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Hyundai Sonata Navigation System

patpat Posts: 10,421
Questions about your Sonata navigation system? Here's where you can ask!


  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Has anyone heard of a TSB or recall on the 2009 Sonata Nav System? I noticed what appeared to be a couple of bugs and called up my dealer to make sure I had the most recent software and map. I currently have a map from 11/2007 and my software version is A3.

    The service person told me that they are issuing a TSB for the system due to some problems. He said some issues had to do with the display, the warning screen not appearing, and some other issues.

    My issue is that the keyboard will not stay in QWERTY mode and keeps reverting to ABC mode even though Setup shows the QWERTY option selected. Also, whenever I use the track up/down button on the Nav or steering wheel control to change a song on my iPod, the Random selection turns off.

    - Merg
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Confirmed through Hyundai Customer Service that there is a TSB on the Nav System for a reprogramming. Hopefully, I can get in tomorrow to have this done and we'll see what happens...

    - Merg
  • There is no TSB for the Nav shown on the website yet. Not sure how often Hyundai updates it, but it is the place that service techs would presumably learn about such things. So it might be wise to wait a bit until they figure out what they are doing.
  • Unless the Nav unit were prone to bursting into flames, there would be no RECALL. A TSB would be the appropriate mechanism for notifying Hyundai dealers and customers.
  • i360i360 Posts: 74
    My Hyundai dealer called me today and scheduled me for a navigation software update this weekend out of the blue. Currently I don't have any issues with the system, even have an 8gb thumb drive attached as a jukebox. When I asked what was the update about they weren't entirely sure. It ranged from update to new maps and POIs so I don't know. But obviously Hyundai came down on them to get this done....

    Just chiming in... :)
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    Nav's are on national backorder. It takes 4 to 9 weeks to get one. I guess this update fixes the problems. There were a bunch of problems on the Sonata nav system. Hopefully the new disc will fix those problems and then some.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    As I stated though, I confirmed through Hyundai Customer Service that there is a TSB on the Nav Unit.

    - Merg
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Well, I took my Sonata in and they performed an upgrade on the software. I now have software v A3_3. I initially had v A_3. I was told that I need to contact Hyundai to find out who to order the map upgrades from.

    As for the fixes, well they kinda worked. The Random function now stays on when selecting another song via the steering wheel control or the track up/down button on the Nav unit. It will not stay on if you switch to another mode (AM/FM/XM) except for the Map function. It also will not remember that you had Random selected when you turn off the car and then turn it back on. If you select Random, that option should never turn off unless you specifically turn it off or you disconnect the iPod.

    Also, the QWERTY keyboard issue is still not resolved. If I set my keyboard to QWERTY as opposed to Alphabet, it works fine until I turn off the car. When I turn the car back on, the Main Settings screen shows that I have QWERTY selected, but if I go to a screen that requires text entry, the keyboard is displayed in Alphabet mode. I need to go back to Setup, click on QWERTY again and then select done for the QWERTY keyboard to work. Can someone else confirm this on their Nav Unit? If not, I guess there's something wrong with mine then.

    I have also been having a problem with my iPod not shutting off when the car is turned off. It runs down the battery completely then and when I turn on the car it then always starts with the first song on my iPod. Has anyone else had this issue?

    - Merg
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Here's some information I found out today...

    The mapping software for the Sonata Navigation System is by M&SOFT (888-757-0010). There will not be an update till sometime in January and it will run around $200, but there should be a $100 rebate.

    The software for the Navigation System is done by Hyundai Autonet America (877-648-7577). I spoke with Charles who stated that they are aware of the keyboard issue and that it should probably be in the next update, although it is present in releases for new models. He also stated that the Random functionality is working as designed in that whenever you pick a new function or turn on/off the car, the Random selection needs to be reselected.

    He stated that he was going to look into the iPod shutdown issue to make sure they do not need to update something in their software.

    On a side note, he did mention to me that future versions of the software will have traffic and bluetooth built-in. He stated that it will most likely be installed in new model releases, but could not rule out one way or the other if the update would be available to 2009 Sonata users.

    - Merg
  • Wouldn't it make sense to allow you to download a update to the system like this and perform it at home? I assume that it is just on a CD or DVD and you use the built in disc reader to perform the update.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    I'd think so. When I talked to the manufacturer of the software, he stated that if another update was released it would be via a TSB campaign like they currently have now for the current release. He stated that is just how it is done. One thing that irked me was that he stated that it would be up to Hyundai if they wanted to release an update, so even if one is available we might not get it. And since he also stated that one of the issues I still have has been corrected, I'm really hoping Hyundai steps up and releases this new update.

    - Merg
  • There is a TSB # 08-01-013 for the Nav System. I took my ’09 Sonata in today for the software upgrade to SW Version V_A3_3. The initial “Caution” screen was blank. The side and bottom icons on the map were missing and menus were grayed out and unusable. The map, streets and current location were ok.

    The upgrade fixed the Nav System. The keyboard will stay in QWERTY mode now even when the car is turned off.

    The random in iPod and USB works better and stays on now when I go to the map function, but not if I switch to another mode or turn the car off.

    The TSB Subject is “NAVIGATION REPROGRAMMING – CAMPAIGN T59” with this description: “Select 2009 Sonata Vehicles are equipped with in-car navigation as part of the audio system. Some navigation systems may experience lock up while in map display mode or the navigation icons may be incomplete/missing from the display screen. This bulletin describes the procedure to reprogram the navigation software to repair these conditions.” Vehicles affected: 2009 Sonata vehicles produced from start of production to August 11, 2008.

    And yes, A DVD is used in the procedure.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Right, that is the upgrade I got. Although I received the same update that you did, the QWERTY issue is still there for me. I never had the issue of the Caution screen being blank or the icons and menus being messed up.

    The update also fixed the Random issue for me. According to the software developer, the Random function is not supposed to stay on when turning off the car or switching modes (except for the Map). He compared it to being similar to the Random function on a CD player. When turning a CD player off and on you need to turn the Random function back on.

    - Merg
  • sallansallan Posts: 1
    Hi, just purchased 2 Limited models for my wife and myself. I don't remember seeing any DVD's in the owners kit, did anyone get any when you purchased the car?
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    You won't get one. The map software is updated via a DVD that you need to purchase. The update is not out yet and will not be until January. As for the software updates, the dealer is the one who receives the update DVD whenver they put out a TSB campaign for the software update.

    Check your software version (Setup --> Main). If you do not have v_A3_3, then go into your dealer and request the Navigation System Update.

    - Merg
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Found another bug today. I had gone into my addressbook on a previous day and set one of my lists to display via Alphabet as opposed to via Date. When I went into the addressbook today, the list was in order by Alphabet, but the selector at the bottom indicated that the list was in order by Date. Clicking on Date reordered the list by Date. Obviously, when I went into the addressbook today, the indicator should have been on Alphabet. It appears this issue represents itself whenever the vehicle is turned off and back on.

    - Merg
  • My navi has been messed up since I purchased the car this summer. My dealer still has no advice as to what to do other than it has to be replaced and there is probably a "national' backorder. Still no anwser as of yesterday. I'm happy to see there is a TSB, but wonder why my dealer's service folks haven't a clue about it...
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Check out your software version. If you have v_A3, then you need the TSB. You should have v_A3_3. That is the version the TSB updates you to. I believe it is TSB Campaign 59. Just go into your dealer and ask for it. Apparently that TSB fixed a lot of issues people were having.

    - Merg
  • Thanks - the car is at the dealer right now getting the new software! I'm crossing my fingers... :)
  • hclghclg Posts: 5
    Hi, One of the reasons I got this car was the navigation system. Love the radio as well. However, I had intermeittent problems with the navigation system from the start. THey were able to order a new unit and that was installed after a week. The new unit had intermittent problem so they ordered theupdate disc. that took another week once that was in they had me bring it back in. However, when they tried to update the system the entire unit froze. Now I have not navigation or radio to listen to. IT has been out over two weeks already with not estimated date as to when they may get a new one in to replace it. I tried their customer service number and that was a joke as far as I was concerned. They never call me back to undate me on the status of their efforts. I placed a total of three calls to them and then best they can offer is I may get a call from the District parts manager however I should wait two weeks before calling the service center back. THis was a fairly expensive option on this car. I talked my company into giving Hyundai a try as we have always bought american cars. So far I am very disappointed in the fact that I have not had this option nor radio for a significant period of time and Hyundai has done nothing by way of contact or remedying the situation. I was going to look at the Genesis for my personal car but this has spoiled the experience for me. Will update if I hear from them.
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