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New Honda Insight 5-passenger Hatchback



  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    I think one of the best reviews is CleanMPG (depending on what you look for in the review). I collected links to most reviews on my Insight blog article:!A4AE3FB12A26635!952.entry

    The MotorTrend Insight to Prius III video comparison is pretty interesting as well. The winner is different from Edmunds comparison but that's because pricing was considered a factor.

    The Insight is more expensive than a Fit (little bit less if your state offers sale tax exemption for Hybrids) but 2-3K cheaper than a Prius/Civic. Many people expect bit more for the price forgetting it's still a Hybrid and you do still pay some premium. But the premium is much lower than it ever was before. It's rumoured that Toyota might lower the Prius III price therefore (they did lower it in Japan but not in Europe).

    The CR-Z and Jazz/Fit Hybrid will arrive next year so there will be more choices. Honda also confirmed working on a larger vehicle hybrid system (which I assume will offer more luxurious choices).
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I own a 2010 Insight and a 2009 Fit Sport. While I agree with many of vagabondchef's early impressions I have a few of my own to offer. If I had driven an Insight before buying one (I didn't even drive it before I bought it?), sadly, I may not have bought one and I would be the loser. Yes, the turning circle is greater than the Fit, handling seems less defined that the Fit, I've never drive a hybrid before and the brakes seem a tad weird to be honest - you press the brake pedal to stop, the car wants to stop (longer distance than the Fit (seems like) and just as you are stopping you "squirt" a few more feet/yards? A bit un-nerving.
    I got used to/over all the above by my 2nd drive in the Insight.
    The Insight is nicer looking (my opinion) than the Fit (which I like) or the Prius. The Insight lets you know/displays the outside temp., the Fit does not.
    I have just a hundred or so miles on each but the Insight is nearing 40 mpg and the Fit around 30. My previous 2009 Fit was getting 34 on short trips over curvy two lane (never 4 lanes) mountain roads.
    Oh, one other thing, I'm short and I've already bumped my head (a good thing?) 3 or 4 times playing around (front seat/rear seat) in the Insight.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 366
    Lucian's site suggests that a Hybrid Fit could arrive next year is very intriging to me. First of all I wonder why they would have the Fit in both modes. Seems like it could really dilute the sales of the new Insight.

    Does anyone seriously think that there will be a hybrid Fit in the next year or two?

    If a hybid Fit could match the mgp of the Insight & keep its superior interior space & handling, & cost the same or less, it would be a no brainer purchase for me. I will be watching for the latest developments!
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    It seems weird that Honda would add more competition with the Fit Hybrid but they did recently reaffirm this. It might be similar to the Insight competing with the Civic Hybrid: price diff isn't quite as big and design/features are distinct enough to find different type of buyers.

    Re mileage it clearly depends on the route but on average you should be able to exceed the EPA rating after the break-in period. Relatively speaking though improvement of 33% is really not bad. How much again depends on the route. Here's a motor trend fuel economy test with ideal road conditions (not stopping and not high speed). He got 65mpg and 28 mpg when he drove bit faster: - video/index.html

    PS I've maintained a list of upcoming Hybrids here:!A4AE3FB12A26635!912.entry
  • rookie60rookie60 Posts: 39
    As far as a Fit hybrid, I think there will be a lot of hybrids from all manufacturers in the next 5 years. I think we will get out of this slump in 1-3 years. Then, with gas prices rising and demand rising, gas will go to $4+ again. Also, the new co2 laws and mileage increases come in. I think that in about 2015, most new cars will be hybrids. At $4+ per gallon, and with gov't mandates, look for the Fit hybrid among others.
  • franko1franko1 Posts: 15
    I just bought a 2010 insight last week and so far I think I screwed up. I spent over 12 hours reading the manual trying to understand the electronics and I am so confused that I wish they would take it back. I know computers, but this system is for PHD's, not avg. people. For instance, this veh. has about 65 fuses, 35 categories that you can click on for specific functions , like locking doors. That has 5 more windows. You can default all the important functions to get back to factory set-up, this is after you really screw it up. Presently, after trying to get the passenger door to unlock with shifter in park is hopeless after 20 minutes of sweating. It still does not work. The programming and manual are not in sinc. I agree with the gentleman's opinion of ths pos. It's so slow that I never had so many people riding my bumper. The feds should ban this pos from our roadways.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    Ok, the fact that the car is complicated to setup exactly the way you want, is understandable. I'm certain it's a PITA to deal with and hopefully your local dealer can help you with some of that. But as far as performance goes. You did drive the car before you bought it, correct?
    I mean it's something you'd notice on a normal test drive. Just like I noticed how cramped the back seats are and I'm only 5'7" tall.
    Power was ok compared to a Honda Fit. But compared to a Prius the Insight is a bit slower feeling and not as comfortable.
    But the power didn't change from the test drive until now. Did you turn off ECON mode? That will give you more power.
  • Take back to the dealer and park it on the front door step and trade it in. This car is nothing but smoke and mirrors!!!!

    Buy a normal Honda!!!
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    Take back to the dealer and park it on the front door step and trade it in. This car is nothing but smoke and mirrors!!!!

    Buy a normal Honda!!!

    I own a Honda Fit Sport. I test drove the Insight. I was not impressed. My point to you was that if you drove the car before you bought it, you would be aware of the power it does/n't have.
    It's a 99HP car, it's meant for city driving, like the Fit and most small cars.
    I find the 118HP of the Fit barely adequate for the hills in my area. So 99HP wouldn't be enough especially in the winter on the barely plowed roads.
  • lucien4lucien4 Posts: 55
    The preferences menu is almost identical to most Honda's/Acura. See page 106. To set the preference select SETUP and then select 'DOOR SETUP' / 'AUTO DOOR UNLOCK' and choose 'ALL DOORS WITH SHIFT TO P'. If that doesn't work I would check with the dealer.

    The total combined HP is 111HP. No doubt the Fit is little bit faster (about 1 sec to 60mph). Using the S mode helps little bit (EX models).
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Gee, a lot of anger and frustration with the Insight eh. I'm just getting to really like mine. I too sat in the driver's seat for a good while trying to get the doors to NOT lock as I drive down the road. It wasn't intuitive and it sure wasn't fun BUT I'm happy to report they do no longer lock automatically. Please allow me to try to help with the doors locking: I have a 2010 EX with no Navi ......
    Try this with the engine off, be in Park, put the key in and in position "ON 2", page 128.
    To get started, go to page 76 of your owner's manual. There are two "Info" navigation buttons on the outer steering wheel around 4 or 5 o'clock which the driver pushes towards the front of the vehicle or away from him/her.
    One has an up arrow and the lower a down arrow to navigate the menu system
    There is also one "Select" button in back of the two Info buttons which the driver uses to pick his/her choices. The driver pulls this button towards them to select an option after using the two Info buttons to navigate thru the menus.
    Clear as mud so far?
    To enter the "Change Settings" mode, go to Pg. 91 of the manual. When you want to change the factory settings (be not afraid), hold either of the two Info buttons and hold for more than 3 seconds. (This is a lot like work.)
    If you have followed instructions like a good German you should now be able to up or down arrow the Info buttons until you get to "DOOR SETUP". When you see "DOOR SETUP" pull the Select button (behind the Info buttons) toward you.
    Use the Info buttons to get to "AUTO DOOR LOCK" and pull Select towards you. Pg. 106. Once in "AUTO DOOR LOCK" there are 3 choices: "SHIFT FROM P", "WITH VEHICLE SPEED", and "OFF". Page 107.
    Use the Info buttons to cycle until "OFF" is displayed then pull "Select" towards you.
    When you are finished cursing and having a nervous breakdown, INFO button through the menus until you see EXIT and press Select. Congratulations, go pour yourself a nice strong drink and wait for Honda to mail you your promotion to Pilot of the Enterprise Space Station!
    To recap - it's not bad IF you just remember this, Navigate the menu system using the Info buttons, change the setting using the Select button before going into the swamp.
    I hope this helps, it probably won't. If it doesn't, please keep it to yourself or I may have to come over and kill you.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    Gee, a lot of anger and frustration with the Insight eh. I'm just getting to really like mine. I too sat in the driver's seat for a good while trying to get the doors to NOT lock as I drive down the road. It wasn't intuitive and it sure wasn't fun BUT I'm happy to report they do no longer lock automatically. Please allow me to try to help with the doors locking: I have a 2010 EX with no Navi ......

    Actually it's someone else that has a problem with the doors, not me. I've just test driven the car and found it to be underpowered for my needs.
  • Finally got to take a test drive with this new Hybrid and this is what I found to like and dislike.

    1. First noticed that the car seemed just a tiny bit cheap looking inside and out, but not much to sway me to leave. Just thought it could be some what like my 09 Civic EX-L

    2. The Interior seemed too busy for the dash and that the area for the NAV system looked as an after thought with this black shiny plastic that really turned me off on. The regular radio, none nav system looked a bit better.

    3. Back Seat area... What back seat area ? For kids yes and for smaller people maybe, but for my 6-3 size and yes even for the sales rep 5-8 size, we had issues. For me, even with the front seat pulled forward, I had trouble with my legs and as for my head, I had to bend it forward since there was not enough head room. What was Honda thinking with this limited back seat ?

    This was a deal breaker. Many of my friends are 6-0 or more and that would be intolerable to them.

    4. Test drive. Not too far, about 5 miles or a tad more. For the city part, it performed well, not great nor did I expect it to for a hybrid. Trying to push it some, the engine sounded course, some what loud over my 09 Civic Automatic.

    If it was not for the back seating issue and the cheap looking dash where the NAV would go, I would have purchase it then and there.

    Will now take a wait and see on any rumored 2011 Civic, Civic Hybrid, Fit Hybrid or go with the Toyota 2010 Prius that will hold larger passengers in the back, but of course it will cost about 4 thousand or more for it.
  • OK, after some thought and much drinking, I went ahead and took another test drive and now reporting an update from above earlier post, which reported I did not like (A deal breaker) the lack of good rear seating, I went ahead and bought the 2010 Insight today.

    The second test drive gave me some more confidence that even with a tight rear seating after adjusting the front seat a bit more that it was tolerable for some of my family and friends, not to mention not wanting to pay at least 5 grand more for the Prius.

    I got the White Pearl EX no Nav with the added front fog lamps that really make it stand out more over the none fog lights.
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    Which model of Insight II did you get? The LX, EX, or EX with Navi? Quite possibly there are major differences between the three models regarding the operation of door locks, windows and such.
    Many, many times these nuances get lost in translation.
    An LX may not offer the adaptability that either or one ( EX w/Navi ) of the other models does.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Because franko1 states he bought the EX no Navi and I also stated I bought the EX no Navi?
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    How is the Prius 5 grand more? You can get one for 21k including delivery.
  • Three days with the Insight EX.

    First day I immediately went to the gas station to top it off very early in the morning, then drove about three miles back home. I registered on the insight about 54 mpg. Only one stop light during those short three miles and did use the Econ button thingy. Very impressed.

    Now city driving only for two days, early morning, no traffic 1/2 mile to and 1/2 mile back from the bank or store, driving normally, no hypermiling stuff, just normal. Not enough time to warm up the engine, so did not expect great numbers. I got about 34/36 mpg in those two days.

    One has to conclude ( Common sense ) that you get lower mpg no matter what car you drive, not having the car warmed up and just a very short drive.

    Had a 09 Civic Auto with Nav, got 25/26 mpg on a 4 mile to and from work city only. Soon retired and drove that 1/2 mile to and 1/2 mile back driving stuff and got 17 mpg. See how it works ?

    Fabric is on par with the Civic I owned back in 06, my 09 had leather. Unknown how well it will keep nor does anyone else, so don't let others con you into believing it is junk.

    Upkeep after the warranty remark by vaga should not have been stated. He, I, and no one else has a clue as to any upkeep after the warranty. Do not have a Crystal ball, but I hope it will last a good while.

    The car is nice, could be much better, and will be when in 5 years time the full make over arrives as with any new model.

    Regarding the about 5 grand more, let me clarify this. The brand new Prius still the price has not been announced, will cost about 5 grand more for the Level 3 which will include a big mark up as I have experienced, not any where near 21 or 22 grand. The Insight, at one dealer I visited, is going for $1,000 over MSRP for the LX and $2,000 over MSRP for the EX. I paid just slighty under MSRP for my EX since I am a long time buyer from this dearlership.

    Toyota dearlerships have been known to pump up the price on a brand new model year unless you are lucky. Don't know where you got the $21,000 or so price for a 2010 Prius since pricing is not out yet, so I will forgive you on that one. And no, I will not compare prices on a 2009 model, only between a 2010 Insight and a 2010 Prius to keep it simple.
  • rookie60rookie60 Posts: 39
    $21,000 for the Prius??? I agree with vagabondchef. Toyota lists the 2009 Prius as $22,000 plus $750 for destination ($22,750). If you want cruise and vehicle stability control, it comes to $24,125. Prices go up to $27,275, ACCORDING TO TOYOTA. Obviously, the 2010 model will be more. Toyota knows that they are more expensive than the Insight. It is a more complicated system. That is also why they are saying they are going to make another cheaper model (maybe the Yaris as a hybrid) to complete in price with the Insight. I think the Toyota is a better car (arguably). I just can't deal with the terrible dash and the slit for the speedo.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    The car is nice, could be much better, and will be when in 5 years time the full make over arrives as with any new model.

    I doubt Honda will take 5 years to tweak the Insight. From what I have seen in the past they will find out from consumers what issues crop up the most and resolve them. I think they should have offered the same interior options as they do on the Civic. Let's be honest the Civic parts bin is overflowing as it is and it's cost effective to use Civic interior parts. The Civic has a good interior considering the cost. They are already using the steering wheel, etc...
    I expect minor changes each year until the 2015 model comes out. Toyota has done the same with the Prius.
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