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Mitsubishi Outlander Xenon HID headlamps



  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    HID headlight

    The Outlander GT 2013 (2WD or 4WD) now has HID self-leveler. This piece of technology is a great thing to have, unfortunately, my Outlander GT 2012 does not have any. I would like to know if something can be done with my present HID setting so I could adapt something (sensors and servo motor) to the present setting and as result to implement a self-leveler in my car. Preliminary queries about this new technology resulted in me being told that I would need a new set of HID lamps (2013 or late 2012), which is out of the question (very expensive)
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,218
    You're talking about an automatic leveler? My 2010 GT has a 4 position manual leveler.

    I don't know why new lamps would be necessary unless the lamp housing contains the sensors used by the automatic leveler. Though I'd think they'd be able to tie in to the vehicle geometry data from the crash sense (airbag) sensors instead as they can tell when the vehicle nosedives due to full braking.

    I use my manual leveler but not every day; I don't think it'd be worth any expense on my part to implement an automatic system. Then again, your prior posts show you're more adventurous than most crossover owners.

    I'd suggest sticking with it and just trading your '12 on a '14 when they're released. Better fuel economy and overall design (though the body does look more bland).
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    even though the 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander body appears bland to some the SUV has some great AWD technology to it as well as some regenerative technology and other electronic updates that make it a very, very interesting choice to contemplate.

    Our 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS continues to run flawlessly and look great. It would take quite a rig to get me to switch. Then again, I don't have ta have a rig as big as a SUV to drive, a compact sedan like the Lancer GTS is big enough and fast enough both for me.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    My 2012 GT does not have what is called headlight auto self-leveling mechanism and also it does not have a washer jet to clean the headlight lamps. This automatic self leveling mechanism controls the direction (up/down) of the xenon lights in the car. This is a safety measured imported from the ECE and it is mandatory in Europe and other countries (185 countries in total).

    Expensive models in the USA provide this functionality. Xenon headlights glare/dazzle oncoming drivers (Evening). When the car hits a road bump the xenon beam is not horizontal and points directly onto the oncoming drivers, blinding them temporarily. It is said that the headlight auto self-leveling functionality prevents this phenomena to occur by keeping the xenon beams stuck to the road all the time.

    The new xenon lamps setting in 2013 GT appears to have inside the xenon lamp housing something (very small motor) that is operated by RF from a transmitter in the rear suspension (and front) via the ETAC-ECU when the car departs from being horizontal. This servo mechanism moves the Xenon bulbs (up/down) when the RF signal, from the rear suspension sensor, has been decoded. The above is my interpretation and indeed something can be done to modify the present Xenon light installed in GT previous to spring 2012. This may be reached just by knowing what parts are needed and a willing Mitsubishi parts department employee to cooperate.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Outlanders with halogen ((HB4), 2006, 12V, 51W) are weak and do not light the road properly. The normal solution to this problem is to install HID/xenon headlamps as a replacement to the halogen headlamps. HID kits that upgrade from halogen to xenon are not the solution. Glare to oncoming drivers is the main problem with these kits.

    The problem of HID kits is that xenon bulbs are used in headlamp housings designed for halogen bulbs and the majority of halogen headlamps obey the reflector technology. Most of the HID/xenon kits are oriented for headlamps with projector technology and this technology uses HID/xenon bulbs with specifications D1S, or D2S, or D4S. For example my Outlander GT 2012 has projector headlamps and uses a xenon bulb with specification D2S. On the other hand Outlanders with halogen headlamps ought to order a HID/xenon kit with bulb D1R, or D2R, or D4R. So the advice may be if you want to upgrade from halogen to xenon: (1) Headlamps with reflector technology use a xenon kit that provides xenon bulbs, D1R, D2R or D4R. (2) Headlamp with projector technology should use a xenon kit that provides xenon bulbs D1S, D2S, or D4S.

    Strict USA and European regulation on bulb design has pushed bulb manufactures to design bulbs that cannot go above 12V, 51W for passenger, and SUV cars. Luminosity (Lumen) is the bulb parameter that illuminates the road at night. For example a HID/xenon bulb its luminosity is greater than 2500 lumen. There are bulbs made in China and Japan that may use halogen bulbs that may approach the xenon bulb luminosity. However, these bulbs release a lot of heat that can damage the bulb housing plastic mirror, and worse the lifespan of these bulbs is reported to be 100 hours or less. These bulbs are illegal in the USA

    I have helped a friend, the owner of an Outlander, with halogen headlamps to replace its OEM halogen Sylvania 9006 (part#: AB009006), 12V, 51W with Philips 9012 (HIR2) 12V 55W. The latest bulb is manufactured by Philips (Germany) that in spite of being 55W, it releases heat as if it were a 51W bulb. It is DOT approved, and it is legal. Philips is the only company in the world that manufactures this type of bulb. I have seen these bulbs in operation in my friend’s Outlander, and I am telling you, I was very impressed. The light is extremely white and very powerful that it could easily be mistaken for HID/xenon bulb.

    These bulbs came onto the market in 2011 at a price of $50-$60 each bulb. However, it appears, that demand for this bulb is increasing and nowadays each bulb can be bought at $20. Each bulb releases a luminosity of 1875 lumens, and has an average lifespan of 1000 hours.
    So the Philips bulb is a cheap alternative to buying a HID/xenon kit for upgrading your halogen low/dip headlamps
  • flhgsflhgs Posts: 1
    edited December 2013

    Our Outlander XLS 2007 2WD (3.0L V-6 6-speed Shiftable Automatic Transmission.) It did came with automatic self-leveler technology. This piece of technology came with the HID/xenon headlamps we had the factory install when we ordered ours 2007 Outlander XLS. The High** Intensity **Discharge or HID/xenon headlamps does not have a washer jet to clean the headlight lamps. This automatic self leveling mechanism controls the direction (up/down) of the xenon lights in the car. AS in other post here is a safety measured imported from the ECE and it is mandatory in Europe and other countries. There is a diagnostic for the automatic self leveling mechanism in the vehicles diagnostics section of screens built into the Navigation Controls and Info.section. You may preform diagnostics on the automatic self leveling mechanism if you feel it may be out of it's specification or just not working right some how. Though which it runs and displays it's current operating data to you. You then can decide if you should do a factory reset on the automatic self leveling mechanism. Now, I do not remember off hand our headlamps specifications D1S, or D2S, or D4S. Or the reflectors specifications, I will see if I can locate them and post later. I know this is a older vehicle and I'm mentioning it because of the technology that came in the Mitsubishi Outlander's in 2007. But there were many things of technology ahead of what was on the market then you could get in the 2007 Outlander XLS, but you had to almost always get it as a factory option installed when you ordered your SUV new from the Dealer. We got every option offered by Mitsubishi but two we had no need for 4wd. We live in Florida and do not go off roads, it would have just been more weight to tote around and eventually even if not used to break and that's just another coast. Number two we did not get was the Entertainment center in the headliner from Mitsubishi. Only because this was in 2007 when the USA was changing TV signals from analog to digital signals. We could not find at the time a converter box for that and work in a 12v dc environment. So we bought a ****JVC**** unit and had it installed in same mounting bracket in the ceiling. It is a larger fold down screen being it's a 14" and not a &" 10" or 12". It is a HD/digital TV and has wireless dual headphones that can be used at the same tie, a DVD, CD, player or recorder, fully controlled by remote or buttons on base unit. It has input jacks that you can use with a wireless remote that's in a separate small hub you plug into and what your input I and comes with a docking station where you can then use it by battery, D/C or 110 volts. So no cords are hanging from the headliner and can be anywhere inside the SUV or near (within 30') the docking station playing to the unit .. It also can be taken out of the headliner it also is a digital radio tuner also which means good FM and you can get Sirius Satellite Radio or others like that. and still recv. AM radio too. It come with a 12 D/C or 110v powered antenna booster for Radio Satellite or TV reception! And we saved $1,2??.?? from the factory model and that was installed by Circuit City too. This is a GREAT little unit by JVC it also has external 6" stereo speakers and a very nice carrying bag the docking station and alll goes into One other thing it does have is all displays are digital and it has a alarm clock you can setup to 6 alarms per hour for each hour per day.. Most of all the creature comfort technology (gadgets) were extra options you paid dearly for then. We did get in ours with Bluetooth cell phone integration and the premium stereo, is a 650-watt Rockford Fosgate system with nine speakers in all counting the massive 10-inch sub-woofer in rear and two of these nine are neat little tweeters next to or in the front windshield-pillars. It plays MP3 CDs and satellite radio analog with Hd/DVD's for palying movies etc. in the front entertainment center in the dash it is only 7" but the location makes it fine for front or rear viewing and has auxiliary audio & video input. The system has the added feature of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) which allows for various sound profiles. Although settings like "Rock," "Pop" and "Jazz" work well, "Hall" and "Live," which add an extra dimension to the sound. Along with a built in equalizer too. The system has hard-drive-based navigation system with a music server with a 30-gigabyte hard drive (most used for navigation system) is shared by Navigation and the Music Server etc. .. Navigation System very accurate (For Florida where we are at least) speed is great while driving at any speeds updates to the screen are so fast you could drive the SUV by it if you could just watch the screen and not for people etc. .. The AC/DC power outlet (for small devices) is in the Outlander's center console?
    So sorry people I did not mean to get off topic I started to delete the other stuff and figured it might interest someone and if your reading down and do not like reading about that you will do what I do and leave it. , Being it is Dec.24th 2013 as I type this Merry Christmas! Take Care HA,, Happy and Safe 2014! Wish it better for us all to see!! HGS Florida..

  • flhgs - I have the 650-watt Rockford Fosgate stereo in my 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS, too, and I love it. I like ta change the settings to "Hall" and "Live" and "Stage" but leave the setting just before that to "Rock" since that is the format I listen to the most. I love my '08 Lancer GTS and am always looking at new Mitsubishi Automotive products. I'm researching the little '14 Mirage but it is probably too small for my wife and I to fully enjoy. Our Lancer GTS is just about the right fit but I like their new Outlander Sport and even the '14 Outlander is an interesting rig, especially the new "hybrid" Outlander coming out later this year.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

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