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Saturn Vue Transmission Problems



  • bismarck318bismarck318 Posts: 49
    edited November 2011
    Good morning bismark318,

    I am sorry if your email in September was missed – I would recommend re-sending it. I will follow up with Caron! Thank you for being patient with us, and I apologize that your interactions with your dealership haven’t been satisfactory.

    GM Customer Service


    My initial mail was sent on August 26th, not in September as I stated. I had resent that to you earlier today to your socialmedia address along with some additional information.

    please let me know if you did not receive this today.

  • My vehicle has 98,000 miles and has been sitting in my back yard for 2 years now. At 98,000 miles it has had 3 transmission failures. The 1st came in at 67,000 miles, the 2nd at 83,000miles and now (the one i refuse to death to repair) came at, you guessed right, 98,000 miles. GM should really hear the people out and if not we should all come together and demand that a re-file class action relief to occur at a 100% total cost covered/refund and more, no 50/50 or $5,000 exchange towards a NEW GM vehicle. Think about it........... People at GM sure know how to wash off their hands from dirt = people (at least that's the way I feel they have treated me so far)

    What GM really should look into is retrofitting whatever transmission they used after the VCT in the late '05 models into the failed VCT's, I'm not sure what other components would need replaced, though at least that may stop the future failures which seem inevitable... I would imagine this would also be more cost effective also rather than rebuilding & replacing a VCT several times in a single vehicle as which seems to be the case.

    They know this transmission is destine for failure, yet they keep using rebuilds with the same issue... I don't get it?
  • I have been in constant contact with GM over the past month about my 2003 Saturn VUE and the amount of problems I have had with it from day 1. I have looked at other boards and have decided to post here because I am at my wits end with the car. I thought me and my Saturn would have a nice long life together I didn't think it was going to end at 8 yrs with 60,000. Thus far since day 1 I have had to have work done on the Transmission, then the rear stabilizers, the horn sensor then melted and had to replace the horn and air bag. The car just had to have the exhaust system replaced, next thing that went was the fuel tank which had a crack in it. Now I am dealing with electronic steering issues, the rear stabilizers once again are giving me problems. And one last thing it looks as though the timing chain is going. Although GM has offered me a loyalty check why would I be interested in another GM vehicle after this one that went bad at 5 yrs worth of mileage and GM has not offered any assistance but plenty of fights along the way. With the way the economy is and how the tax payers helped GM where are they to help the tax payer? Lesson learned I will never buy a car again Leasing is the way to go that way everything is covered for those first 3 yrs and then you give it back
  • Thank you for resending this. It has been received.

    GM Customer Service
  • I see that some people have asked me the address of GM since I have had some luck getting thru. I wrote a letter to the CEO Daniel Akerson, 300 Renaissance Center, Detroit MI 48265. Sorry it toke so long to get back with everyone. If you are going to write a letter, good luck! After we paid the $1000.00, I still hearing noises when I step off of the gas, have no idea what that could be. I don't have any more money to take it in and have someone look at it. That is pretty bad!
  • I have been having trouble with my 2004 Saturn Vue for over a year now. My dealer said it is going to cost me at least 1000.00 to get it fixed. Someone told me about this site so now I see everyone else is having trouble also. I want to know has anyone else got theres fixed.
    What can I do?

    Also last year my AC started going bad everytime I stopped at a stop sign it blowed hot air! What can I do about this?
  • s4sars4sar Posts: 4
    Can you provide me with the contact name, address, phone you used to get your transmission issue resolved? My 2005 Vue just lost first gear at $40k miles and I bought it new in 2005. No notice came to me on the settlement. Thx.
  • s4sars4sar Posts: 4
    Sorry - just saw the contact info. I was so excited when I saw someone had success in dealing with this issue that I didn't continue reading the blog.
  • I feel your pain.
    I am upside down in my 2003 Saturn Vue and the transmission went out two weeks ago with milage under 100k.
    There is a class action lawsuit going on you might be elligible for if your transmission is out and there's a Saturn Special Assistance you might qualify for.
  • I have contacted Saturn Corp. and they have directed me to a dealership that is about 30 minutes away from my home. My 2003 Saturn Vue would have to be towed,which I do not have the money to do. Please let me know where I would get more information about the class action lawsuit.
  • I purchased my Saturn VUE used from a dealer in January of 2008 and it currently has less than 90K miles on it still because of how often it needs to be repaired. Until our Saturn dealer closed, we used them to do the work on it. After they closed, it sat in my parking space for 6 months because it wouldn't start, we found a mechanic who used to work for GM. For the last year it has been in the shop every other month. One month ago, our mechanic said the transmission needed to be replaced (the codes and the fact the car wouldn't shift beyond 3rd gear had me agreeing). For a used transmission with 58k miles on it, he charged me $2200 parts and labor. That does NOT include the TCM. He also replaced the stabilizer links and the water pump for another $1k p&l. With the exception of 2 days (Nov 11-13) (where it was still having trouble shifting so we took it back) it has been with him since October 6th. When we took it back to him, he said that it was throwing all the codes as though the TCM was failing.

    He finally took it to a Chevrolet dealer in the area on Monday and called me back today. Now he is telling me that the catalytic converter also needs to be replaced and that is another $1500 parts and labor. The car is not worth as much as it is costing me to fix it. This was my third Saturn and the whole reason I purchased a Saturn was because I trusted the brand.
  • Jonntammi,

    I'm sorry to hear about the numerous concerns that have arisen with your VUE. Have you already been working with Customer Assistance?

    GM Customer Service
  • We have a 2005 Saturn Vue and it is now sputtering? what should we look for, so when we take it in, we know.?
  • we bought ours over the summer at a dealership. We love it. And just started having issues with it. We also dont have the money right now to fix it. Please help us, so when it does go in i am not wasting money on things that dont need fixed and it gets fixed the right way... Thank you very much.
  • I sure do need someone to reply to me so I will know what to do!!Thanks!!
  • ....Well can we get any money for our broken Saturns from GM?
  • s4sars4sar Posts: 4
    I just sent a letter to the CEO at GM.
    Mr. Daniel Akerson
    General Motors
    300 Renaissance Center
    Detroit, MI 48265
    I will post after I hear back from him. If I hear back from him...
  • This was sent out as a service bullitin to all dealerships. If a customer brought it in complaining about shudder at low speeds, they were check 7 possible parts that would cause this condition. My car is doing this and was repaired under warrenty at the time but is considered unresolved becuase its still doing it.

    My condition happens during low speed travel on level grade around 30-35 mph and the engine taching at 1300-1400rpm. You must keep your rpm's steady. It shudders the whole car and rattles to body panels, like the engine is running on only 3 cyl.

    This problem was a recall for torque convertor or related issue.

    Mine is gonig in and will be repair still covered from the recall bullitin
  • I had read a lot about the torque converter problems that they were having the Saturn Vue's and made sure that when I test drove all of them I kept an eye out for it. I just purchased a 2006 Saturn Vue with 96,000 miles on it and when I drove it for a few days low and behold the problems have started. It "hesitates" when shifting into 5th, at a slow acceleration I have found the car will shift around 2k RPMs but once I go from 40-50 it seems like it just does not want to shift....once the car finally does shift, it sounds as though it is running too "hard" or the RPMs are too low for that speed. Everything I have read says that this is the Torque converter...I called my local dealer and they said they was no recall and they will not fix it but my GF has the same car and she had hers fixed "under recall" for free and her car is a 2007 at 150,000 miles! Can someone please shed some light on this situation or what I can do before the problem gets worse?
  • I can understand why this is confusing and frustrating. Recalls are associated to the VIN of a vehicle, and can be assigned based upon model year or build location. As your girlfriend's vehicle was a 2007 and yours is a 2006, this likely explains why her repair was covered and yours may not fall under a recall.

    If you would like for us to establish a case to evaluate your particular situation through Customer Service, please send us an email that includes the following information: your name/user name and contact information (phone and address), the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, the name of your involved dealership, and a description of the visits you've made to address your current concerns.

    GM Customer Service
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