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02 town and country power sliding door



  • bruno_nbruno_n Posts: 1
    Left rear door on '08 Town and Country will not open or close when using keyless entry, button on driver's overhead controls, or button just inside the door. The window to that left rear door will not roll down and if the door is open, that is not indicated on the dashboard. Any information on what could be causing this or helpful tips as to a remedy would be greatly appreciated!
  • bugman715bugman715 Posts: 1
    2006 T&C sliding door on drivers side wont unlock either with the remote or manually, so how do I get it to unlock ???
  • This is a very common and widely known issue with Dodge Grand Caravans. I have had mine repaired twice and now neither door can open and is not even able to be opened up on the inside. This is a major safety concern that should have been recalled a long time ago. I feel that a law firm should get a hold of this and file a Class Action Lawsuit against Dodge. Inoperable doors that open automatically or cannot be opened from the inside is a significant known flaw and major safety issue. I will never buy a Dodge after owning this Caravan. They also have major issues with brake wear, power steering issues, and other unacceptable engineering issues. But the doors should be considered a safety recall and Class Action Lawsuit.
  • lschalklschalk Posts: 5
    edited July 2012
    I am glad to say that I traded in my Dodge Caravan!!! I too will never have a Dodge vehicle again! It took me several tries to get my van doors fixed, and it only worked for three months! The customer Service told me that they did all they could do to try to fix it!!I keep it until it got payed off, then traded it for a new non Dodge vehicle. Had troubles with brakes pedal and windows too! I too think that the doors are the main safety issue. Most diffently needs to have a recall on the doors! I feel for anyone you has to deal with the Dodge Customer Service. They are not easy to deal with! :( I almost forgot. I have had two other friends have problems with their Dodge van doors, and they have traded their vans in too!
  • have 08 T & c touring and the fuel modular went out. any other people having this problem? also i noticed that there a lot of brake issues. any recommended parts that I can buy?????
  • seer1seer1 Posts: 2
    I am sorry for all the problems expressed above. My 2003 T & C is doing well, so far, in the areas discussed. However, I have a problem that it seems has happened only to my van. The "drive cable" broke into. i parked on an incline, set the door in motion to open, and the cable just snapped into. Must have already been frayed, and the extra weight popped it, I suppose. My problem is, how to install the new cable. If anyone has done so, and can provide info as to how to get to the channels and route the cable--a schematic would be nice--and, warning about any pitfalls or difficulties, I would greatly appreciate it.
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