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Chevy Tracker Transmission Problems



  • yes i got the light on the dash, and the mechanic said it was a control speed sensor. i brought up the schematic online, but there are two sensors, so i am not sure which one or both, to replace.
  • Could you share the part number and vendor of your spare part. Miy Tracker is a year 2000 2.0 l Automatic 2rwd. The reading on my carś control panel fos speed has gone as well as no registering distance. Engine and transmission are working properly.
  • smokersmoker Posts: 1
    2001 tracker 4-wheel drive, with auto. transmission, will not move it's self in drive, or second, but will backup and move in low, can shift from low to second and from second to drive, and then it shifts normal, until i slow down to about 2 miles per hour in drive, and then it will not move it's self, have to shift back down to low to get going,, any one else had this problem??
  • coot1coot1 Posts: 1
    We have a 1.6, '94, 4 WD, 2 dr. all original well maintained Geo Tracker for 16 years. About every 6-7 years we install new clutch assembly. Apparently unlike most average standards that have a clutch fork ours has a clutch yoke that pivots off a vertical rod to disengage the throw out bearing. On replacing the clutch 7 years ago it needed & we bought a new clutch fork/yoke when installing the clutch assembly kit. We are now putting in a new clutch assembly and the fork (yoke) is no longer available through a dealer and again the fork needs to be replaced. We are trying to locate a new fork or after market one without much success calling & looking everywhere. Anyone have a clue?
    Also, is this a common problem with clutch forks on Geo Trackers?? Ordinarily on standards like my '69 Chevy truck we never had to replace the clutch fork.
  • appellofappellof Posts: 54
    Hi I found one. It is at Oreilly auto parts. I don't know if there is Oreilly auto parts store where you live, but they have them. I don't know if they may have it in stock or not, but they can get it. Another option is you may have to go to the junk yard. Good luck with it.

  • bodallybodally Posts: 5
    maybe check the torque converter lock solenoid. if it is activated that might keep the tranny locked to the motor. I am trying to buy a used 98 tracker 1.6 with 3 speed automatic, and the engine light was on. dealer scanned for codes, and I am not sure of the code number , but the code was related to the possibility of a bad converter lock solenoid, only the converter was not locked up , it was just the opposite, it was not locking in properly. I called the closest Suzuki dealer and got a price quote of $125.00 and would need to wait a week for the part to come in. From what I have would need to remove trans oil pan to replace the solenoid. Maybe the plunger is stuck on your solenoid, or broke off and stuck inside. I never owned a tracker or suzuki sidekick to be experienced, but you might check into that possibility. Hope this info might be helpful to you.
  • jbabs51jbabs51 Posts: 1
    I own a 2002 chevy tracker with v6 and an automatic transmission. When i was driving down the interstate i noticed the engine was overheating, the guage was all the way to the top, turns out the fan belt popped. Had it towed home and replaced it. When i tried to drive it again i noticed that it would not go when it was in drive. Reverse and L work just fine, but not the others. Checked the transmission fluid and it was low, so i added more. This did not help it. I am trying to find out if there is something the belt might have knocked loose or did the engine overheating possibly mess something else up. Thanks for the help
  • i recently purchased this vehicle and im having problems with the transmission. It will not shift in to reverse without grinding and shifts in to first hard. I just changed the tranmission fluid and now i am just having the issue with reverse but at random times cold or hot doesnt make a difference. the fluid that was in tranmission was not the required synkromesh tranmission fluid it was a unknown grade of gear oil and only a little over a qt of fluid came out when i changed it. we have only owned the vehicle for about a month and the prior owner told me that he had changed the tranmission fluid.
  • On a 2000 Tracker 4WD, 5 spd. transmission. what is transmission R&R time ? Have bad clutch throwout arm to replace.
    Thanks in advance.
  • It is just possible that the clutch is dragging a little. In my case it was cracked and bending throwout arm. Could also be air in clutch hydraulic line.
  • appellofappellof Posts: 54
    All my life, I have been working on vehicles. 99.9 % of the time, the engine would not start or run correctly (i.e. runs rough, starts but dies, has mis-fire, broken timing chain/belt, bad fuel pump, and the list continues). Now, I have not had this issue before. When I start the engine, it starts with no problem the only thing is it is idleing at 3000 RPM. I looked at the throttle linkage and the throttle body and it is all okay. I looked at the hoses and they are not cracked. There were no troubles at all on Thusrday evening when I parked it in the car port. Friday morning it started doing this high RPM issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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