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2009 VW Passat CC



  • Great advice!

    We see this complaint frequently, on a variety of makes/models - the stock tires are lousy. I have the same poor tires on my Escape, making for a noisy ride. The only reason they haven't been replaced is that I don't drive all that much, so I can't justify (to myself) replacing tires with perfectly good tread life.

    If you really hate the handling and road noise, do as discoman suggested. Get better tires. Not a very glamorous purchase, but well worth the investment.

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  • Could the tire issues be model related? I have a 2009 VR6 4Motion and have not had any issues.
  • I'm sure they are!

    Some models and model years get better tires than others. I can't tell you why the manufacturer chooses lousy tires or good tires, other than the explanation by discoman - they have a contract, and for some manufacturers the contract includes good OEM tires, and other manufacturers (or models, or years) it's crappy tires.

    So-so tires on a new vehicle is a good way for manufacturers to cut costs. It's kind of like buying a new house with great fixtures and fittings, then finding out the dishwasher is a crappy base model. Manufacturers often choose to skimp in areas where the customer won't notice til they've taken ownership.

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  • ugurugur Posts: 1
    Hello There
    I bought a 2012 model Passat CC 1.8T. Unfortunately I have the same issue. Workshop says it is normal because there is mechanical box in engine compartment and this is DSG standard. I do not believe that German will have this technology and make something like this disturbing. Whenever I accelerate that noise is amazingly disturbance. Also when I pass from humps i have the similar crack kind of noise and irritating. You buy a 2012 car and have noise issue.

    I want to sell but I get very less price so must keep for some time. Life...
  • I have noticed the same thing. I have owned my 2012 cc lux plus for about a month and I have come very close to rear ending the car in front me several times in rush hour traffic. The car doesn't come to a halt until the brake pedal is all the way to the floor.....I am getting used to it.
  • I have a 12 CC, 11 Jetta and 08 Jetta. On the 08 Jetta i replaced the front rotors with slotted rotors and Hawk HPS pads. These made a world of difference on bite. The brake pedal still has a fair bit of movement (still gotta press it all the way) but now when it does start to bite, it bites hard.

    The way the stock, from factory, setup is on VW's I think the squishy pedal is just something you have to get used to. My daily driver is a 12 mazdaspeed3 and that bites right away the pedal is firm and whenever i drive one of the VW's the brake pedal travel distance always amazes me....for owners, think of it as a VW quirk!
  • My cc is only a month old. I live in Florida, and so far we have had a couple of 80 degree days. The cc took for ever to cool down. My last car was a 2006 Jag x-type, it too took for ever to cool down. I am pretty disappointed, I was hoping that with a brand new car I wouldn't have this issue. Pretty soon it will be in 90's every day. My other car is a 2012 Ford Escape, that car is a damn ice box, it cools down in a few minutes, even with a sun roof and black leather.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,653
    You may have a problem.

    I drove the CC when it first came out and thought the AC was amazing (central TX); I assume nothing has changed.

    Maybe your body temp doesn't sync up with the AC temp :confuse: since you mentioned not having enough AC in your old car...maybe you need to keep it at 68 (or so)

    Was the fan at full speed? Not certain if the CC can turn the AC off manually (assume so)...maybe your "auto" was on but the AC was off.

    I can understand the'd expect everything to be perfect on a new car (especially since this isn't the 1st year) it's hard to test the AC performance in Jan.

    My next car must have cooled seats (love the ones in the CTS); nothing worse than a freezing forehead and sweaty back :)
  • Has anyone had any issues with getting A.M. radio stations? Mine are not working. I am going to take it in to a dealer here pretty quick but just wanted to see if anyone else has had this same issue. On another note, I have a 2009 CC VR6 Sport and am wondering if anyone has any reccomendations on an IPOD auxillary connection that is affordable and convenient to purchase from somewhere like best buy/ radio shack/ etc...Thanks!
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Has anyone else out there had issues with the EGC light coming on. and shows a ! symbol in the lower left corner of the readout and the cruise control doesn't work. After shutting down the car and re-starting it it worked fine. Something similar happened a couple of months ago where the EGC light came on, had a loss of power and had to limp home. I also had the Check engine light (Amber) on at the same time. The next day I was going to take it to VW but the EGC light was not lit, but still check engine. Later after shutting it down at work, when I went to leave for VW the check engine was no longer lit, EGC not lit, and everything functioned normal. I called VW and they said if there were no indicators lit there was nothing they could check. I have a 2009 CC Luxe with 47K miles on it. :sick:
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,653
    That sounds real annoying...

    I'd take a picture (video) with my mobile phone...then take it to them and say "see...pretend it's on now and let me know what you discover"

    I had a similar problem with the MIL...they replaced the O2 sensor, but then it came back again. It turned out to be the gas cap wasn't being tightened enough.
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Yeah, the problem is that as I was on the phone with them, they told me if there wer eno indicators lit, it meant it was likely just a glitch in the computer, and that once I shut it down and the computer reset, it cleared the fault. If the fault didn't reoccur then there was no code to troubleshoot, and therefore they were going to have to charge me a diagnostic fee if they couldn't find anything. Also I forgot to mention after letting it sit overnight, when I started it up in the morning and drove off, my wife said she found 2 carbon circles on the floor of the garage under where the engine was. The tech told me that it could be that once I re-started the car the waste gate on the turbo likely purged and the carbon may have been buildup that was causing the problem. Once that purged the problem went away. I don't know if I believe him, or he is feeding me a line of BS. He asked me if I had used cheap gas. I told him no, I only use Premium and usually Shell or Chevron.
  • joelk01joelk01 Posts: 39
    One of the issues for me with the CC is the position of the air vents. They seem to be about as far away from you as they can be. There are too few of them and they are small. That was my main concern when I looked at owning one in 2010.
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    I find the best is to turn on the floor, dashboard, and defrost vents all at the same time. Also make sure you turn on the recirculate button. That way you get the maximum airflow thoughout the vehicle. As least until you cool it down. Part of the problem is with all the window glass the dashboard gets really hot. If you only have the dashboard vents on, you can have all the cold air in the world blowing in your face, but if the dashboard itself is hot, it will keep the hot air at head level so it stil feels hot in the car, and takes longer to cool. Keep in mind hot air rises, and cold air falls. So the floor vents help keep some cold air low in the car, so the dashboard air doesn't all go to your feet, it stays higher. Then the dashboard vents cool at head/body level, and the Defogger vents cool the windows and dashboard itself. I have found it really cuts down on how long it takes to cool the car in the hot sun. I have the Island Grey, which is practically black and don't have a problem.
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    OMG! To prove my point I just endedup getting new tires for my 09 CC at 48K. The factory Continentals were down to the wear bars. I put on Goodyear Eagle GT's, and immediately noticed the difference. It's like driving a different car. Handling was good before, now it's outstanding. Noise is lower, and it feels like it's running on rails. even on wet pavement. More comfortable too. Not advertising for GY, just saying any good quality High Performance all season tire is probably going to be better. :shades:
  • mjs04mjs04 Posts: 2
    I just had this same thing happen to me in the 2009 VW CC yesterday afternoon. I was driving the car and made a u-turn when the car acted like it was going to stop and seemed like it wasn't getting any gas. I proceeded to drive into a nearby parking lot and discovered that the EGC light was on. I turned the car off and opened up the manual and read that if the EGC light came on the driver should take it to an authorized VW dealership A.S.A.P. I discovered that I had been inadvertently driving with the cruise control knob activated and immediately turned that off before restarting the car. Once I did that the EGC light was no longer on but I decided to take it to the local VW dealership anyway. I explained the situation to a VW service representative and the fact that I had inadvertently been driving with the cruise control knob turned on when this happened. I was told that that had no bearing on the situation and that no dignostic testing could be done because the EGC light was no longer on. The VW service technician told me to return with the car if/when the EGC light came back on and stayed on as that's the only way the car's computer could be analyzed to determine what the issue was. I've only put premium gas in the car and it has low mileage (less than 6000).
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    Buying tires never feels like a glamorous purchase, but it eases the pain when it makes SUCH a difference. I had to replace mine in January and had the same issue - lousy factory Continentals. And, I had the same result as you've had (though mine are a different brand, can't remember which). It can really increase your overall satisfaction with the vehicle.

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  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    I know. It's the damnedest thing. I have not had the same problem repeat itself. But I always remain wary of it. It did happen once with the EGC but not the loss of power. I turned the car off and i was fine. I wonder if the 2009 needs a computer upgrade?? It happened at a time I was taking my son to the airport and I had to turn around and drive 10 miles home to switch cars. My problem is the nearest vw dealer is 50 miles away. I did find out that I was able to get up to hwy speed by shifting manually. However the cruise control will not operate if there isw an egc light or any other type of warning in the comoputer display that shows a ! symbol.
  • mjs04mjs04 Posts: 2
    I own a 2009 VW CC that has very low mileage (6500). Last week I noticed that my car felt like it was driving itself rather than me controlling it. I went to make a U-Turn and the car bogged down even though I was giving it gas. Then it took off fast after I'd removed my foot from the gas pedal. I then noticed the EPC light came on and I immediately drove into a parking lot and pulled out the owner's manual to see what this meant. The manual advised that I should go to the nearest authorized VW service center which I proceeded to do. By the time I reached the VW dealership the EPC light was off and the service technician told me there was nothing he could do as the computer would not register what had happened without the EPC light being on. He suggested I return to the dealership if/when the EPC light came back on. The next day I contacted VW directly as I didn't like the idea of just waiting to see if the EPC light would come back on. I was instructed to make an appointment with the local VW dealership and bring the car back in, which I subsequently did. As luck would have it, while en route to the VW dealership the EPC light came on and stayed on. Upon my arrival to the dealership I left the car running and the VW technician analyzed it and determined that there was a service bulletin regarding throttle problems with the CCs. I was given a rental vehicle and the special parts were ordered from VW. I think that anyone who's had the EPC light on better have their nearest VW dealership check for a service bulletin regarding throttle problems with CCs.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,653
    That seems very odd to me...I'd think they could tell what service bulletins the car has had based on the VIN. All my service is tagged to my VIN (Lexus), so they should have been the one contacting you scheduling an appointment to have the work done.
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