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Acura TL vs. Nissan Maxima vs. TL-S



  • I will take you in the corners and off the line. I had your car for a loaner and the FWD set up was so noticeble, it was embarassing peeling out from a light.
  • I ditto what Bbosil & Smarty said!!! Every site, forum, dealership, friend, foe & their mama that I've talked to or read articles from agree that the new 4th gen TL is not attractive. Don’t get me wrong, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…we are all free to choose whatever we want. If a Chevy Cavalier makes me happy, that’s my choice. All I'm saying is that I personally had an 05 TL, waited to see the 4th gen on the street or at a dealer & decided on an 08 TL-S! I heard the 4th gen has a much heavier American design influence so therefore the big change into a boat with odd lines but I agree the interior is well designed. I have people give me the same thumbs up & compliments on mine…it's Nighthawk Black Pearl, always clean, after market rims, slightly tinted windows & well cared for. The TL has dropped to like #6 or #8 under BMW, Lexus, Benz, Maxima & others.
  • Let's try to veer away from the "my car can beat up your car" conversation. It isn't productive.

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  • Why me? the other posters are defending their car too.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    well we all defended our cars and said our piece but at the end of the day when it all comes down to it, all that really matters is that you like your car and that your satisfied with your purchase

    no matter what generation TL you have I guess we can all agree that we like Acura and feel they produce some pretty nice cars, GO ACURA!!!!!
  • Yes, if there is one thing we learned is that TL owners love THEIR TLs and are willing to defend them & fight for them to prove their love for the car. Lets enjoy our cars! Go Acura! the 4th gen is still ugly! :)
  • It is not a knock on something if you are stating your preference. I honestly did not like the look of the '09 when it first came out. Now I love it, am obsessed with it and I will be getting one in a few months (I have a '07 TSX). I am actually going to buy instead of lease for the first time in 10 years, which is indicative of how contempporary this design will be for several years. Everything out there seems so bland in comparison. If you look at the front, the way the lights are positioned, it's really agressive and sporty. I would prefer it if the rear was flat like the '08, but if the spoiler is there (and this is a must), it looks fine, especially with the wrap around tail lights and dual exhaust. The profile, either straight on or at an angle, is excellent. I do think there is some truth to the '08 model looking somewhat dated in comparison, but I also think that the '08 still has its own charm.
  • I keep trying to buy a TL. I have an 01 CL Type S with 118,000 trouble free miles that desparately needs replacing. ( I am tired of it, it still works great though). When I go into the dealership and look at the TL, I see the mouthy grill and think, "Why would they screw up a car and make it look like that? What were they thinking? Did the sales prevention department style this one?" Anyway, if someone from Acura actually cares, could you please replace the ugly front end so I can buy a new TL? TX for listening.
  • You have two options: either get an 08 TL-Type S...there's allot of them with less than 10k miles for great deals being brought back to the Acura dealerships after leases have finished, just saw 3 beautiful ones in mint condition at my local Acura OR get the new 4th gen and get a custom after market grill. There's a company called RonJon that specializes in TL aftermarket parts & you can get a very simple subtle different front end that flows better. The new TL has slightly grown on me as well, I dont hate it as much as before. However, when you read the comparisons between the 4th gen vs a Type-S the Type-S comes out on top in handling, accelaration, looks & performance.
  • I read more comments here and in the press about the oversized beak on the 4th gen TL, but to me it's the rear that's the turnoff. It's bottom-heavy, and the small upward-angled taillights only accentuate the effect. They took a shot at replicating the front design queues in the back, but to me it didn't work. They succeeded in visually separating the TL from the Accord...have to give them that.

    That said, the car is great on the inside and drives wonderfully, and since I've always cared more about those aspects than the exterior design, they may still get me in 2011. I suspect (hope) they're at hard at work on a mid-stream redesign to resuscitate the TL's sales.
  • gbosilgbosil Posts: 88
    I have a 2007 TLS with 53K problem free miles. Excellent car all the way around. Always getting plenty of compliments. I ordered it with an A-Spec Package with Acura Ground Kit. Purchased new and will be holding onto until the new Type S comes out... I hope! Car is FAST and handles very well for a sedan.
  • nystarnystar Posts: 26
    I've done a test drive on both cars (2010 maxima S base Model, and Acura TL with Tech Package) and here is my experience:

    * The TL has a better Engine Sound, its quiet and you bearly can hear it on low revs and when you push all the way it will give you a nice sport sound !

    * For the Maxima the Engine is very noisy and you can hear it loudly all the time even on low revs ! (You might like it if like loud sport cars)

    * For the TL, the road nosie is noticable, its not well muted and the noise level is little better than the Accord !!! ( You don't get the premium feel).

    * For the Maxima, the Road Noise is better than the TL (Well Isolated and Muted), so you get the premium feel but the engine Noise will really annoy you unless you used to drive sport Cars with loud sport Engines.

    As a Brand, definately the Acura is a higher than Nissan and should be compared to the Infinity brand !

    The Nissan CVT transmission lacks behind as with 10 minutes driving, I faced a situation that the engine needs a lower gear but the CVT didn't respond so i forced to accelerate in order to fix the gear ratio !!! (Transmission Hesitation) ! While the TL has a better transmission (Ordinary 5 SP Automatic) and the engine noise is lower but its little rough and noisy (Not very comfortable)

    As a preference, I prefer the Maxima because its a better value for money, more comfortable with no road noise, I don't mind little sound engine and the CVT technology.

  • Nissan has always given you the greatest Bang for the Buck with the Maxima. That is whay I have owned 2 Maximas, but I don't think that is the case with the newest Maxima. A fully loaded Max will have an MSRP of like $39,850 which is up there with introductory Luxury cars, which I would never think of the Maxima as being.
    For a little more or the same price you CAN buy a true introductory Luxury car.
    Drove both cars and the 2010 TL got my vote.
  • Never tested the Maxima-never will but I dont think you are correct about the road noise with TL.I have the AWD and it exemplify no road noise and this is with the 18" 45 series tires.
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