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Hyundai Genesis Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jack616jack616 Posts: 10
    I just leased a 2011 Genesis sedan with premium and navigation. I will pay $339.00 per month. I put down a total of $1900 (included taxes and first month's payment). I drove the car a couple of days ago and absolutely loved it! I was between the Infiniti g37x (which I also got a $339.00 price on with $1900 total out of pocket down from Peppi Infinity) with navigation and the Genesis. The Infiniti is a sharper looking car, but I felt the pick up was better on the Genesis, has a quieter drive, and the seats are the most comfortable seats I have ever sat it. I think I did OK - I hope! :)
  • I noticed that a few dealers in LA still have 2010 Genesis Coupes available. Anyone have any experience purchasing a 2010 model instead of a 2011?
  • How did you get payment that low? The website advertises 399 leases on the genesis msrp at 33k.
  • Here is a copy of a post that I made in reply to someone else that will explain:

    #393 of 394 Re: Looking for MF and residual on 3.8 [binbot] by jack616
    Feb 01, 2011 (4:13 pm)
    Replying to: binbot (Feb 01, 2011 6:47 am)
    Hi. My car was 38400 and the price was brought down to 31,???. I did all of the paperwork over the phone. - (I never walked into any showroom other then to drive the cars I was considering. All of my car negotiations for the past 7 yrs for my family I have done this way and have found this way to be far less aggravating and more beneficial for me.) This is for 12000 miles a year and a 36 month lease (they don't do 39 months). The only thing that I did not like or know about was that there is a $400 fee when the lease is returned at the end of it if I do not purchase the car which I have never done - I would suggest to you that you (when all is said and done) try to negotiate that $400 off - I would have if I had known and tried to have gotten it off of the selling price (they said Hyundai has that on all of there leases).

    Originally I had a price of 1500 down with a price of 394 per month (out the door price) with Lester Glenn. It was a little better then what I had gotten from other dealerships. (I had actually negotiated a better price for a 2011 Infiniti g37x of $339 a month plus $1900 down out the door price, but preferred the Genesis.)

    I was lucky. It was the last day of the month and since I wanted the Genesis over the Infiniti I decided to call the sales manager, Ed Matthews, who I had spoken with before. I told him the price I had received for the Infiniti and that I preferred the Genesis and would he meet it. He asked if I would take the car that day (January 31st). I said yes and that was that! (I guess there is some truth to waiting until the end of the month!)

    I cannot say enough about the sales manager, Ed Matthews, from Lester Glenn Hyundai in Toms River and the young lady Lauren Afflitto who I originally worked with. When we went to go and get the car all of the paperwork was done. AFTER all was completed, Ed told me that he had realized that he had made a mistake after he had agreed; but that it had been his mistake and that he felt compelled to honor it. (Totally opposite of how some of these dealerships work!) The dealership also will give me free oil changes and wheel rotations.

    I don't know where in NJ you are, but you might do well to check them out. They were amazingly professional and incredibly nice. (After I checked out the car which looked very good, Lauren (original sales associate) was called outside by Ed. When she came back she told me that Ed was not satisfied with the job that had been done to clean the car and that he had her call the prep people to do a better job. I am a fussy person and expect a car to be perfect. He wanted it to be better then perfect!)

    I hoped I answered all of what you wanted to know. Best of luck - I LOVE the car! (If you do speak with them tell them that Leslie sent you!)
  • I purchased a 2011 Genesis Sedan in Nov. 2010 for $43.6k out the door. I have owned BMW's for my last 3 cars, 3.0, 535 and my last was a 330 CIC. I love BMW's but when I test drove the Genesis Sedan I fell in love! (I know my friends told me I was crazy) It may not handle like a 5 series but it will blow any 5 series off the road except the M5 0-60. The GS is quiet, very quick, very comfortable and excellent sound system. The Nav system is very cool and easy to use.
    I have lost track of how many times I have been asked by passer by's if the car is a Bentley, Mercedes or a new concept car. When I tell them it's a Hyundai their jaw's drop. I have just over 3,000 miles on it and love driving it. I have taken it to Big Bear twice for ski trips and each trip I have gotten mileage of 28,5 m/g round trip. That is over 320 miles round trip. My 330 CIC bimmer never got that kind of mileage and that was a 6 cyl.!!
    Thanks to my 24 yr old son who told me to go test drive the Genesis Coupe, which I did. That was a rocket ship and way too much speed for this old guy. Even my 24 yr old loves to drive my GS and he knows cars.
    Before you blow this off cause it's a Hyundai, go test drive a V8 Sedan. It is fun and comfortable to drive. :)
  • hsudoghsudog Posts: 23
    Was that for the manual or automatic?
  • Hey Rileydog, it sounds like you have been in snow a few times with your Genesis.

    How does it handle with the stock tires or have you added snows?

    I am in the Chicago area and would like to upgrade from my front wheel drive '07 Azera to the Genesis, but I am concerned about the rear wheel drive.

    I absolutely love my Azera with zero issues in 60,000 miles but the 2011's look very much the same and the Genesis has really caught my eye.

    Thanks in advance!
  • quiklabquiklab Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    I got my 2011 Genesis Sedan with Premium Nav for $32k + TTL. Dealer's MSRP is around $38k. They gave us the competitive rebate of $1,500 and 1.9% for 48 months.

    Bought it from Stevens Creek Hyundai in Santa Clara, CA (around SF bay area). I used w/ AMEX for pricing. They honored the price and on top of that, gave us the rebate and excellent financing. I recommend this dealership for anyone shopping for a Genesis.

    FYI, we received quotes from other dealers and almost all of them include the competitive rebate. Just remember to ask if the price they're quoting you already include rebates. Kinda sneaky if you ask me.

    Happy hunting!
  • hc106hc106 Posts: 10
    firegarz, you went to the wrong dealer! I bought a 2007 Azera from Baytown Hyundai and have taken it back for all routine service. It has been one of my best dealer experiences, the service department personnel are friendly, courteous and helpful.
  • mv288mv288 Posts: 2
    thanks for mentioning w/amex. I did not know about that. it seems quite a good site. it reduced the MSRP by $5828(including competitive rebate) and the final price is down to $32,523.

    that same 48 months finance is now available at 0.9%.

    as of 4/30/2011.
    I'm finally ready to buy the Genesis 3.8 with no nav. Does anyone know the factory plant employee pricing would be for a family member? Right now I have my brother checking on that for me and if anyone here knows I would be greatly appreciated for the info. Thanks
  • mssurreymssurrey Posts: 48
    edited May 2011
    Does anyone have any news on what deals are being had on the 2.0T G/Coupe Premium?

    And does anyone know when the 2012 coupes will be coming out?

    Thanks in advance
  • jordfidjordfid Posts: 5
    A local dealer is offering a 2010 3.8 with around 5K or 6K miles, GRAND TOURING (no sunroof) with automatic, for $22G.

    Anyone have any suggestion as to what to offer, or where to finish on this one.

    Any opinions are appreciated.

    Other question is whether I might get a better deal on a brand new 2010?
  • jordfidjordfid Posts: 5
    A local dealer has a price that mandates you must finance with them, and a price that is thousands higher if I provide my own financing.

    I have already arranged financing on my own, and the dealer said that they could offer the same financing kind of thing, but I don't buy it.

    I just know that there is something fishy aout their posting a low ball price and hard to imagine that with the lower price I'd get the same 4.75%.

    Anyone have any sugggestions?
  • mv288mv288 Posts: 2
    I would go with the dealers financing to get a better deal for myself and allow the dealer to offer a better deal. You can use your financing terms as a base line to negotiate better terms with the dealer.

    At any rate 4.75% APR seems very high, even for 84 months. Which part of the country you are talking about?. I still see 0% APR for 36 months and 0.9% for 48 months in 95120 zip code.

    Do check out for some base line pricing. For our Genesis I started at 15% lower than the price.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    you can always get a high interest rate financing with low OTD price
    Then refinance the car at lower rate.

    Do the math and it may be worthwhilw.
  • rambler16rambler16 Posts: 6
    Just purchased a 2012 Genesis this evening priced as follows:
    MSRP. 35,050
    Sales price. 31,794
    Competitive rebate. 1,500

    Net price. 30,294

    Purchase from Glendora Hyundai in Glendora CA

    Tried to get a 2011 which they quoted me 28,724, but they did not have a color we liked. They made the above offer on 2012 instead.

    I utilized the ZAG AMEX quote and they were the lowest on the 2011 and substantially lower than anyone else on the 2012.

    The sales process and professionalism of Pierce, Vince and the entire staff was unusually fantastic.
  • I visited Glendora Hyundai and ended up buying a 2012 Genesis with premium package from Win Hyundai in La Puente. The deal was as follows:

    MSRP 39,885
    Purchse Price 34,015 (includes 1,500 rebate).

    People were good to work with with no haggles. Price offered was approved price. Glendora personnel could not authorize price but wanted to try to match Win price by presenting to manager. There was no point in having them do so as I already had the price.
  • pensionpension Posts: 7
    Aah, California. Best I could do in Georgia was $35,700 for same but they gave me $29k for my 2009 MB E350 with 46k miles so I dont feel cheated. Love the Genesis, regular gas, warranty etc.
  • I pulled the trigger this week and ended up very happy with 2012 3.8 with premium in white pearl and saddle for $34,410 plus TTL.

    I'd like to thank the folks here for terrific buying insights that allowed me both a great price to target, and which dealer to be less likely to play games.

    Several others here in Florida recommended FitzMall in Clearwater for great pricing and a clean deal, especially compared with sneaky dealings of some other Florida dealers. We drove a ways to pick it up Saturday, and, oh man, what a thoroughly pleasant and hassle free experience it actually was!

    Fitzgerald has very good internet pricing at their site to start with but with the Hyundai Circle pricing or pricing, they truly deliver. You'll save another $400 or so over if you can qualify for Circle pricing, which currently has another $250 incentive plus the $1,500 competitive model rebate.

    Gary is their new internet sales manager and I have to say I would have driven a full day to repeat this buying experience--by far the best in my many years of rough, tumble and sometimes bruising experiences negotiating to buy a car.

    I have no connection with this dealer and could have chosen several others closer to me. Man, was it worth the drive.
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