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GMC Envoy Start Stall Idle Problems

Starting about a year ago, my 2002 Envoy began to idle very roughly when in drive. Once the engine warms up to the normal operating temperature, the rough idle stops.

It idles smoothly when in park or neutral, even when it is first started.

I have used Seafoam and STP fuel injector cleaners, with no noticeable results.

Any suggestions?


  • My 2004 Envoy idles fine until I put the heat on. After that it jumps up and down until I turn the heat off or it stalls . Any suggestions???
  • ophyophy Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 envoy that I love. I have a problem and I hope someone else does also. I have taken the car to the shop 3 times and no one can find a problem. When I am either in a drivethru line or sittting idle in park, my envoy stalls out. I was at a red light in town and the person behind me honked because when the lightt turned green, my envoy stalled out. I can restart it with no problem. The dealership can't find anything wrong. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • Same problem here and also a 2004. I noticed as it happens the oil pressure drops. It stops for a while after an oil change then about a month before I am due for a scheduled oil change it starts happening again. Dealership put on computer and could nothing.
  • I have a 2005 Envoy mine does the same thing. If I turn the heat or air off it seems to do fine. I also have a problem with it accelerating on it's own.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    I would recommend taking your vehicle to your dealer of choice. Please keep me updated on your situation.
    GM Customer Service
  • drh09drh09 Posts: 1
    i have a 05 gmc envoy and i am having same problem with mine when at a stop and ready to take off it wants to stall but catches and takes off. has anyone found a solution for this problem if so let me know so i can fix mine
  • koko222koko222 Posts: 1
    My 2003 Envoy had been idling rough for a long time. First I went and had a tune up with new spark plugs - a little better for awhile, then two months later, had the fuel injector service. Still idled rough after a short while. Now my service engine light came on. Took it in and diagnostics said bad thermostat. Had thermostat, engine flush, radiator flush done today. Seems to being running fine. I will post again to see if I have any more problems with rough idle
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    How are things going with your vehicle?
    GM Customer Service
  • ericanwvericanwv Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with my 2004 Envoy...If the heat is on or air it stalls out....Then I also have a problem with it giving itself the gas....Have u found out why this is? If so please tell me what u have done to correct it? I have had it hooked to computers and done diagnostics and eerything but it still does this....
  • jones3173jones3173 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 GMC Envoy and came onto the problem of the car stalling when stopped in traffic while in gear. This suddenly happen to my vehicle after I had to changed the battery, although this didnt occur to me until after I solved my problems.
    I tried the fixes others in this thread have tried as I actually enjoy working on my own vehicles and have a pretty good understanding of how they work. However I could not solve the issue on my own. Fortunately, I had a dealer that I was real happy with when I owned my LS1 Camaro that had helped me with mechanical problem then. Took it to them.
    When the vacuum line is activated for the engine, such as when the air or heat was on, the truck would die at idle (when in gear only, would not die if in neutral). I had changed the battery and on the Envoys it resets all previously stored air/ fuel, idle, etc info that the computer had previously gathered about the motor. The truck is programmed with a starter program to get the truck running then it stores its own information according to the individual motor. Each motor is different and requires different parameters to run depend on anything from altitude to your personal driving habits.
    The truck is supposed to reteach itself the fine tune parameters within minutes. It was not. The tech said nothing will show up on their computer because the check engine light is not on. The tech has to have some kind of motor knowledge to spot this, not just the ability to read what the computer is telling him. All the tech had to do was let his GM computer overide the Envoy computer to reprogram it. All I was charged was the initial diagnostic fee since nothing else had to be hooked up and done. That was two years ago and I have had no problems since.
    This tech also did me right with my Camaro and this is the explanation I got when he fixed my Envoy.
  • john_952john_952 Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    I just had the same problem after having a thermostat changed, The truck would run fine until I turned on the heater fan switch, then it would stall.

    I cleaned the throttle body with a spray cleaner, and cleaned my MAP sensor then changed my air cleaner, now it runs and idles fine..Problem solved. Hope this helps.

    Also you will need to reset the computer and check engine light, just disconnect the pos post to the battery for ten minutes the reconnect post and turn your ignition key on and off three times to reset the computer and clear codes.
  • jeffwalljeffwall Posts: 1
    Hello, I'm hoping you can help me out on this issue, as I've spent a lot trying to figure it out with no solutions as yet.
    A few months ago, I noticed that my oil pressure gauge would drop to "nothing" for a few minutes, then pop back up to normal. When it dropped to nothing, I could "rev" up the engine and the pressure would return to normal, let it idle and the pressure would go back down. The only "light" on the instrument panel that would show up would be the "Gauge" light...
    I had a tune up, fuel injector cleaned, oil change EVERY 3000, spark plug changed (no wires on this vehicle), radiator flush, transmission flush.... All at a substantial price and no solution still. ALSO, the truck runs fairly rough and continues to get worse. When idling the truck will always die at some point. RPMs measure approx 600-900 idling. Current mileage is 152,000.
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!
  • I replaced my battery and started to have the same problem, I reset the computer like you suggested and so far so good.
    Just wanted to say thanks

    Total cost ( 0 )
  • heidenheiden Posts: 1
    we have a 2004 Envoy and for all its worth I love the truck but at 144,000 miles things go wrong if they don't before that, I am beginning to think we bought someone else's problems. First the headlight housing fixture burned (melted ) and the headlight went out, and they said it wasn't covered under the recall, then water pump went out on it, now the fuel pump, very costly, I think GMC ought to look into these issues as they seem to be happening to allot of people GMC owners and not just one or two, when the fuel pump is going or is gone, the truck will run for about 5 minutes and stall, let it sit and it will run again for about 5 minutes and stall, to check the fuel pump out, do a PSI check on it, the Envoy should be pushing out about 50 PSI or more, ours was only pushing out 15 PSI, it is a pressure test on the fuel pump, also the computer test came back saying there was nothing wrong with it, so be aware of this as we have gone the whole last 4 days without our truck, and the cost is about 850.00 for GMC to fix it, but n their behalf they will also change the fuel filter and check your gas lines as well. Oh and also our hatch wouldn't open when we bought it fortunately it was under a small warranty and had it replaced, the cost of which was 350.00 for the part, they had one in stock when they did our oil change so they fixed it.
    Otherwise the parts from GMC cost a small fortune.
  • I have a 2006 evnoy denali i have taken it to the mechanic and he says the spark plug wires needed to be replaced it could be 1 or all he is not sure so he suggests to replace them all....... I have no idea what a job llike that costs and i don't want to get ripped off can some one give me an idea of the cost, PLEASE HELP CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I own a 2002 Envoy and have been having idle issues for a few years now. 2 years ago I replaced the plugs with OEM and cleaned the throttle body and the idle seemed to get better but has been really bad for the last year or so. In the past week the oil pressure has become an issue at idle. The pressure is good until the engine gets to normal operating temp. I have noticed that if I keep the idle around 900 rpm the pressure is good but currently the idle is around 600 rpm. I sat in the car and studied the pattern of the low pressure warning. At idle with AC on idle at 600rpm the engine is idling rough but idling then feels like the engine stalls momentarly and the pressure drops the 5-10psi for 1-2 seconds the "Check Gauges" light comes on and "Stop Engine" shows in the display. Then the idle recovers and the pressure is normal(40-42psi) With the AC on this happends every 5-6 seconds, with AC off every 10-12 seconds. I have been reading this forum about this issue so this week I had the engine flushed professionally and the oil changed. After the oil change still having issue. Yesterday I removed and cleaned the Camshaft Actuator Solenoid and Throttle Body and yes I had the battery disconnected for over 30minutes while I cleaned both. I still have the issue!!! The next thing I am going to check is the oil pressure sending unit and have another oil pressure gauge hooked up to see if the pressure is really dropping. Can anyone help with this issue?? Any suggestions?? Thank You in advance for any replies.
  • I was dring my 2007 Envoy, pulled over to switch drivers got back in and started to go when we lost power and the car started sputtering. Had to shut it off and then re-start. Anyone know what is wrong? Has never done this before. Check engine light is on now too. Thanks :(
  • I'm sorry that your Envoy is not doing so well at the moment. If you were interested in working with a dealership, please be sure to let us know as we'd like to be available to assist.
    GM Customer Service
  • We have a 2003 GMC Envoy that is hard to start. It takes 2 or 3 times to start. Once it runs, it usually starts fine within a hour after stopping but not always. We've taken it to PEP BOYS and our local GMC Dealership for diagnostics, they can't find anything wrong . . . and of course it seems to start fine for them after we leave it. I even took a video of my wife trying to start the car 3X in a row and showed it to the service mgr. so he could see what it was (not) doing. Still no luck.
    We get home and next day.... it takes 2 or 3 cranks to get it to start. I even asked the service mgr if they'd: check fuel line pressure(s), computer modules, etc. We even had the fuel filter changed... it still doesn't start w/o 2 or 3 tries. Any thoughts? Buy a Ford? ;) We like our Envoy but we're afraid there's an underlying issue that will cause stalling or not starting when we're in the middle of nowhere. Please Help! Thanks!
  • UPDATE: Took Envoy to an independent garage after getting no where with the GMC service at the dealer. Explained the situation to the shop owner and asked about fuel pressure. He said that would be the first thing he'd check based on the age of vehicle & my description of the problem.
    Got a call about 2 hours later and he said my fuel line was losing all pressure after they had the engine sit. So we replaced fuel pump. Total cost for parts & labor was $794.
    Finally got the issue fixed. Yeah.... a bit costly but it now works. I might've saved a hundred bucks or so if I ordered part online but there's cost & then there's convenience. We needed this fixed ASAP so we paid the bill.
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