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Hyundai Sonata Navigation System



  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Well, in order to install it you need to provide a code from your unit to MapnSoft, so only one person can install it. As for being illegal, installing it on more than one unit would be as you are authorized to use it on one particular unit.

    - Merg
  • I can't see that this would be in any way illegal or immoral.

    You have to be kidding of course it immoral and illegal.
    I do not understand why people feel they need an update unless where you drive has a bunch of development 99.99% of the old information is correct.
    Yes I agree the price is ridiculous. Since it is installed in the car you are stuck.
    I just use a portable GPS that costs $150 and move it car to car.
  • I can see Mapsoft taking steps such as a code usable for only one vehicle. That would be wise business.

    If the software could be successfully used by four different vehicles I cannot see where it would illegal, and certainly not immoral, for four people to pitch in $50 each to buy and use the product. Not make four copies of the software. Just buy one copy and pass it around to the four partial purchasers.

    Mapsoft would not like that but I certainly do not see a court case for its legality.
    I would feel about as guilty about it as they do for charging extortion prices for a product worth about $50 at best.

    That is just like saying that four neighbors cannot pitch in and buy a lawnmower and all four take turns using the mower. We would laugh at Sears if they told us we couldn't do that.
  • jcaroljcarol Posts: 1
    I just purchased a new 2010 Sonata and the nav system is not working properly. The service department told me nothing they could do until a new update came out. My system cannot take you anywhere. Does anyone know the most recent version my lists 1.09.13. Can anyone help the service department kind of said to bad!!
  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
    You have got to be kidding.....
    Talk to the general manager of the dealership and demand that they replace the unit
    If they refuse call Hyundai's general office and complain to them
  • surefootsurefoot Posts: 3
    I just used my 2011 Sonata navigation system for the first time to drive from Scottsdale to Las Vegas. Instead of the usual 300 miles, it took me 400 miles with my new $2,100 navigation system. No matter how I tried to adjust it, I could not select the shortest route. When I went to the dealer, I was told that next time, I should go on-line and use either google or map quest. Is this true? Is this the way the navigation system works? Are all of the units like this or is mine defective?
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I had a similar problem. I think I solved it by changing the default speeds set for interstates, major roads & residential streets, (there are 3 categories of roads and not sure if I got the names right). Interstates were set at 65, but major roads were set at 45, so it would always route me on the interstate since it took less time based on their speeds even though I knew that the state roads were shorter and quicker. I believe the settings appear on the navigation settings menu.
  • surefootsurefoot Posts: 3
    On the 2011 model, there is no way to set the speeds. All that I can avoid are ferries, tollways and freeways. I can chooes between their recommended way or the shortest way, but neither option changed my route.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    Not so!! Please try this: Press the "Set Up" button on the dash below the nav screen. Press the "Navigation" button on the nav screen, Then, press the "travel Time" button on the nav screen. You will see 3 speedometers with the default speeds for each category of street. You can change those to whatever your want and they will be used to compute the travel times accordingly and thus the routings. Hope this helps,
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Yup that should do it.

    Unfortunately, my issue with the speeds is that the GPS software mistakes main roads for interstates and calculates the time to arrival incorrectly. I've proven this by having a route that is not on an interstate and when I adjust the interstate speed the time to arrival will change. It's especially neat when I have 5 miles to go and it is going to take me 4 mintues to get there, even more so when the interstate speed I have set is 55 MPH.

    - Merg
  • arto7arto7 Posts: 8
    edited August 2010
    I know that a forum is going to focus on problems encountered for assistance in fixing them or in warning other forum users. However, I am planning to buy a 2011 Sonata SE in the next couple of weeks and was planning on getting the Nav/Sunroof upgrade. For those who have done so - buyer's remorse or happy you did?
  • kenlight1kenlight1 Posts: 21
    edited August 2010
    I have the Limited 2009 with NAV. Love the Nav but could have done without the sunroof as I am 6' 3". Actually I only use the sunroof when reminded by my girlfriend, otherwise I would never use it (in two years she only reminded me twice). I had a removable NAV for my last car and thought I wouldn't like the one in the Sonata, however after using it on a trip I liked it much better as it would always show in advance the direction of the next turn in the upper right.
  • arto7arto7 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info. I have heard similar from some other people - I never think about it but my kid always asks me to open it - kind of thing. The dealer I have been talking to suggested an aftermarket sunroof but, even though I hear that is better now, my wife and I both remember the days of people with leaking sun roofs they had installed. I would still want the stereo upgrade and when you need nav it is nice to have so I think getting the package is still the way to go.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Well, it turns out that my Nav System is on the recall list. When I brought my Sonata in for service in May I was told that there was a recall on it, but after the service everything seemed to be the same. Today when I was looking at the invoice while trying to figure out what service I need now, I noticed a comment that they did nothing with my Nav system since I had purchased a Map Update for it and that I needed to call Hyundai Customer Service.

    When I called customer service, I was told that they might look at having the Nav system replaced and then reimbursing me for the cost of the Map Update since I upgraded a defective unit. I brought my car in for service and the service manager stated that he is going to try to figure something out for me. We'll see what happens.

    - Merg
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Has anyone here purchased the 2010 map update for the 2009 Sonata? If so, can you post the software version and map version that you now have installed?

  • I love my 2011 sonata limited but was supposed to be all black when it arrived but instead it was black outside and grey inside ( dealer said that was hyundai's black ) crap.. in the brochoure it shows all black interior ( hyundai brochoure are crap, full of picks they can't deliver ). I purchased the $2000.00 Nav system as's crap my $200.00 GARMIN NUVII 360 blows it out of the water. It only covers commercial addresses ie: if you want a harveys or big mac it can direct you there no problem but if want want something really exotic like your or some one you know.... HOME ADDRESS forget it and if you wish to STAY OFF THE 407 series highways which it LOVES to direct you onto...forget it your screwed you may as well just turn it off and go back to your NUVII 360. The blue tooth seems to work in some area's ok.
    Am I sorry I purchased this car NOT ON YOUR LIFE.
  • They JUST posted a brand new version for our navi dated 9/13/2010. Cost is still $200. I sent them a message to see if they know of any differences from prior versions. They make a big deal saying the version number is now 3.x. We go through this every update and they never seem to know what was changed other than "new poi and addresses." I'll report if they say anything worthwhile.

    As for the version from earlier this year, i never bought it as i didn't think it was worth $200 for only a year's worth of updates.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    I'm actually getting this V3 one. Due to a recall on my system, I need to have it replaced, but needed a new Map Update disc since my one from 2009 could not be used on the new system. I ordered the 2010 update back on 08/31 and after a week of it not shipping out I called. I was told the 2010 update was backordered, but they would be getting in the 2011 version and would send me that instead. It shipped yesterday and is due for delivery on Friday. It will be installed with my new Nav System on Monday.

    I'll update with more info after my update on Monday. Fortunately, it seems like Hyundai is actually going to reimburse me the $199 since a recall is causing me to purchase a new update.

    - Merg
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