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Honda's Best Model and Year



  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    I've owned four Accords in the past ('85 SE-i 4-door, '89 LX-i 4-door, '92 EX 4-door and '96 EX 4-door). The first two were great cars (the leather sucked in the SE-i) but the the '92 remains the best car I've ever owned! I got it in 1993 with just under 10k on the odometer (graduation gift from my grandparents) and I still have it 17 years later! :shades:

    The clutch has only been replaced twice (at 130k and again at just over 300k), but the engine and transmission are original. I've used Castrol Syntec motor oil from the day I got it and changed it every 7500 miles, religiously changed the timing belt every 90k and changed the manual transmission oil and had valve adjustments every 30k. Other than maintenance, it's only needed a new radiator, fuel pump, alternator and a couple of cv-joint replacements in all that time.

    It doesn't use a drop of oil and the only clue to it's age is the slightly audible valve noise, but I'm the only one who seems to notice it and only until it runs for a minute or so. It's white with dark blue interior and the interior looks newer than in my '06 Mazda3! I retired it to weekend duty four years ago when I bought the Mazda, but the Mazda has already been far more trouble in the first 75k miles. :mad:

    I leased a '96 Accord EX 4-door right out of college but kept the '92 (thankfully). The vast majority of '94-'97 Accord owners have had great luck with them and bulletproof reliability much like my '92. Unfortunately, I ended up with one of the very few lemons Honda built in '96. :cry: In the three years and 48k miles I drove it, the camshaft seal failed twice (instantly losing every drop oil from the engine). The head gasket blew at 42k miles, A/C compressor locked up just shy of 30k and there was an ongoing problem with the fuel injection or VTEC system for the last year or so that I had it....I HATED that car! I still had one year to go on my four year lease when a truck pulled out in front of me and totaled it...and the airbags worked perfectly and probably saved my life. Although the rear view mirror broke loose and shattered when it hit my skull, which required 32 staples and hurt like hell!

    I replaced it with a '94 Acura Legend L 4-door that I would still be driving if a drunk driver hadn't hit me (t-boned on the passenger side) in 2001. He was driving a Ford F150 and was going 45-50mph when he hit me. The passenger side door panel bruised my right arm and thigh, if that gives you an idea of how hard the impact was. The roof and floorpan buckled, which exploded window except the driver's side. The car's overall size and very strong construction definitely saved my life that time...I wouldn't have fared nearly as well in my beloved '92 Accord. The '91-'95 Legend is the other Honda design I hold it the highest esteem...and I'm always on the lookout for a '94-'95 GS 4-door in good condition to snatch up, even to this day....
  • 06-07 good model years. I personally love the 98 accord 2.3. 225,000 miles no trany problems or any of the past Accord scuffs. I'm new to Edmunds and am finding good message boards.


    I have a '98 4 cyl (2.3?). Purchased in '03 with 72,000 miles and now has 182,000. I've had a few glitches that cost a bit of money so I was disappointed in those instances but overall, now that it's running great, it's still a great car. Gets a good 32-34MPG in the summer/highway and seems like it's just getting its second wind. It will go to my daughter in the Fall so we just purchased a 2010 Sonata. Drove the new car then got back in the Honda and didn't notice much difference (would have looked at new Accords but too much $$$) in the drive quality. Not that the Sonata is bad, just that the Accord is that good, even at it's ripe old age! The fit and finish still great. Good model/generation in my opinion.
  • fnc119fnc119 Posts: 12
    My 2005 Accord LX has 119,000 on it. I have replaced brakes 2x and tires 2x. I had a $3.00 oil switch replaced by dealer ($200 for installation.) I think that speaks well for the model's reliability. On Monday I am trading it for a 2010 EX, the dealer that has serviced it made me an offer I could not refuse. I will miss the LX but I am certain the EX will more than make up for it. I will report back on how the 2010 EX and I get along.
  • limaguy79limaguy79 Posts: 5
    Our household owns a 2003 (manual 6 speed) and 2006 Accord Coupe Automatic, both V6s. Aside from the model freshening of the 06 which I think makes the car look even better.... (more agressive, sportier and a little more power) Both cars have been fantastic. There have been NO mechanical problems with the 06' and the oxygen sensor needed replaced on the 03' late last year. General rule of thumb though is to wait until the 2nd year of the current generation to purchase and let the manufacturer work out whatever bugs there may be.
  • While searching for a reliable auto I came across this Edmunds forum and just had to reply to you. I have a '94 Honda Accord EX but I've just had an accident that requires 3 to 5K for structural work (took out the lamphousing on the passenger side and pushed the metal fender into the right front tire) and so am looking for a replacement car. Emily (I figured that any auto this old and reliable deserves a name) has 293,638 miles on her and I would have gotten about 40K more had I not run into something (red face here). I've had little stuff replaced throughout the years and have kept up with the usual high-mileage bits such as timing belts, etc. I'm also obsessive about oil changes so hers' was changed every 3 to 4,000 and it seems to have paid off for me. I'm rather in a dither because I've just retired and didn't count on having to buy another car anytime in the near future. The car I had before Emily was a 1992 Acura Integra and I would still have it had someone not stolen it when I lived in Cal. (The 1992 Acura Integra be faaassst and was fun to drive on the 5 between L.A. and San Francisco!) I have no idea where to go from here because new car doesn't work for me financially and even the used Accords are way up there in price. How do you begin to look for a replacement that will take 200,000 and over in mileage without costing a fortune! As you've probably noticed I become attached to my cars. Actually, it runs in the family because no one owns a car less than 14 years old. It's not considered sporting! Oh well. I'll still have my memories. LOL.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    I like my 02 V6 EXL Accord. Good Greenhouse views. Substiantial feel to metal and very comfortable seats. 126,205 miles. Sometimes tow a small bass boat. Just normal maintenance. Did have to replace 2 motor mounts at 96,000. Runs and looks like new. Cashmere color which was a color with a clearcoat. 3 coats of Meguier's wax Spring and Fall.
  • rickster93rickster93 Posts: 1

    I haven't owned a Honda being a BMW enthusiast, but have driven and known nearly every Honda after 91. I will easily say the best honda ever made is the 94-97 fifth gen accord. The look of that car seems timeless, and is very, very well made for its class. Exterior looks great with its curves, lights, and sloping good looking trunk-lid. The interior is very high-quality, especially for its time, with its extensive use of soft-touch materials and good looking dash layout with good button use and placements. The engine is typical honda, (being good) and introducing the vtec engine to the ex model was a huge plus.

    To this day, i still believe the fifth gen accord was the best honda for its time, (I also liked the last-gen Prelude). I love my BMW, but am searching for a 94-95 Accord EX under 70k miles for a commuting car (since easier to maintain and to preserve my Bimmer). I still think its the best looking accord, and kinda want one before they die lol.

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