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2009 VW Passat CC



  • i am looking at an 09 now but do not see the dvd screen in it so will probably look to get a 2010.

    in order to get the best price, where do i look these days? they are offering $9k off the 09 right up front, that would do it for me to buy it fast (probably) if i could get the same price on the 10.

    chris, rochester ny
  • what are they offering for a 2010 off the sticker and what is your location?

    i just started shopping & will not buy until i have gotten the best possible price. i would get an 09 but there are none i can find in my location with the dvd screen.

    chris, rochester ny area
  • haven't really considered the 2010 because they seem to be pushing the $10,000 off of the 2009 (or $6000 off with 0% financing), which seems to be a great deal. The only real difference in the 2010 seems to be the touch screen stereo and bluetooth standard. I'm assuming that the $10,000 is coming off of MSRP??

    It seems like you really need to purchase these cars for them to be worth it as the lease offers don't seem that great. Does anyone know the money factor for the 2009 2.0t lease. My dealer is giving me some very wide varying numbers on the lease.

  • sorry, i am in boston....
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,419
    The 2010 comes with a 6 speed DSG transmission and the 2009 had a 6 speed Tiptronic. The DSG is one of the smoothest auto shifters out there, and because it is really a manual transmission shifted via computer, it gets better mpg than the Tiptronic. However, saving $6 to 10K has its merit as well.
  • Chris,

    I was offered a 2010 w/dsg sticker 29,400 with an internet offer from Dorschel for 27,700 plus taxes. This is close to sticker. They said this must be a clean deal. I'm not sure if I will wait until spring or summer, but the car great. Hope this helps.
  • Can someone give me the lease figures for a 2009 CC LUX with chrome tips, dynaudio, bluetooth. 36 months 15,000 miles
  • Question. Well first off sorry to hear about the bulbs. Bad batch maybe? I havent had problem one. I was wondering if you had the fog lamp bulb #'s? Or the DRL's? I am a little annoyed that i can not run the fog lamps without the headlights. Sometimes i like the DRL and fog lamp look. I would like to swap out the Fog lamp bulbs and DRL's for some that look "bluer" or similar to the main head lights. Looks funky to me with the "blue heads and "yellow" old school fogs.
  • Hey lucky CC owners. I was wondering if there was a way to have the conveniance package upgraded after purchase? What I want is to add on the automatic window/ moonroof to auto close or open as advertised in manual if you have a package? Is this a simple software upgarade that the dealer can do?.
  • When it rains water is been retained in the doors and when you open them you get your feet wet when it comes pouring out.
    I have taken the car 3 times to dealers for service and they still have been unble to correct it. At first the service managers had never heard of the problem and after speaking to VW they finally admit that there is a design flaw but still unanble to correct it. The last time they had the car for 2 weeks. Question I have is when there is water and you live in Atlanta and the temp dropped, what happens to the working of the doors and windows.
    Has anyone had and experiance with the lemon law in Georgia? :sick:
  • Just got the end of the month call...quoted price is now 26,880 and 2k for my 2002 jeep liberty w/170K....May have to deal this Monday....
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    Is this for a new 2010 CC or a 2009? What is the MSRP? Does the "26,800" include destination and/or dealer prep? If not, what are those charges? Thanx!
  • This price included destination and $1000 from VW to dealer incentive. This offer was good through Monday 30.2009. I haven't sat down and made a deal yet, so I
    don't know if there are any additional fees other than tx,title and license. I am looking at a 2010 model. I would think the two 2009 models left on the lot would generate a better deal, but they are missing a few features over the 2010 model. hope this helps.
    PS: They also have 1.9% interest rate through January 1,2010.
  • I continue to have 1 rear bulb going on and off and the sensor indicates as such on the dash dsiplay. I told my dealer it cannot be the bulb if it keeps going on and off, but they insisted it was and simply replaced the bulb. Day later, the sensor was on again, bulb out - next day, all is fine. Now... the dealer says they will replace the socket. I am worried about the wire to that one bulb!
  • I have a 2009 CC - 4 cyl manual trans. I noticed about 3 months after owning it, there was some "coughing / sputtering" softly underfoot when stopped at a light. Very intermittent mild hesitation that went away in a few days, but the occassional sputter while stopped at the light continued. NUMEROUS complaints to dealer: 1) said it was nothing, 2) said it was the throttle sensor error as if I had just stalled the car (well, I hadn't "just" stalled it, but had stalled about a handful of times since owning), 3) then finally said the throttle valve motor was occasionally sticking - replaced the motor about a 3 weeks ago and it has been fine! (although I have fortunately not stalled the car since, too). Hope this helps.
  • I have a 2009 CC 4 cyl manual. If I purchase methanol free gasoline, I get a few MPG higher. I commute 26 miles one-way to work - mostly highway and interstate 50-70 mph: I will average up to 34 mpg in the morning (no a/c) and about 28-30 mpg in the afternoon (a/c cranked + heavier traffic). Around town (small town), I will get more like 27-29 mpg. If I put the cruise on the "sweet spot" of about 55-60 mph, I can get up to 38 mpg - any faster or slower, mpg drops.
  • Scamp479 did you ever receive an answer this issue i too am looking to add this feature especially after reading it in the owners manual. I did talked with the dealership and they say they are not allowed to activate the key, it is only authorized in Germanay, but they said it is often done by outside sources. i have yet to find anyone that knows how to program the key to perform this funciton
  • I, too, have a 2010 CC - 4 cyl manual trans. I am noticing a slight sputter/light shaking, again as mentioned almost like starting to stall.

    I have not stalled my car in the month I've had it, so that has not caused it. I am going to see if it gets worse over the next little while and also try to notice if it happens at particular times. I may put a call to the dealer that I think something is up and see what they have to say.
  • Can i get the lease rates for a 2009 cc lux with dynaudio, rear airbags, chrome tips for 36/39 months 15,000 (the price they are quoting for the car right now is 29,500) but there is also this $3,000 cash incentive for leasing I found on the edmunds site, can you explain how all that works and how i negoiate it into the deal, thanks they're offer 0% for 60 months too so i'm just trying to figure out the best deal.
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    My wife and I just purchased our third VW. On Saturday, my wife picked up a 2009 VW CC VR6 at a steep discount as it was the last 2009 VR6 the dealer had. It was 10K off MSRP.

    At the closing table, after much back and forth, we agreed to get the extended maintenance agreement. This is the VW-backed Extended Vehicle Protection Plan: Platinum Coverage. We got it for $1750 with 0% financing over 18 months with the right to cancel it w/o any penalty in the first 30 days. The first offer on the warranty was at $2500. I don't know how much lower they'd have gone, but I think that was near "bottom."

    I am wondering what experiences others have had with this program. If there's a specific VW forum for this, please let me know. I looked but couldn't find one. Looking at what it does not cover (brake pads, rotors, cv boots), those are the major things we had fail during the ownership of our 1999 V6 Passat (which we are keeping -- 150K miles...still going strong).

    The finance guy, whose been with this dealer for over 10 years, said he'd seen a number of cases where the warranty had paid for half-shaft replacement after CV boot failure. But normally, if the axle had not failed, the replacement of the boot would be my issue. Of course, in the past, the maintenance people always just recommended replacement the entire half-shaft rather than just the boot. Has anyone on this board had a half-shaft replaced under this warranty after a CV joint failed when the boot had broken? It's just that I see this item as something we might actually get replaced under this warranty, so that's why I am curious.

    Outside of these questions, the wife LOVES the CC. It really is a hot looking car, and she was already turning heads today when she was out on the road. We had been looking at Audi and Infiniti, but we got such a deal on this VR6, we couldn't pass it up. Yeah, it's a 2009 and not a 2010, but it's got everything she wanted. It DOES NOT have NAV or backup camera, but she's fine with that.

    Anyway, thanks for your help.
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