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Mazda B-Series Starting problems



  • I have a 1988 Mazda B2200. It will sometimes start but die in maybe 5 seconds. will not restart, seems there is no spark when I hook a spark plug wire to a loose grounded spark plug. Sometimes if I leave it for a few hours or days, it will start again and then do the same thing (just quits like you turned off the ignition switch). Help please!!!
  • Have you by chance come to figure out what the problem was. I am having the exact same issue and can not seem to figure it out. Replaced ignition coil, distributor cap and rotor as well as the ignition wiring to where the key goes but not the actual ignition switch wjere the key goes. Any info woud be great.. thanks . Beckie
  • hyrockhyrock CanadaPosts: 2

    We have a 94 Mazda B4000 that has this intermittent starting problem. The dealer charged us $700 to look for the cause, and told us there is nothing wrong. Avoid dealerships at all cost. We started knocking the fuse box with our knuckles while the other person turned the ignition and it started. Discovered that it is a square relay within the fusebox named the EEC, basically Electric Relay. Others have noted that the power to radio and lights also was interrupted when it did not start. Replace the EEC relay.

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