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New Honda Insight 5-passenger Hatchback



  • rookie60rookie60 Posts: 39
    Exterior is nice. That is what the hybrid airflow shape dictates. I prefer the Insight over the Fit. The wheels appear small. Not a bad design though. Bet the farm that gas prices will go up. It is not Obama that will raise prices. Chinese and other third world countries demanding gas, new federal gas taxes, and inflation from the stimulus package will do that. Also, OPEC is cutting back on production. That also will cause prices to go up. It is a perfect storm for $4.00 per gallon to come back.
  • Yeah, I was reading the Wall Street Journal. Honda predicts they will sell over $3million scooters alone. I think $3 is the normalized price, but we will see.
  • rookie60rookie60 Posts: 39
    $3million scooters????????
    $3 is the normalized price??????

    I don't understand what you mean.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I traded in my 2009 Honda Fit Sport w/Navi on a 2010 Insight, it arrived today. It's been pouring for 3 days here in western NC but I had to take a little drive in the Insight. I loved my Fit, I hope I love the Insight. The Fit was getting 34 m.p.g. and the Insight shows 39.5 m.p.g. after being driven from SC on major highways to be delivered. I expected higher m.p.g. on the Insight to be honest but like everything I have to say, no hasty judgments. The Insight hasn't been with me even 24 hours. The Insight is (to me) a nicer looking vehicle than the Fit which I thought was fine looking. No audio controls on the steering wheel on the Insight EX as there were on the Fit and I already miss that. The Fit had no bad manners, handled well, and was fairly zippy. The Insight is sluggish (w/ECON on), the engine seems to "tremble" a bit when stopped at a light (seems like it's going to stall), the steering is "sloppier" than the Fit's excellent feeling steering, and stopping with regenerative braking is, to be honest, weird. More later as I get used to the Insight. My brother emailed me tonight that Fits are selling for dealer cost. If the Insight moves into the 45 to 55 m.p.g. range I believe I'll love it; if not I'm going to miss the Fit with its "magic seats", handling, peppiness, and stereo steering wheel controls. Even though I'm 63 I'll NEVER buy another vehicle that won't accept/play mp3s from a thumbnail device.
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    With most Hybrids you get lower mpg in the break-in period. So that should improve. Pity they don't have audio control buttons on steering wheel with the EX without Navi (in Europe they do). I can definitely see that it takes some time getting used to a Hybrid coming from the non-Hybrid Fit. Imagine previous gen Hybrids had even less road feel (e.g. Prius I...). I had no trouble getting used to drive Civic Hybrid.

    According to the manual it should play MP3/WMA/AAC from USB (EX). Do you have an LX? In that case I guess you have to resort using data CD (which can play both MP3/WMA). Or there's also an auxiliary input jack that might be an option.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I see my last sentence was confusing. I can listen to my MP#s with my Sandisk thumb USB device plugged in. I could in my Fit Sport and I can in my Insight EX. I wasn't very clear about that. I should have said something like, I have enjoyed listening to my MP3s (with the random selection - like shuffle on an iPOD) so much in the Fit & the Insight that I'll never own another vehicle (in the future) that doesn't have that functionality. I owned a $100,000 Porsche 911 C4 not long ago and it didn't play MP3s AND the Random playback had to be RE-SET every time the car was started! Give me a break!! I joked my $15,000 Honda Element had a more sophisticated audio than my $100,000 Porsche! Sorry for being so long-winded.
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    Ah got it. Thanks for the review by the way:-). Keep us updated on the mileage.
    So far I've heard from someone else he got 52mpg on the highway on his test drive but real-world conditions can vary and the average mpg can be quite different.
  • Thanks for the update. Pretty amazing that there is finally a Hybrid for the masses. Hopefully they will sell a ton. :)
  • bmoore1bmoore1 Posts: 1
    I test drove one today in SoCal (Miller Honda on Van Nuys). Nice car. Pretty zippy to drive. Loads of room in the front. A bit cramped in back. The materials are slightly cheap inside. The look outside is great. Very sleek.

    The only problem was the price... they were asking $3,500 above MSRP. The sales guy said it was a premium because they'd only gotten five and already sold 3. He didn't expect the premium to decrease any time soon.

    His boss confirmed their strategy of raising the price although he said maybe they could lower it "a little bit." He said the Priuses also were selling for above MSRP as a point of comparison.

    I was kinda turned off at that point. I see that also quotes the sticker price. $3.5K premium? That's over 15% of the car.

    Another potential buyer who was also looking had the exact same reaction.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,643
    The Prius isn't selling above MSRP... Heck, Toyota even has a $1000 rebate on it!

    New models in short supply always go for a premium.... If you have to be the first one on the block, then you'll pay that premium...

    I'd rather wait 6 months and pay $4000 less, personally..

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Go to Honda's web site and do a dealer locate with 100 or so miles. Email each of them telling them what you want (color, model, etc.) and ask them to email you their best price. That's how to shop vehicles today. and get your best price. If they won't play ball, expand your search. Host is right, on a new car with limited supply, they can and do ask a premium BUT with this economy, they should be happy just to sell you a vehicle. In my search for my Insight (delivered Friday) one candid salesperson confessed it was almost the end of the month and she'd sold just one Honda!
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I hope I'm not breaking some kind of rule here and not sure if this will even work but worth a try.
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  • 204meca204meca Posts: 366
    After driving a 2009 Fit 2 months ago, I have been very eager to get behind the wheel of the new Insight. I noticed one Insight on the local Honda store lot today & stopped on in. I really like the look both outside & in - it has a sharp sporty look that is much much better in person than pictures. I drove an EX for about 6 miles. It has typical Honda tauntness to it, but the ride is quite & comfortable and quiet for a small car. The interior is not real spacious, but again comfortable (I am not a large guy -5' 8", 155 lbs). Rear seat is tight for head space & shoulder space. Hatch reasonably spacious. The height adjustable front seat is a nice plus & the fit & finish was good. It drives very smoothly in either regular or Eco mode. Acceleration was more than adequate for our local traffic with the CVT provides its typical odd feeling with no shifts points. That said I had a Civic HX with CVT & currently have an A4 with CVT & I love the CVT's smoothness. I found it very easy to keep up with the light traffic & keep the speedo in the green band which indicated outstanding fuel economy. It would probably feel a iffy in big city rush hour traffic. The car cruised very smoothly & quietly on the freeway at 65 in eco mode. I am suprpised to say that I think this could be a very comfortable car for long distance travel.

    My main negative finding was with the front seat; it just did not hit me right. When I initially got in the seat, there was some uncomfortable pressure on my thighs from the bottom edge of the front seat (too high) and the lumbar support (too high & too firm). During the test drive, I did not notice lumbar discomfort, but did notice thigh discomfort. Interestingly, although the seats are supposedly the same on the LX & EX, when I sat briefly in the LX, I didn't feel the same pressure, but that was only a minute of seat time. Obviously the feel of the front seat is a very individual thing depending on one's body conformation, but for me, it may be a deal breaker.

    In comparison to my test drive of a Fit a month ago. The Fit is not as comfortable as the Insight, but it easily wins in the handling and spacious departments.

    Most likely I will buy either a Fit or Insight in the next year. I calculated how long it would take to make up for the extra $4,400 cost (MSRP) of the hybrid assuming that I would drive it about 9K miles/ year & that be able to get 15 more mpg with the Insight. Alas it looks like it would take about 16 years with fuel at $3/gallon, and about 8 years if it goes to $6.gallon to make up the $4,400 difference. So the payback time & the seat comfort may force me to settle for the Fit. The dealer will let me take either car home for an overnight & if I found that the Insight's seat worked with my body, it would be a much harder decision.

    I found it curious that even though they had 9 Fits on the lot, they all had a $2K "adjusted market value" sticker. I am certain that this is there for the few naive customers that come in & don't dicker. Believe it or not it happens. 20 years ago , my mother drove by an Oldsmobile dealer, saw a car that caught her fancy & walked in and bought it with no questions asked. Last fall another acquaintance decided to get a Hyundai Accent. Before the dealer was done with her she paid over $4,000 more than the sticker -- and they had about 15 other Accents on the lot! So, it works for the dealer at times. That said, my salesguy readily admitted that they could get a way with the mark up when gas was over $4 /gallon & they could not keep Fits on the lot. Now, they will deal.

    In summary I could happily live with either the car. Overall I prefer the Insight over the Fit due to appeance and ride comfort. I plan to keep watching the forums and eventually have one or the other in my garage.
  • rookie60rookie60 Posts: 39
    If you are looking at initial cost, obviously the Fit is the choice. Comfort should play a part; as should appearance of each car to you. Which one do you want parked in your driveway? Another consideration which almost no one talks about is residual cost. At the end of 5-6 or 8 years, how much could you get for each car? If the Insight turns out to be a popular car, maybe it will be worth $2K-$4K more at selling time. That makes gas payback time less. Still, which car do you like the looks of right now. That's the car to buy. I would hate to buy one car and then wish I would have bought the other one a year later.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Not bragging just a happy camper. I traded in my 2005 Honda Element EX AWD (which I very much liked but the warranty had run out) for a 2009 Fit Sport w/Navi when they first came out. I liked the Element so much over the years (not my first Honda) that I was a little worried I'd have regrets with the Fit. Glad to say I had none. The Fit got me 34 mpg with just short mountain trips; the Element got around 23 mpg. Anyway, who wants to read a novel right. My 2010 Insight arrived last Friday. I like it. As 204meca stated above, the Insight is MUCH nicer looking in person. I got Tango Red which is a wine color and goes nicely with the gray interior. Today (3/30) they delivered mt (new) 2009 Honda Fit Sport w/Navi in Milano Red. I'd owned a Nissan Murano so am used to CVT transmissions. This is supposed to be a comparo isn't it? I traded in my Porsche Boxster on the 2nd Fit as the dealer gave me a good deal (they have a dealership that also sells Porsches or I wouldn't have gotten the deal (cash back) I got. I wasn't driving the Porsche, the Fit and the Insight are more technologically advanced with fewer problems and oil & filter changes won't be $150! The Fit and the Insight are different cars with different virtues. No fog lights standard on the Insight - I wasted a bit of time trying to figure out how to turn the non-existent fog lights on. Also, no stereo controls on the Insight steering wheel. Having lived up North most of my life (South now) I was happy to see an outside air temp. gauge on the Insight; the Fit does not offer that. More later as I get more seat time in the Insight but I hope you found this at least a little "insightful".
  • rookie60rookie60 Posts: 39
    You say you got a Fit Sport "when they first came out". Then you said they just delivered your new Fit Sport "Today (3/30). You have 2 Fits and 1 Insight. Why???
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 366
    Rookie: >>Another consideration which almost no one talks about is residual cost. At the end of 5-6 or 8 years, how much could you get for each car?<<

    That is a serious consideration that I have been playing in my mind. I hope to keep my next econ hatch for 7 years. I am confident that the engine on the Fit will not need any major repairs & still be fresh after 7 years / 70K miles & that the next buyer can trust if for 100K. With the Insight it may be getting to the point that some of the batteries need to be replaced (I understand the warranty to be 8 yrs in non CARB states & 10 yrs in CARB states. So, will the concern of need to lay out some significant cash in a year or two for the Insight result in decreased resale value. So far the Toyota battery packs seem to be exceeding expections. It would be an interesting exercise to conpared the p% of deprecation of a 2002 Prius to a 2002 Corolla. Not sure I have the time & energy to do that.

    The other unknown is will gas cost $3/gal in 2017 (unlikely) or $10/gal. IF gas cost is double or triple what it is today, the Insight should have much higher resale. Unfortunately we don't know today the duration of the batteries (although I suspect they will exceed 8 years) nor the cost of gas (my guess is it will be over $5/gal).

    Here there is an interesting discussion on the batteries of the previous generation including this post <a href="" target="_blank"> The folder is "Honda Insight Hybrid Battery Pack Questions". Of course the Insight's batteries are "new & improved".
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 366
    Click on link below to see one of the best reviews of 2010 Insight
  • Was at the Honda dealership last getting an oil change on my honda and test drove an 2010 Insight.
    The dealership was very slow for being the last day of the month and many sales people standing around waiting for something to happen which probably will never happen in this economy.

    Drove the car 40.8 miles on freeway, city streets and single lane country roads at posted speeds drving the car like an "80 year old Bag lady that was light on the gas pedal.
    Many other motorists were pissed off that I was driving the car this way like gliding to a stoplight and taking off from a stoplight slow to get the best gas mileage results.

    I averaged 38.7 mpg with the "ECO" button on and 40.6mpg with the "ECO" button off after a 40 mile test drive.

    The cornering of the cars was sloppy as well as the steering. The seat fabric seemed cheap and likely to stain.

    The car did seem peppy, but seemed underpowered and not of Honda Quality.

    It is confusing to figure out all of the electronic controls and found myself not keeping my eye on the road.

    I think this car would be fun at first, but the novelty would wear off after a couple of months. I am concerned that the electronics of this car would fail as this car is not a bullet-proof Honda such as a 2009 Honda Civic DX-VP would perform.

    I would not buy this car as it has to much "junk" on it and it is too expensive.

    The best Honda I owned was my 1991 Civic-Dx 4-door which went 265000 miles and was totally a bullent-proof Honda with no maintenace.

    I see this Honda requiring alot of upkeep after the warranty expires.

    I see the future in Honda's Clarity and cars like the CRV-LX and the Civic LX.

    Overall there is nothing special about his cars unless you want to be the first one on your block to own one and have everyone coming over to inquire about it.

    I was not impressed at all!!!
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