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Saturn Vue Transmission Problems



  • nette825nette825 Posts: 3
    the number is 1-866-790-5700 11157 ask for becky
  • hgriffhgriff Posts: 4
    I just call Saturn customer service. Apparently my VIN# was not included on their recall list, so now I'm stuck with a car that doesn't run?
  • hgriffhgriff Posts: 4
    Thanks for the updated phone #. I called and Becky wasn't available. Martha tried to tell me that my VIN # is not on their recall list. I will try to reach Becky again later.
    I also sent an email to Saturn Cust. Service - don't know if I'll get a response.
  • well i have a 2003 saturn vue and i replaced ther transmission 4 times in the past 5 1/2 years and im about to get another replaced. everytime i get a transmission i get a new warranty on mine. and it is no cost to me at all.
  • blzebobblzebob Posts: 1
    I fear I have ROYALLY screwed up, I hope you can help me. Long story short I changed the ATF in my '03 v6 Saturn Vue, refilling it through, you guessed it: the 27mm 3rd gear anchor band bolt located on top of the transmission casing. Of course I could find no mention of the importance of NOT removing this bolt until I already had done so, now, it will not shift from 2nd to 3rd.

    PLEASE!! HELP me fix the result of my stupidity!
  • booklover1booklover1 Posts: 6
    I tried a long time ago to get my VUE fixed. Got the same BLAH BLAH out of warranty BLAH sorry this will be your third transmission BUT..... My Vue is setting in my driveway because I can not afford to have it fixed and if I did how long would it last? Secondly I can't fix it and sell it for fear it would do it to someone else. They use the same VTI transmission when they replace it. No recall has been made for these and they want you to use their repair centers so they get MORE MONEY!!!!! Either option gets them MORE MONEY. I would love to be apart of a class action suit against these rip off agents. If it is all about money to them lets get them for MORE MONEY!!!
  • addidas40addidas40 Posts: 14
    I am very sorry to hear about your situation I purchased a Saturn Vue with the same problem. I have also dealt with GM regarding the faulty Vti transmissions and GM goes through the so called process of opening a case but they will not do anything. They might split the cost with you to repair a defective transmission that they installed and it costs about $6000.00. So that means the customer has to pay $3000.00 for a transmission that was no good to begin with. There was a class action lawsuit which GM was found at fault but GM filed bankruptcy and is no longer obligated to fix the problem. Here are a few things that you can do and remember the more people who file complaints the more likely that these problems will be looked into.

    Information regarding the class action lawsuit

    You can file complaints with :
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

    Better Business Bureau

    Post your problem for the VTi transmission on forum boards

    Write your local politicians
    Congressmen, local officials and attorney general you can find your local officials at c-span. You may have to Google your state and attorney general separately to find out who that is.

    Last but not least you can write the CEO of GM
    Mr. Daniel Akerson
    CEO GM
    300 Renaissance Center
    Detroit, MI 48265

    Here is the website for the lawsuit that was filed.


  • powersenpowersen Posts: 1
    I would recommend going to the GM webpage. I had to talk to a representative and am now waiting on a call from the people that handle the VTi cases. Fingers crossed that there will be a solution. I have a 2003 Vue.
  • diydrummerdiydrummer Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    I purchased a used 2002 Saturn Vue 4cyl AWD with VTI transmission, with 130k miles, in Feb 2012. I purchased it from a local mechanic who claimed that the transmission had been rebuilt in 2011.

    Other than replacing front hubs in Oct, due to failing front bearings, I have had no issues with the Vue.

    This Mar my transmission saga began when, as I rolled out of the gate at my work, I lost all transmission function. The engine did not stall, would only rev, and would not move in any gear position (R, D, I, L).

    Looking into Saturn VTI transmissions, only now did I find that the 02-05 VTI transmissions are known to be faulty in design, prone to failure. I found that Saturn lost a class action lawsuit regarding this same transmission and issue.

    Long story short, after 2 mos, a rebuilt transmission, replaced front transfer case, replacing an apparently new faulty valve body that was purchased from the dealer and installed, and $4600 (ouch) later, 2 days after picking up my newly rebuilt vehicle, my transmission appears to have gone out again.

    While driving home, suddenly the check engine and the reduced power lights came on, and the vehicle would not go over 30mph. Upon arriving home, and attempting to back into my driveway, the vehicle would not move in reverse.

    I have contacted GM Customer Service regarding the VTI issue, and after being on extended hold, and told several times that there were no recalls, the agent finally came back on the line and said that, yes, there was a known VTI issue, but those were handled by a different department. She said no one was available, and she would forward my contact info to them.

    I have yet to receive a call.

    Does anyone have any contact information regarding this settlement, and any suggestions to cause of the continued issue?

    I will be taking the vehicle to the dealer for further inspection.
  • karljessekarljesse Posts: 2
    What is the warrantee on your new transmissions? I have 20,000 miles on my second, it failed and they tell me I'm sol!
  • wvega5wvega5 Posts: 7
    If you had a new Saturn Transmission installed by a GM dealer, then it should have come with a 100,000 mile warranty. That's what I got with mine! Hope that helps!
  • I installed a new transmission at a Saturn dealership and it lasted only 32000 miles and they refused to replace it. Wouldn't do anything. It is all on me. My Vue is setting in my backyard. GM sucks!
  • dmarie3dmarie3 Posts: 1
    I was also wondering about contact information on the lawsuit. I do know that GM is not obligated to honor the lawsuit because of the bancrupcy they filed. Anyone have any other helpful information? I just had to take my 2003 Vue into the GM dealership & spend $4200 to have the transmission replaced. I would love to recoup some of this $$ if at all possible. Thanks! :(
  • mroz1mroz1 Posts: 1
    Did you get it fixed yet. I did the same thing. I pulled the transmission and removed the side cover. Easy to get the anchor bolt back in... lots of hours to R&R transmission. This lesson will cost me an extra $100 and a lost week of vacation.
  • ltsedfltsedf Posts: 1
    I have been searching for a problem I am having with my 2005 Saturn Vue 68000k vin#5GZCZ23DX5S857028. I do not know the type of transmission. The Shifter is stiff. It will sometimes not go into gear, especially reverse, and it will grind. I don't know if I have one of the recalled trannys, but I need this vehicle to keep running. I know it is a hydraulic clutch, but two mechanics have told me (with a cursory look) that it is most likely the tranny. I had the tranmission drained and filled about a year ago, at around 50k. I am the only owner of this vehicle.
  • pkp56pkp56 Posts: 1
    All my life I had been a loyal Ford buyer. A few years ago I decided to give GM a chance and purchased a 2005 Buick Rendezvous. That was a huge mistake. 500 miles after the warranty expired the mechanical problems began and the car cost me thousands before I finally dumped it. Not having learned my lesson, I traded it for a used 2008 Saturn Vue AWD with very low miles. It has mostly been a good car until last week, when at 45 days past the warranty expiration, the transmission broke. From reading the Edmunds forum on GM cars this has been an ongoing problem. I'm not sure I want to put $5000-6000 into a car that isn't worth much more than that My question, in case a GM service rep is viewing:

    Can or is GM willing, to do anything to help me or should I just load the Saturn onto a trailer, paint lemons all over it, and drag it around behind my old, still running beautifully, Ford Explorer? I'm thinking I should also include a sign that reads, "Another quality GM-built product."
  • I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR VUE PAINTED WITH LEMONS!!!! I was thinking of parking my Vue on the side of the highway with a sign saying this is what you get when you buy a GM car. I have called emailed chatted called email and chatted etc.... been promised calls back, the oh please let me look into this for you, sorry our product is a piece of crap and we know it but there is nothing we can do for you. I guess that was really what I am thinking on the last comment. They have no intentions of getting these cars off the road. They are not going to help anyone because they are a greedy company making profits off the very people they want to buy their cars. I will never never never buy GM!!!
  • I did post on their page and do it about once a week just to have it on there trying to warn others to NOT buy a VUE. They are no more help than the customer service line. I am making my money back by wasting theirs. Every time I complain they open a case and spend time investigating it only to call and say there is nothing they can do. I always say you can do something, you are choosing to do nothing.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi pkp56,

    I understand your dissatisfaction with your Saturn Vue and am very sorry that you're experiencing problems with your transmission. I would definitely like the chance to look into this further for you, and see what options are available towards resolving this issue. Can you please send me your full name, VIN, mileage, contact info, and dealership so that I may do more research on this concern? I can be reached by email at [attn Amber]. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • I am another one of those lucky lemon owners of a 2004 saturn vue AWD with of course the VTI trans. It quit on me at 140 k miles. Everything else is in good shape. Dealer serviced even the oil changes . I located somewhere on line that a rebuilt transmission with a 100 K mile warranty could be purchased for about $ 3,800. Is this possible ? How could anyone give any kind of warranty on this piece of junk ?
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