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2009 Toyota Highlander



  • I drove the 4cyl 2009 Highlander and it was a great ride. Quiet ride, good control on the road & good performance. You would never think it was 4 cyl.
  • Does anyone know what price I might get (OTD) for 2009 4 cylinder base Highlander? Edmunds TMV is 23,589.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You should have a look at Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience.

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  • While highlander 4 cylinder w/3rd row seem readily available in the southeast (florida, texas), they don't seem to be available in the Philly area. Indeed the 4 cylinder highlanders seem few and far between here at all, and none of them has the third row. Does anyone know if this is intentional?
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    To see whether Toyota will allow 4 cyl/w 3rd row for your area, go to Toyota website and build your own. It will ask for your zipcode and then display allowed models and options for your area. I found out when I bought my 2004 4cyl 2wd Highlander that Toyota would not allow 3rd row seat in my zipcode, if I plugged in a zipcode for a different geographical region, I could get a 4 cyl 3rd row.
  • kevinmkevinm Posts: 9
    Well isn't that interesting... I too am very interested in the 4cyl with the three rows. I live in DC Metro and all the dealers here only have the 2 row configuration in their fleets. I was confused, so I contacted Toyota, and they sent me back to their main web page which indicates the 4cyl highlander comes standard with 3 rows (with no mention of a 2 row de-contenting option).

    So I'm perplexed on: 1) why would Toyota offer this configuration but not price it on their website, 2) why offer it only in specific geographic regions as you indicated, and 3) how can a consumer in the DC Metro area purchase a 4cyl 3 row configuration.

    Maybe it is a timing issue until they fill the production queue with this configuration. It probably is a low-percent of the highlander total volume and the recent recession and associated impact on car purchases probably doesn't help.

    Even Carmax inventory which only has 6 4cyl highlanders nationwide indicates they are all 2 rows (based on the pictures and pricing combinations.
  • petepiepetepie Posts: 9
    I think the only new Carmax Toyota dealership is in Laurel MD, which would put them in the same boat as the other mid-atlantic dealers. Maybe that's why all their 4 cyl's are 2 rows.
  • I sent the same message to Toyota and got the same response (that its standard and that 2 row is an option, so it should be available). Guess whoever Toyota has responding is just looking at brochures and not checking local inventory, since the local dealers say the 4 cylinder with 3 row is not available. Not sure if its a production issue or since volume is low dealers are trying to maximize profit by making people buy the more expensive 6 or the hybrid if they want the mileage (the mileage of the 4 makes the math on the hybrid even harder to justify). Options seem to be to wait and see, or to buy the more expensive 6 or hybrid, or perhaps the rav4 with the 3rd row (which will essentially become irrelevant once the 4 cylinder highlander become available, particularly with the silly 4 speed auto in the rav4 4 cylinder--how outdated is that?). At this point I can wait and see.
  • kevinmkevinm Posts: 9
    Me too.. I'll wait another 2-3months..or take a trip to Florida and check out their inventories :)

    I don't like the Rav 4 side opening back hatch so much, but the 6cyl rav 4 is a very fast car. Rather fun to drive too.
  • One dealer just told me "they are available, but Central Atlantic Toyota is not bringing them into the region.". Not sure who or what "Central Atlantic Toyota" is, but once supply increases, etc. maybe that will change.
  • petepiepetepie Posts: 9
    I have an 09 sport with the third row (very happy with the car), but the middle seat in the 2nd row is pretty uncomfortable. It's just a jump seat (comes out for the storage console). I didn't look at any with the 3rd row delete, but if it is the same type of seat as on the 3 row cars, you may want to try the middle seat to make sure you can live with it in case you have to sit 3 across the middle.
  • I am looking for the same Highlander myself too. Of course the dealers don't sell you the real "basic" model. They always offer you a model with a few useless extra stuffs. Anyway, the lowest quote I got so far is $25,487 for a 2009 Highlander, V4, 7 Seaters, w/ extra package 2, roof rail, white exterior. I am sure this is not a good deal yet, but I will keep trying. Anyone know a better deal? Thanks!
  • jpettibonejpettibone Posts: 51
    That's pretty good if it does not include the rebate. It's just OK if it does.
  • emt27emt27 Posts: 6 has an 09 Highlander 4cyl for $24,487. I think this is a 2 row vehicle though. Try entering the options you want at and it will give you results from actual deals that were done.
  • emt27emt27 Posts: 6
    Anyone know how to find out if Toyota will be extending the 2009 Highlander incentives in the Gulf States Region? The last one was $750 cash but expired a week or so ago and now the only cash rebate is the $400 active duty military one. We would like to buy a 09 Highlander under the CARS program but hate to do that if the company is going to renew the rebate in a few weeks.
  • The Highlander that I purchased comes with remote starter. I'm wondering if I use it often, would that be better for the engine than using regular key? or no difference? Thanks.
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    No difference to the engine, it won't know which method you're using.
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