch me and then pass. And he had the guts to say he did not see a problem with it. And my experiences with an 09 Malibu LT2 were similar. I strongly suggest staying away from any new GM products. (They had some good ones in the past, but not anymore, including Cadillac.)
    BTW, my wife has a KIA with 70K. Absolutely no repairs needed. Unless you count recent brakes, battery, tires, and wiper blades.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    I was looking at used 2010's. Are the problems still present in that model year?

    I am not exactly sure what problems you are referring to. There have been some service bulletins that apply to the 2010s. That is good - TSBs help the techs quickly solve issues. The brake situation that affected MKS, Taurus, Flex, etc. is a known issue and the TSB solves that problem. The root cause was the anchor brackets that hold the calipers. The TSB calls for revised brackets - the same ones used on 2011 and later Explorers. Just replacing pads and rotors does not solve the problem in the long term.

    If you purchase a used 2010, I would want to make sure it has had that Brake TSB applied. Note that there is no safety issue at all - it is simply a brake noise issue. A few Ford products, including the MKS, had an issue with the Transmission Range Sensor. Again, a known issue with a TSB. That only impacted vehicles built during a very specific timeframe.

    Some 2009 MKSs had a couple of other known issues that were eliminated in 2010 - rear parcel shelf vibration when playing songs with heavy bass and rear doors that didn't lock/unlock properly. Both issues were quickly resolved and 2010s were not affected by either of those issues.

    I own a 2010 and wouldn't hesitate to recommend one. I would also recommend finding one with the ecoboost engine. Lastly, I would recommend ignoring a poster who is trying to be a drama-queen.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Thanks for reply. Why the ecoboost over the other? Looking at new pricing, unless there are major changes besides that powertrain, the pricing does not justify from what I can see.
    And looking at the build it site, there seems to be flaws in FLM's thinking. Some of the wanted features were not even listed such as the automatic cruise system. And, unfortunately, to get many of the wanted features, it includes the sunroof. I don't want no darned sunroof. And it is very unwise to package it that way because all that glass hurts CAFE numbers, especially stop and go. That glass adds a very significant weight. I don't know how much on this vehicle, but think 60's Mustang. They had the convertible, regular squared off back window, and the fastback. The fastback was the preferred for traction because that long sloping glass added 65#. It was badly needed to improve weight distribution. Even Ford knew it because in their official manual for hopping up the muscle, done in multiple steps according to your desire, one of the first steps was move the battery to the trunk, rt. side.
    The ones you mention here seem to be the most common and manged to get attention. Some other forums have more individualized items and may never get fixed, sadly.
    Drama queen? I certainly have been called that over in the Lacrosse forum. I admit it is almost unbelieveable that anyone could have so many issues. But there is little doubt that forum had GM employees trying to whip up a favorable position. First clue was when half of them disappeared just as GM was going back to work. And the final one came over an odd phrase. I've travelled around and met people from all over this country during military service, yet I'd never heard that odd phrase before, or since, except once. It came from the GM rep when he was riding in my car.
    And when I posted in that forum of the incident, that person who made it disappeared from the forum.
    I appreciate any insight, but will use with caution.
  • reffsreffs Posts: 2
    In Canada the Eco Boost is a $10,000 option. (approx) It is tough to justify that pricetag. Turbo isn't worth $10,000 in my opinion as I find the MKS to be well powered without it but I admit every once in a while it would be fun to have. I note they don't charge $10,000 on their other models. Just to Lincoln owners who they obviously see coming a mile away and try to milk them for every penny.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    Drama queen? I certainly have been called that over in the Lacrosse forum.

    I apologize, e_net_rider! I wasn't referring to YOU as a drama-queen at all. I was referring to a poster who called the MKS a horrible automobile but didn't indicate any desire for help or advice - seemed he just wanted to whine.

    The "ultimate" package has all the goodies but it does include the dual panel moonroof which you said you don't want. The adaptive cruise and parking assist are individual options. However, most people who get those also get the ultimate package so finding one without a moonroof but with adaptive cruise will be nearly impossible.

    There is nothing wrong with the base engine and if you do not think the ecoboost is worth the difference in price, you could certainly scratch that off your list. The benefits are: Massively stronger acceleration, a bit better real world fuel mileage, less engine noise when accelerating or cruising (due to different gearing), less need for downshifts on hills or when passing, and just a general feeling of effortless power. The ecoboost develops its power at very low RPM - it just provides for a more luxury-oriented driving experience, in my opinion.

    I totally understand your use of caution when evaluating my opinions or those of others. If you have heard of other concerns, however, I will gladly share my 2 cents. I have owned a 2010 MKS for over 2 years and I keep pretty up-to-date on Ford products.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    When someone buys a new car, it is not to create a list of defects. They will be disappointments and at each individuals capacity they will reach a breaking point.
    It seems to me the only ones bashing needlessly would be competition and those making outrageous claims of greatness while simultaneously bashing the person with trouble might likely be company employees.
    I come looking for help and I appreciate it. Thanks for your input. At this point I find it a bit difficult to pay an extra $7300 dollars to move to ecoboost +glass +active cruise +active park. Otherwise the two are very close, the cheaper having 13,000 more miles.

    I hate shopping, for anything. And these big ticket items are not easily returnable.
  • ray89ray89 Posts: 3
    This is a follow up to my last post. My Lincoln dealer found a TSP on this problem and sent for the parts to fix it. They got all new lower seals and retainer panels for the bottom of all four doors. They were replaced under warranty. Guess what, they don't work much better than the originals. This winter slush would freeze and actually form a seal and stop further snow and slush from entering. I'm going to try fixing it with some weather stripping or any other proven suggestions from you readers, ray89
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    Hi brucelinc, this is datagen. It has been a while. Remember I got the 2009 MKS. I should have listened to you guys. That car tuned out to be such a disappointment. The painted faded in the doors to where they had to repaint them. The bearings, steering, brakes, and heating elements in the seats all went out. What broke the camel's back was the transmission. At 27,000 miles it started leaking. I turned the vehicle in 4 months early just to get rid of it. Worst than all of this was the dealer service. It was so bad I started taking it to a Ford dealership. I had a MKZ which was much better but I was so burnt by the way I was treated at the dealership, I tuned the MKZ in early as well. I took a different turn altogether now and so far so good, :shades: .
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    Yes, I remember you - if I recall correctly, you were one of the first owners. Sorry to hear of all your issues. I am really surprised about the faded paint. Also, the heated seat problem is unusual. They use a heat pump system for the heating and cooling and I haven't heard of any problems with that. I have heard of PTU leaks on the 2009 AWD models but haven't heard of any transmission leaks. In any case, you had too many issues for anyone to maintain confidence in the car.

    I don't blame you for moving on.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,321
    from Helena Motors. The original driver was an executive of Ford Motor Credit Corp in California who drove it 7800 miles. Helena Motors bought it last April at the SW Auction.

    If there were any issues with this Ruby Red sedan, they were solved when the Ford Exec drove it first. After taking delivery, we drove up to Banfff, Lake Louise, Jasper, & down to Kamloops on our way into WA. We covered over 2,000 miles in Nine days with nary a problem.

    The brakes are very quiet when using them while NOT in cruise control, but braking with the CC on, there is a difference in the sound and feel.

    This is our 4th Lincoln since 1980 & it is the best. The others were Town Cars & we are keeping the 94 Signature as it only has 153,000 on it.

    When the wife got adamant about wanting AWD for snowy roads, I sought out the SHO, but when she sat in it, we looked further & came to agree on the MKS. (Confidentially, I was afraid if we didn't buy the MKS she might come home with some foreign AWD.)

    Luxury ride with power to spare. :)
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,321
    The 2011 has two lights in the trunk, puddle lights under the side mirrors, but not one light under the hood. How come?

    When putting the directional lever in "D" - the parking brake does not automatically release like it does on our '94. How come?
  • No light under the hood because they ran out of bulbs. You have ambient lighting in the doors, cupholders, footwells and even cool lights that proclaim LINCOLN when you open the doors. :)

    Imagine your 4 year old grandson alone in your MKS with the engine running while you run back in the house to grab a forgotten item. Playing around, as 4 year olds do, he puts his innocent little foot on the brake and puts the gear selector in "D." His little foot slips off the brake and onto the throttle, unleashing the massive low-end torque that your twin-turbo engine produces. Aren't you glad you set the parking brake and it stayed set?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,321
    " grandson alone in your MKS with the engine running

    The above is the real issue. Leaving your car with the engine running is the cause of the crash, not a kid left alone in the car. Another red herring from your compouter. ;)
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