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Voided or Denied Warranty Experiences



  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    But when he advertises "remainder of factory warranty" on the window sticker and there isn't one, uh-uh, that is, to my mind, definitely not good.

    Actually, in the case in point, there was factory warranty remaining. Just not on a certain system.
    That is a far cry from saying that NO warranty was left.
    If a dealer had indicated that the factory warranty was still in effect, and it had ENTIRELY expired, either due to miles or time, then you would have a case.
    There is just no way that a used car dealer,e sp one with dozens, if not hundreds of cars can determine the exact warranty status, or what coverage is actually available.
    Some things a responsible buyer must do for themselves.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    Again, I don't know all the facts of this case, so it's unclear to me who is right and who is wrong here.

    If the box checked "warranty" was viewed by the seller, yes, he should have asked what that means. I agree with you then. "What kind of warranty?"

    But if he was told the car had "the factory warranty", and not told that it was "partial", then IMO the car was misrepresented and the dealer is wrong, whether he gave that info intentionally or not.


  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    But if he was told the car had "the factory warranty", and not told that it was "partial", then IMO the car was misrepresented and the dealer is wrong, whether he gave that info intentionally or not.

    Actually he was told that it had the REMAINING factory warranty, which is true.

    How many u/c dealers know what the Volvo warranty even is?
    Prob not many.
    I couldn't give you the particulars of Nissan's warranty, or BMW's.

    It's very easy to say, the dealer is wrong.
    But, it's not the dealers fault.
    Ultimate responsibility rests w/ the buyer.
    All the buyer had to do was call a local Volvo dealer w/ the VIN and get the warranty history.
    Or, they could have paid a few bucks more and gone w/ a Volvo CPO car that would have guaranteed a warranty.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    so if I tell you that you can have the remaining sandwiches from the picnic does that mean they can all have a big bite out of them? :P

    You'd make a great defense lawyer but that last little bit sounds weak to me.

    I'm just sayin'....


  • exb0exb0 Posts: 539
    I am not a lawyer, however, it seem to me that the burden of proof would fall on the expert that is the u/c manager.

    How many people would know to a call a Volvo dealer to determine what the remaining warranty is? Better yet, how many people know there is such thing as partial warranty? On the other hand, the u/c manager should know how to verify this and disclose all the information.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    My argument was that proof is not even required here. You wouldn't have to prove that the dealer was trying to deceive you. I think you could still win the case even if the dealer proved he had no knowledge whatsoever of the partial warranty.

    Without AS IS, the dealer is definitely in jeopardy, IMO.


  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    look, all the form states is that the remaining manufacturers warranty still applies.
    WHATEVER that warranty entails.
    It is not a requirement of the u/c dealer to state what that warranty covers or doesn't cover.
    The form is only to let the consumer know that there IS warranty.
    You are asking WAYYYYY too much from a u/c dealer.
    It ain't gonna happen.

    Heck, there is a local dealer here that specializes in Lemon Law cars.
    In AZ, a Lemon Law buyback doesn't have to be disclosed at all.
    Guess what? This guy doesn't.
    Yes, it's shady. but, that is the U/C business.
    If you want to deal w/ reputable people, buy a CPO used car from a new car store.
  • I would like to tell you a story of a big corporation against a lonely customer. I have made every effort and spent over 4 hours on the phone trying to plead my case. You can decide who is right! Please email me at and I will forward your comments on! Thank you for your help.

    I bought an 2008 Certified used Denali from Memering Motorplex in Indiana on 7/7/11 with 31k. On the first oil change I brought the vehicle in at 39k on 11/28/11 to Lou Fuze in St. Louis a GMC dealer. This according to the light indicator by the free oil and tire rotation per GMC deal. I informed them that the front brake was squeaking. The sales rep called me back and said the front left brake Pad needs to be replaced and it is not covered under warranty.

    He informed me that there is not any brake pad left at all. The certified inspection that came with my car stats all brake pads have .8 mm. New pads are .12mm. So how could I go down from .8mm to 0 in 8,000 miles and less than 5 months.

    To illustrate how this is completely wrong even farther. I bought this used Yukon because I had a leased 07 Yukon before this for 4 years and put on 70,000 miles. Never once had it in the shop for repairs or brake pads. Every person I have talked to has either said GMC will never help me or that it must be my driving habits.

    So to GMC, if you say it is a certified car and inspected by a mechanic approved by GMC and there is a problem with the inspection what happens? Is GMC telling me that the inspection never fails? What did I buy a certified car for? For an inspection that has no backing to it. Also the motto today at GMC certified website that “No worries to a whole new level” Well I am worried that I paid a premium for a vehicle that was not inspected correctly. Also on the website it tells us that our car has $2,135 worth of additional value. Well that is an expensive oil change and tire rotation.

    I have contacted the GMC customer service line and they said they are not covering this and that is there final decision. I think any reasonable person would see there is a mistake on the inspection. And if there wasn’t a mistake on the inspection than there is a fault part somewhere. I am not a mechanic but I know something does not add up! After 4 hours on the phone I drafted an email hoping that someone would not see this as a black and white issue rather a mistake during the inspection process. Here is GMC official response

    “Again, I have reviewed your request 71-1013008707 with the GMC Customer Assistance Center and I support the decision that has been previously stated to you. I apologize that the decision was not in accordance with your wishes, however; this is the final decision of General Motors. Please feel free to contact us again with any other concerns you may have outside of this issue.”

    As I stated to every customer care operator and in an email I drafted to GMC I will spend as much time telling my story as they wasted my time talking about an common sense issue.

    GMC you lost a life time customer this week!!!! I expect to be refunded for the brake pads, certified reinspection at an independent dealer and to ADD 1 year bumper to bumper warranty to my Vehicle. None of this would be required if you would back your inspection!!! I have already filed complaints and will continue until this is resolved.

    Thank You
    Lonely customer!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    I'm sorry for your disappointing experience; however, everyone here is likely to tell you the same thing I'm going to say - brake pads are a wear & tear item, and aren't covered by any warranty. If you never had to replace brake pads after 70,000 miles on your previous vehicle, you are EXTREMELY fortunate. Brake pads are like tires - they wear out, and have to be replaced every so often. The brake pads on your vehicle may have been poor quality pads, but there's just no way any company is going to provide a warranty that covers items that are meant to wear out.

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  • This was ceritied inspected less than 5 months ago and 8k. That means every 12k miles I will need new brakes. There was a problem with the "GMC certified inspection"
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,408
    edited November 2011
    Well it's possibly the technician made an error but how could you ever prove this? Also, the expense involved in new pads is not so great that you should waste too much time on it---you did your best. If I were in your shoes, I'd just get the new pads out of your own pocket and then keep an eye on the brake pad wear. If the wear remains excessive you might have a case for an adjustment next time--if it doesn't wear excessively, then you have that peace of mind at least.

    but at this rate, you're just going to sour yourself on the truck, and it might turn out to be a good vehicle after all.


  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,742
    Keep in mind that GMC did not do the inspection on the vehicle prior to certifying it - the dealer in Indiana did it.

    Have you contacted them? IMHO, they are the ones you should speak with.
  • fezofezo Posts: 9,328
    Indeed. The dealer is the problem here and you aren't likely to get satisfaction out of it.

    I had the same thing happen with my Honda Ody - brake pads. Brought it in for an oil change and already the brake pads were below spec. The CPO inspection requires them to be much better but they talked circles all day and corporate Honda, who I have normally found very helpful too the position that it was between me and the dealer. I've been a long time Honda guy but I just replaced that van with a Toyota.
  • penn2penn2 Posts: 61
    Hello - I am not sure if this is the right forum but am trying to understand what recourse I may have with the recently announced Saab bankruptcy.

    I am 9 months into a 3 year lease of a 2011 Saab. My dealerhship just informed me I no longer have warranty (4 years, 50k miles) coverage on any level, including the free maintainance for the duration of lease.

    I am leasing through Ally Financial. Is this a breach of contract? Can I be released from a lease based on these circumastances or should/can Ally honor warranty? After all, I have contract with them, not Saab for the car

    Any advice or guidance would be appreciate

    Thank you
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,742
    You're probably out of luck.

    Your warranty and maintenance contract is with SAAB. Ally was just the one the provided the financing on it. Since SAAB is no more, your contract is null and void.
  • You're SOL on this one. Brake pads are not covered, and did YOU check them yourself first???

    Yukons are VERY HEAVY vehicles and will eat up front brake pads. Even if they were originaly in certified spec, it is entirely possible you ate them up.

    Lastly, as it was stated, front brake pads are inexpensive, and if you have any mechanical ability, you do them in 1 hour. Less than $35 for a set of pads, a can of brake cleaner and if the pads don't come with a little tube of disc brake quite will cost less than $40 total incl the pads.

    Saab situation - ok if you bought one while GM still owned it, but otherwise hope it doesn't break until they sort this out!
  • penn2penn2 Posts: 61
    thanks robr2....figured as much

    Would like to then render my lease agreement null & void!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,742
    Good luck. Your lease agreement is still with Ally. I doubt very much they'll let you out of the lease.

    BTW, I presume you got a screaming lease deal.
  • penn2penn2 Posts: 61
    HA! I did.....and that alone should have made me suspicious LOL. Lesson learned
  • jprocjproc Posts: 133
    I would guess you have solid grounds for getting out of your lease.You agreed to pay "x" in exchange for a car which among other things had a warranty and a maintenance agreement.Since neither of those conditions exist anymore (through no fault of yours) I would think you have signifcant grounds for terminating the lease or,at a minimum, receiving compensation for the loss of warranty and maintenance contract.
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