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Dodge Durango Starting and Stalling Problems



  • Hello my Durango has recently started doing the same thing. It's a 2002 also. It starts up cold fine and will drive fine but when turned off it gives me a hard time restarting. It turns over and seems like it's tryin it's hardest to start but won't, at least for a while. Have you found any solutions to this yet??

  • I also have a 2011 Durango with the same issue. The starter has stuck twice with me. These cars have way to much electronics on them now. I'm having my dealership check on the availability of the TICPM.
  • I am also having this problem. I have a 2011 Durango Crew with just over 46k miles. A couple of weeks ago my remote starter stopped working but I didn't think anything of it. The issue is, after I unsuccessfully tried using the remote starter when I went to start the car with the push function it really struggled to turn over. It does this on and off, mostly first thing in the morning or if my car has been sitting for a while.

    I went to the dealing yesterday. I was told it would be $139.99 to look at what's wrong with the starter AND another $139.99 to see why it's struggling to start. I thought this was absurd. I told him that I didn't think the remote starter was the issue because I'd been online and saw other people having this problem so I only wanted to find out why the car is stalling.

    I'm trying to wait it out to see if there will be a recall because I can't really afford the repairs but I feel like the service center is trying to get every red cent that I have. Very frustrating to be dealing with these kinds of issues on a newer model SUV and at the milage I'm at.
  • I had the same problem. Read that if you pull the negative wire from the battery it will reset the system. Followed the advice and it worked. There was some possible root causes to this:
    1. A faulty cam position sensor
    2. A problem in the anti-theft system
    The durrango is running ok right now but am sure this is only a band-aid because something happened to cause the control system to fail in the first place.
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