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2009 Maxima Problems

I have a beautiful shiny black $35,000 Maxima (800 miles) sitting in the garage that can't be driven with confidence due to "check engine" light. Three times in three weeks to dealer service with no resolution. Major buyers remorse here. On Monday I'm contacting Nissan to formally request a refund so I can purchase a reliable car. Yes, I know, good luck with that.


  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    did this problem ever get resolved? what was the outcome? Hope things turned out for the best.
  • Very unfortunate that you have to go through this; but unfortunatly, all car manufacturers are prone to making a few lemons hence The Lemon Law. Maybe you may be an unfortunate recipient. I've have my 09 Max since 7/11 now with 3,800 miles on it I have nothing but great experiences with the car. I hope the dealer will make things right for you.
  • The dealer kept the car for four days and did every test. It looks like it was a simple fix. The third gas cap seems to have done the trick. We just came back from a 1300 mile trip with no issues. A very respectable 27.7 mpg (90% highway).
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135

    I have the technology package on my 2009 Maxima and have noticed a couple of minor problems.

    1) You have to hit the "Nearby Traffic Info" button multiple times to get into the traffic information view.
    2) Once you do get into viewing the traffic information, if there are more than 5 traffic entries (the number of entries you can see on 1 screen), you cannot scroll beyond the first 5 entries! Yet, the bottom of the screen will show something like 1/8 entries. You can never see items 6 thru 8!
    3) When you ask to view nearby places such as restaurants, gas stations, etc..., you never see more the 5 entries.

    Does anyone else with the Nav package on the 2009 Maxima see these problems??
  • goochgooch Posts: 13
    The fact that you cannot scroll beyond the first 5 entries (for any of the lists that have more than 5 entries) is a 'safety' function of the navigation system. If you want to scroll past the number of entries shown on the screen, the car cannot be moving. Inconvenient for sure if you have a passenger that can mess with the nav when you drive.
  • I've know that with some Nissan vehicles, if the gas cap is not tight or left off by mistake, this could generate a check engine fault and takes a few days to reset itself.
  • vinnievinnie Posts: 10
    Glad to see you have the problemn fixed. As soon as I read your post I said to myself "I guarantee it's either a loose or faulty gas cap." Most manufacturers have this safety feature built in.

    Even if they hadn't found it to be a gas cap, I don't think the Lemon Law would apply since there were no actual mechanical failures or extended loss of use due to the car being in the shop nor did you incur an out of pocket expense for repair.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I'll be leasing a new car in a month or two and I'm giving serious consideration to the 09 Maxima SV without sports and premium packages; I have read conflicting review about the suspension on the base SV; some say the maxima without the sports package has a comfortable/controlled ride that gives the car a luxury feel yet I've read other critics say the ride is overly firm and stiff especially on rough pavement and causes some bumps and jarring into the steering wheel/seats/etc; I doubled checked to make sure they were talking about the SV without the sports package (which I know gives you a sports suspension); I was hoping if anyone with a 09 Maxima SV without the sports package has found the suspension/ride to be a major problem for them and that is is really uncomfortable/harsh over rough pavement?
  • strehlowstrehlow Posts: 15
    I have a small, stupid, yet irritating problem. At least twice a day when I have my keys and key fob in my pocket, I bend over or get into my 09 Maxima and accidently trigger the panic alarm. It's embarrassing and annoying. I tried to find a way to deactivate the alarm but Nissan says you can't. I love the keyless start and want to be able to carry my keys in my pocket without setting off the alarm every time I move. Any suggestions?
  • rsazmanrsazman Posts: 4
    Have had my Premium w/Tech for 2 1/2 months, no issues. The Sport has a very noticeable difference in ride. I came out of an Infiniti M35 w/o Sport, and the Maxima ride is comparable.
  • I'm having the exact same issue, but the dealer can't seem to find a way to duplicate the problem with the car sitting in their garage, so they won't replace the gas cap. How did your dealer actual PROVE that the gas cap is faulty, which is what Nissan is requiring them to do for it to be covered under warranty?????
  • Is there a way to over-ride the navigation on the 2009 Maxima so that you can select destination while the car is moving? My 2007 Acura TL allowed entries while under way but I can't seem to do this in the Maxima.
  • vananjvananj Posts: 7
    The same thing happen on my NEW 2009 Nissan Altima Nav. I haven't had time to read the huge manual to see if it is a setting. Keep me posted as I will do the same.
  • I have a 2009 maxima S model with 2,000 miles on it and I noticed that if I go over a speed bump or a not so great road I can hear a loud poping noise coming from the right side. I got home and found that there is going to be a recall for 26,398 on 09-10 Altimas and Maximas for the strut rod coming out of its mounting position and increasing the risk of a crash. I took it to the dealer and sure enough the tech took the car for a ride and heard the noise as well. He said that this was the 4th car with the same problem. The servise advisor made a copy of the article and told me that they can't do anything until the recall comes out on Oct 5th. Has any one else had this problem?
  • My wife's 2009 Maxima S had to have the front struts replaced due to popping noises. She had about 1800 miles on it when the noises started. They did fix it under warranty. Yesterday the car started what sounds like a spring scraping coming from the front somewhere along the steering column. We take it in Monday. I talked with a former service manager for the local Nissan dealer and he said that Altimas and Maximas have had a strut problem going back several year, but yet they still use the same struts from a parts manufacturer that apparantly are no good. Makes you wonder.
  • I used to experience this problem as well, but it rarely occurs now. If I'm wearing jeans, i put the key fob in the fob pocket (small pocket on right) of my jeans. The trick though is to have the buttons facing your leg and the back of the key fob facing outwards. This makes it a bit harded to accidentally hit one of the buttons. Give it a shot.
  • Thanks for the idea. I bought a rubber cover for the fob that was designed for it and that seems to help a bit. I still set it off once in a while but it is probably half the amount it used to be. Maybe I am just being more careful too.......
  • I have a 2009 Maxima SV (no sports, or premium). I would describe the ride as comfortable and controlled. Over uneven, rough, or bumpy roads I have not foudn the ride jarring. The CVT took some time to get used to, but now its a pleasure as it makes the ride smoother.

    My only compliant, is the Maxima does not appear to handle as well as many reviews state. I find, during hard driving or sharp turns, the ride to be "floaty" as if the car is not firmly planted to the road. I think this is because the steering is not as response nor as heavy as my Acura TSX.
  • You can set a destination while driving. You just need to use the voice recognition system. Hit the voice recognition button - the system gives you the choices (if set in the standard mode). Say "Navigation". Then just follow the prompts. Here's an online link to the proper section of the nav owners manual.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi, I have had a 2010 Max SV for about a month now and my family noticed when sitting in the back seat that the radio or music box when playing sounds distant and a little bit hard to hear; upon playing around with the balance and shifting to the rear setting only found that low volume muffled audio is coming out of the speakers on the two back door speakers near the floor and that the two big Bose speakers located in the rear window housing have no audio coming out of them at all, only bass; dealer said that all speakers are working properly and that the two in the rear window are only for bass and tone? never heard of such a thing before?; have had Infiniti before with Bose and audio sound came out of speakers in rear window; have never had a car that didn't have the audio coming out of the speakers in the back window since they are closer to a person's ears who is sitting in the back seat; wanted to find out from 2009 owners if this is the case in the Max and that no audio is suppose to becoming out of the speakers in the rear window? any info or help would be appreciated!!
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