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2009 VW Passat CC



  • skr2skr2 Posts: 32
    2009 CC Sport 2.0 (i think they have 1 left in my area) and 2010 CC Sport 2.0
    any suggestions for buying prices for the above would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions..
  • twvwtwvw Posts: 2
    My first cc luxury was totaled with just 1800 miles on it. It was parked in our attached garage when a drunk driver drove up our driveway and through our garage door. We live on a cul-de-sac in the country. Go figure. If I could sent pictures I would. The front of our car was push through the back wall of our garage into our family room. We also had a 1998 z3 parked in the garage. It also took a bit of a beating. We have since had the house and bmw repaired and have replaced the cc with a new 2009 cc luxury model. When we purchased the new cc there was an additional $2000 incentive so that was something good that came out of this mess.
    We enjoy the cc and have not had any problems with this vehicle or the other before the wreck.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    And was the drunk driver repaired? :shades:
  • twvwtwvw Posts: 2
    The drunk driver backed out of the garage and took off. He was caught about 4 miles away. He didn't need repairing but, I'm sure he would be happy to know that you are so concerned.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Well, ya know, repairing him might require such things as jail time, breathalyzer control on his car, payment for all damages, court ordered therapy...
  • Regarding post 151 - do any of the rest of you have this problem with the CC? Is this isolated or a real issue? I am going to test drive today and if this is true - it is a deal breaker. Comparing to TSX. Love the way the CC looks and love what I've read about fit / finish. Your CC's look great folks!
  • Really impressed with fit/ finish of the automobile. Didn't realize that free routine maintenance for first 36 months. Car felt like my old Audi TT or a 2009 MB C300 that I recently drove. I did notice a kind of sputtering at a stoplight when I let my foot off the brake. The sales rep noticed it to and said it wasn't normal. I have read a couple of posts about it and it makes me a little concerned that a car with 49 miles on the clock would do this. Hoping that he can talk to service on Monday and find out that it's nothing. Car was an automatic and had all weather mats in the trunk and the IPOD interface as far as options and they had a "no haggle" price on it of $28,756. Definitely a contender to the Acura TSX. Got it narrowed down these two for now.
  • vwkzvwkz Posts: 1
    I bought a CC sport MT in July and paid 25,250+TTF for a car with chrome exhaust tips, and the mat kit. I've loved having the car, but do wish I had the new radio in the 2010, but it wasn't worth waiting especially with the price the dealer was willing to do.

    I know they had better prices in October/November, but oh well. If you can find a '10 without the badging on the trunk go for it!
  • matokmatok Posts: 3
    Hi "vwkz",

    Could you please explain the difference in the 2010 CC with and without badging on the trunk?

    Thank you!
  • I need lease figures for a 2009 cc lux with chrome tips and bluetooth 36 months 15,000 miles. Tomorrow is the last day i can get this deal.
  • azbratazbrat Posts: 1
    I purchased my 09 CC Lux back in Jan 09. I love my car! But have had numerous problems with it.

    1) DRL indicator seems to work when it wants to. I leave my lights on the "Automatic" and have taken it to the dealer 3x already since the DRL indicator comes on and off when it wants to. The dealer schooled me on when I am in a tunnel or when night comes. Yes, I know how the DRL works but to no avail has this been fixed. I know have to video when this happens to show the dealer that there is an issue with this problem.

    2) I've had the "rear tail out" appear on my dash 2x now and had the bulb replaced shortly after purchasing my car.

    3) Now there is a separation from the metal trim piece right above the steering column from the tan plastic. The metal trim piece has been replaced but the separation from metal trim piece and plastic is still there. Also I have started to hear a very loud rattling sound from the the instrument cluster/dash area and that's when the metal trim piece was replaced but the rattle is still there.

    Has other CC owners experienced these problems like I have?

  • I leased a 2010 VW CC Sport 2.0 Manual in November 11, 2009. Black/Black with CC "Protection" package (aka chrome pipes, mat in trunk, and splash guard)

    1) I have NO issue with the water "pouring" out the doors -- in fact, I don't have any water leaking anywhere.

    2) I had a slight issue with a sputter/coughing with the car when I first got it. I have not noticed it over the last few weeks at all, and when I was feeling it, I figured it out that it was happening when the car was running cold.

    3) My final numbers are (Pennsylvania Lease) = $333.46 INCLUDING lease tax (9% in suburban PA). My dealer was very aggressive on the CC, and to make the deal, bought me out of a lease on a Lexus IS 250 with 4 months left at $500 a month, PLUS plowed in $1,300 toward the new car. I basically came out on top on a car I didn't even own - no other dealer would make this offer. I wrote a check for $500 at signing.

    4) TSX vs CC: I was also stuck between the TSX and the CC (which sounds like most people on this forum end up between these two). I am probably out of the normal range of the posters on this form, age 30 Female, as it appears this is more of a "guys" car in the 2.0 manual, and purchased more for the "wife" if the V6 auto.

    Anyways...Ultimately, it came down to overall drive and interior appointments, and of course, price. I was leasing either way, and I was definitely getting Manual Trans. I had ruled out both the BMW 3 and Audi A4, based on what I felt to be less value for the $$.

    I thought the TSX drove well with the MT, but the drive of the CC could not be beat. I also felt the TSX lacked a bit of..."something" on the all felt very plastic-y to me. Don't get me wrong, The TSX interior is nice, beautiful leather, but everything else just seemed like black plastic. It didn't seem to match the outside of a good-looking car.

    I kept going back to the CC. The whole package is a "looker" when on the road and I LOVE the touch screen radio - what a great addition for 2010 and the scheduled maintenance (PLUS state inspection AND emission from my dealer for 3 years complimentary) was unmatch-able. My CC is badged on the back with the CC 2.0T, and I don't mind it. I thought I was going to and was going to have the dealer remove it, but it blends nicely with the rest of the chrome and so it stays.

    Hope you all are enjoying your CC's (sorry to hear about your loss to a drunk driver...that sucks) and to those on the TSX/CC fence, make the jump to CC.
  • The "Badging" on the 2010 CC is simply that the back of the car says "CC" on the left lower side of the trunk and "2.0T" on the right lower side of the trunk. The letters are approx 0.75" high and done in chrome.

    In 2009, VW did not "badge" the car with "CC" or "2.0T" on the trunk, so from the back the car only has the VW symbol on the trunk.

    I was aware of this change for 2010, and I thought I was going to really hate the badging on the back but it's fine and goes with the rest of the chrome trim.

    If you really do not like it, most dealers will remove it free of charge -- my dealer offered to if I wanted it gone. I barely notice it.

    Get the 2010 - the touch screen radio is great! The badge can get taken care of if you don't like it.
  • I just purchased a 2010 CC and I'm very happy with it. It came with the optional iPod adaptor in the glove box. My only complaint is that I get a little "hiccup" at the beginning of every song on the iPod. This is especially noticeable with albums where songs seemlessly transition (ie - "Dark Side of the Moon"). I brought it in to the dealer and they said they couldn't hear the problem, but that was because they were skipping from one song to the next. You have to let the songs transition to hear the issue. Has anyone else experienced this - and do you know of a fix?
  • I have a 09 Luxury CC with the nav and Mdi unit for the ipod and had the same problem, hiccups at the beginning of songs. My dealer replaced the Mdi unit in the glove box. This took care of the problem.Hope this helps. Jim
  • I am thinking of replacing the stock Halogen Lamps with Silverstar Ultra lamps. I had then in my Dodge Charger and they made a big improvement. Has anybody tried this yet? Thanks Jim
  • Thanks Jim! This helps immensely.
  • kerbkerb Posts: 86
    Dear Pat & Karens:

    Could you kindly provide the current MF and Residual for the above referenced car based on 36/10, 36/12, 39/10 and 39/12. Are there any incentives or marketing support?

    Many Thanks,

  • ccguyccguy Posts: 5
    Hello everyone,

    Got a 2.0T CC Sport in November 09. When I step on the throttle (around 2k rpm) I can hear hissing noise, some kind of vacuum-like air flow from the engine compartment. the noise eases out as the speed picks up.

    I didn't notice this untill last week. did any of the CC owners notice this?


  • ccguyccguy Posts: 5
    Hello everyone,

    Got a 2.0T CC Sport in November 09. When I step on the throttle (around 2k rpm) I can hear hissing noise, some kind of vacuum-like air flow from the engine compartment. the noise eases out as the speed picks up.

    I didn't notice this untill last week. did any of the CC owners notice this?


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