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Honda Civic Noisy Interior



  • i realize this thread has gone quiet, unfortunately my 2010 civic has not.

    any thing upgrading from a 16" steel rim to a 17" alloy would make a difference in the cabin noise?

    btw: I heard Honda's answer to quieting down the Accord was to use noise canceling speakers in the cabin. I wonder what that might cost to install in a civic??
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    Going from 16 to 17 inch will probably change to the negative (noisier). There is a change due to less rubber between the rim and road surface. You can try to mitigate the effect by selecting tires rated for comfort vs performance. Michelin tires are normally the quietest, consistently. Most tires will be quiet when brand new. Its after 10K miles that you have to worry about. Noise cancelling tech is not effective for most road associated noise. In order to properly cancel road noise it must silence the body and not just the audible sound. Noise transmitted through the auto body and into the cabin has lots of low frequencies that your typical sound system can't product. German cars and even Lexus autos are heavy due to noise reducing materials. Noise cancelling through speakers is a cheap solution and not very effective.
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