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2007 Saturn Aura

Hello everyone, looking to compare notes on some problems I'm having with my 07 Saturn Aura XR with 9,644 miles.

My Onstar stopped working so I brought the car in for service. While I was there I told them about the service ESC warning that had come on twice as well as the service air bag warning that I got once. I also mentioned the front passenger interior door handle that was peeling.

First the good news-the door trim problem is apparently common and they replaced the "faulty bezel" with a new one.

The technician diagnosed the Onstar problem and ordered the VCIM module to repair it. Part is expected within the week.

Technician recalibrated the brake pedal position sensor to address the service ESC code. Approximately 25 minutes and 15 miles after leaving Saturn the "service ESC-ESC OFF" and trouble light displayed. So much for that "fix".

Technician found code B0088 as a 1st step in diagnosing the service air bag code. Tech performed recalibration of the inflatable module. Keep my fingers crossed on that one.

Finally, I start my car tonight and the brake lights stay on. I tap the brake pedal and nothing happens-brake lights stay on. Is this connected to the brake pedal position calibration??

All comments and advice welcome.


PS. I bought the Saturn to replace my 05Malibu that was totalled.


  • Hello to all! I have had my Aura for a little over a year and have been very pleased with it. There is one nagging problem. When driving over uneven/lumpy/rough pavement at approximately 20 to 40 MPH, there is an intermittent squeak which sounds as though it is coming from the suspension. Dealer replaced front stabilizer bar bushings, and has rear bushings on order. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • I have a 2007 Aura and I am having so many problems. Now that I am reading blogs I noticed that the small things I did not report others I have had too. I have had the service ESC light to come on and they could not figure out how to fix that. The car would not start and they said it was the battery so I replaced that. But now I am thinking that it really was not the battery because Auto Zone said the battery was good. My biggest issue is my brake lights are on while driving and off when I pressed the brakes. I have two small children and this is very dangerous. My car was in the shop for 8 days only to get it back and have the same problem! I have put the car in the shop a total of 4 times for the same thing. I am getting ready to call Saturn help desk to report this and file a application for Texas Lemon Law.
  • Just dropped off my Aura at Saturn today (Monday). Hopefully they can repair the problem with the ESC and the brake lights. I told them that I read on the forum that the ESC problem is connected to speed sensors on the wheels. At least this time the ESC problem isn't intermittent-it displays continuously. I'm thinking that when they adjusted the brake pedal sensor last week they adjusted it wrong and that's why the lights stay on all the time. The first time I had a brake light problem the brake lights went off momentarily when I tapped the pedal. This time I'll check the brake lights before I drive away from Saturn. When I get more info I'll let you know.

  • I too dropped off my car this morning. And so far they can not tell what is wrong with it! He told me he would try it again in the morning. When I tap my brakes they go off but come right back on. This is my 5th visit for the same issue since 8/15/08, so hopefully the can figure out the problem. I had a sensor replaced last week so I am not sure what the issue is now? Do you ever get a fluttering under your brakes when you put your vehicle in gear?

  • Saturn is keeping my car in the shop another day and the service writer couldn't provide me with any updates. I'll just have to wait and see and try out another rental car at Saturn's expense. I'm also hoping that the Onstar part is delivered so they can fix that now and I don't have to go back again. I haven't had any pedal flutters as you describe but I'll let you know if I do.
  • Hi, is your car still under warranty?
  • Yes-still covered under the 3yr/36,000 mile warranty. I only purchased the car new in August 2007 (original owner),
  • I bought my vehicle in May 07 as a demo with 8000 miles on it. I am over the mileage because of how much I drive daily! So the lemon law will not work for me. However, I did contact the Saturn National Assistance Desk and filed a case. The district specialist called me today and advised that they can not duplicate the problem, so they will keep the vehicle until they can. Once that is done the will call the engineers in to try to fix the problem. So lets see where we go from here. What the status on your car?
  • Will pick up car in the morning. Saturn said they fixed the Onstar problem and made adjustments to the brake pedal sensor to correct the brake lights and also corrected the ESC problem. They mentioned a technical service bulletin and I will find out more specific info in AM and let you know.
  • Just picked up car-brake lights functioning normally and ESC light is off. Saturn replaced the VCIM module in Onstar and it works again except I now have a new phone number and phone number presets are gone. It appears that the "fix" was recalibrating the brake sensor. Saturn gave me a copy of a diagnostic procedure they used to troubleshoot problem. I don't know if this is a TSB but the document id is #1799534 and refers to DTC C0161 ABS/TCS Brake Switch Circuit. I'll keep you posted if the problem returns.
    Good luck-Don
  • So I go and pick up my vehicle yesterday and guess what??? The brake lights were still on! They advised they could not duplicate the problem when the vehicle was there. I find that hard to believe. But they also supposedly replaced the brake sensor and several other problems! So just keep a look out on your brake lights. I am waiting on a call back from the National Assistance Department. I am really getting fed up with this problem and not having my vehicle!
  • That is terrible. Did you leave the car with them again while the brake lights were on? I just came back from Saturn this morning because the phone feature of Onstar wouldn't work. The tech got it working within an hour. He didn't have to change any parts but he got through to Onstar when I couldn't. Everything appears to be working now but I still check my brake lights all the time. Please keep me updated on when/how your problem is resolved.

  • This is really getting out of hand! I am ready to take this to the next level. My car has been in the shop since Sept 30 and no one can tell me what is wrong with my car! They advised that they repair all the wires and took parts from a new saturn and put them on my car! And my vehicle is still not repair. By the way I had the brake sensor repaired on my 4th visit. So yes they still have my car! :mad:
  • Well the gremlins are back. :mad: As soon as I started the car with the remote I knew there was a problem-the brake lights came on. Stepped on the pedal and they went OFF and then as I drove the brake lights came on without touching them. Guess I'll be returning the car Wednesday to Saturn. This will be the second time for this problem-going to have to talk to the manager and discuss the Lemon Law with him. I'll keep you updated.
  • I am so sorry...but I have a feeling my brake lights will be back on also. Have you tried calling Saturn National Assistance line? If not, it might be wise to start a case with them. Let me provide you with the number. 1-866-557-6000. Get them involved now, even if you are going to file a Lemon Law case. I got my car out on Friday and they said they replaced the brake module sensor? I just have this eery feeling this is not over. Let me know what happens.
  • aj24aj24 Posts: 4
    Wow, hearing all these issues with the 2007 Saturn, I was reluctant to write,not wanting to bring any issues to vehicle :P
    Back to reality now. The only issue I had was the steering shaft, which I thought nothing of it at first, until I mentioned it to them, and also I have been experiencing a very foul odor coming through my air vents when my air condition is on, and sometimes when not. The first time I took it in, they sprayed(I'm guessing) some sort of cleanser in the vents. It lasted all of the week. So about a month later, I took it back and told this this is a major problem because now I am experiencing headaches driving this car and this is not going to be tolerated. They kept my car for 4 days after the tech actually smelled the odor. They say they took my dash out to cleanse the area. My steering shaft was replaced also. it has been twoo weeks now and the smell (clean detergenty) is now starting to fade. I am just hoping that horrible smell does not come back. as far as my steering. I noticed right off the steerring is not as loose. More snug/tight. I kind of like it this way.
  • I am having the same issue!

    I have a 2007 Saturn Aura and I have recently noticed the exact same issue with my brake lights. I just had the shifting linkage replaced as that busted in my driveway when I put it in park. Now I have noticed the brake lights being on while I am driving at night and going off when I brake (I know it is happening during the day too) - also when at a stop sign or red light if I slam the brake pedal in farther the brake lights go back on. The cruise control has also stopped working which makes me think it is part of a bigger problem. I have just over 37,000 miles (I know) on the car - wondering if I should consider the extended warranty. It seems as though we might be able to get a recall on the cars if there are enough of these problems - I do feel dangerous when there are cars behind me. I am going to call the Assistance line you mentioned but I don't want to take it back to the dealership as it will cost me a ton more being out of warranty and it is about 30 miles from where I live, work, and go to school.

    Any suggestions on getting something more from our collective problems?
  • i have a 07 EX V6. It has been @ my local dealership for 24 business days now. This is a squeak/light grind when turning at all speeds. So far they have replaced a coil inside the column and then several other componets from what i have been told. I talked to the service manager today. and he told me that cannot replace any more parts. they have tried it all. he can duplicate the noise now more than ever. there have been 2 saturn techs out and none of them can figure this out. has anyone had this problem or anything close to it? I have been in 2 different loaners now and neither one have the amenities that my car has. i am over all pleased with car with exception of the several trips back for misc. noises. can anyone help me with this. if there is a service rep that reads this, please give some feedback. this will be a lemon in 6 more business days. i wonder what GM will do in their present economic state if it make it that far
  • brybrybrybry Posts: 25
    Hi, I just bought an 07 aura XE in the fall. During the cold months( -5C or colder) when I start it the power steering pump makes a whinning noise but goes away after 10-15 minutes once the car has warmed up. It doesn't do it in the warm months. Anybody out there with the same problem or is this a rare one. How did they fix it? It is a nice car though. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks
  • My wife and I have experienced both the problems that you describe and wanted to know what you did to fix them. PLEASE PLEASE respond.
    1) We have had issues with the car starting and eventually changed out the battery just like you did. The issue hasn't happened since BUT I really doubt that solved the issue.

    2) The break lights come on spirraticlly and go off when you hit the breaks. This is my wife's car and I am very worried about her driving it like this on the freeway. HOW DID YOU FIX THIS?

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