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2010 Mazda3



  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Dealers have prices now. In fact, I just received my first two in this afternoon! I have a Mazda3 s Sport 6-speed and a Mazda3 s GT w/ tech automatic.

    I have yet to drive them, for they are getting preped in the shop, however, they look great! That "smile" is not nearly as obtrusive in person. The interior quality is second to none. It absolutely smokes the Corolla and Civic in terms of quality of materials as well as build quality. The seats just hug you and the driver focused cockpit is simply amazing.

    I was very worried about the front before I saw it in person. Not now. This car will sell, and sell very very well.

    I will post back after I drive it!
  • aviboy97

    I noticed they did away with one of the gauges on the 2010 model. What did they do with the engine temperature and fuel gauge that was on the 2009 model?

    In looking at pictures it's very hard to tell. Thanks for all the info.

  • Well I received replies from 3 of the 5 dealers I contacted here in South Texas. They all have received several of the new model 2010 Mazda3 sedans. No hatchbacks have been reported yet but at least they are starting to arrive.

  • I'm going to have to give you guys up in a few days... send you to the Sedans board and the Hatchbacks board. Bookmark this discussion now if you haven't already - the URL won't change but you won't be able to find it on the Future Vehicles board in a few days.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • zar1zar1 Posts: 24
    O.K., I'm not saying that this is the most critical factor in my vehicle selection, but can anyone tell me if a normal set of golf clubs will fit in the trunk of a Mazda 3 sedan without putting the back seat down?

    BTW - Aviboy, we're all looking forward to your take after driving the 2010 next week!
  • Any info in regards to the Ipod integration?
  • My wife and I both agree that the new one looks really cool in person and makes her 2008.5 look old and out of date by comparison. Change is hard for some, but each to their own I guess. ;)
  • AVI - I was at my local dealer today and he doesn't have a new one yet. He was trying to pull up pricing on a new base S Sport Automatic that retails for $20,210 by trying to order it (or something along those lines) but his system kept showing approx $20,700. He didn't act like he knew what he was doing anyway. I asked him why his price was different than the price released by Mazda. He didn't know why. He said maybe these had an installed option that he couldn't see. Does this make any sense to you? Do you know why he was not able to pull up a 2010 at $20,210? Any help is appreciated. I will just be glad when I am able to see one in a few days. I just don't understand why his numbers showed the $500 difference.
  • I stopped by my local dealer yesterday just to check what he had, and he had two 2010s that just came in. Saw them on the lot. S Sport Automatic in black for $20,210...and S Grand Touring Auto for $25,700. Grand Touring was gray and S sport was black. Look very nice in is not as noticeable.
  • Is this a US dealer? If so where? I'm anxious to see one here in SoCal and give it a test ride. Thanks!
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    What did they do with the engine temperature and fuel gauge that was on the 2009 model

    The fuel gauge is in the lower center of the gauge cluster. It is digital reading like this ( E----|----F). There is no more temperature gauge now, but there is a temp icon that looks like a funny looking sail boat that will light up if the engine is running hot.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Sorry guys, I have not had an opportunity to drive the 2010 Mazda3 just yet. Since it is end of month, I have been really busy (thank God!!!).

    I was playing around with the GT w/ tech that I have and was fiddling with the MID system. It's really useful for many reasons. First, it does more then show your various fuel economy readings, but, also gives you real-time maintenance updates for fluids and tires. The display is very vibrant and easy to read, even though the screen is far away and not very big.

    I like the idea of the nav system being small. Mazda really went after the Garmin type nav system with integration. There is no need for a 7 in nav screen, although they are nice. This makes nav more affordable, and is still pretty useful.

    I have spent some good time in the interior and I have noticed that Mazda has payed huge attention to detail. This interior is so much better then the first gen Mazda3. There are also a lot of soft touch materials, and the car just has a more solid, quality feel to it. I'm not saying that the first gen was not quality, but, the 2010 is just better.

    When you park a 2009 next to the 2010, the 2009 really looks dated.....I know, I know...I can't believe it either, considering that the 2009 still looked far more advanced then anything else out there.

    I also took notice that there are many personalization features that can be customized, just like the 2009 Mazda6.

    Anyway, Mazda is comming for training on Monday, as I said a few days ago. I'm eager to learn how this new Mazda3 works.
  • aviboy97

    Thank you for the information. I wonder if this was a cost cutting action. Cheaper to install a two gauge cluster instead of 3. A little disappointing.

    One last question. Can you tell me if the rear seats in the hatchback lay down completely flat like in the Honda Fit?

    Each of the 3 dealers here in the Austin, TX area received 4 2010 sedans this week.
    I plan to stop by for a look this weekend. I'll be waiting for the hatchback. Just seems like it has more functionality.
  • AVI - when should we be able to build one (2010) on and check inventory online?
  • AVI - when should we be able to build one (2010) on and check inventory online?

    You can build one on They seem to be the first. Checked edmunds, kbb and carsdirect but they don't list the 2010 yet.
  • I had the opportunity to drive both the 09 and 10 Mazda 3 today. The wife says the difference is like comparing coach with first class. We both agreed the grill looks like a smiley face on the 10. However, the inside materials and ride quality were far superior on the 10. We're going to wait until April-May to check on the Honda Insight and compare with the civic and 3. Right now, I would have to say I'm leaning towards the 3. Nice car!
  • gamejo1gamejo1 Posts: 2
    I was wondering if the 3 was gonna have dual power seats? cuz in everything i've read, its given me mixed messages saying "power seats" but the pacage says 3-mem power drivers seat.
  • marsdog-

    Dealer is on eastern Long Island, NY. I'd be sure that other dealers in my area have them too, if he has them.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    We both agreed the grill looks like a smiley face on the 10.

    Were I interested in one, I think it'd have to be black to hide that :D look a bit.
  • gwrace1gwrace1 Posts: 24
    We went to look at the newly arrived 2010 sedans that arrived this week. The wife instantly changed her mind and opted for a 2009 S Grand Touring Hatchback.

    We pick it up tonight. Best price we could get on a 2010 was 500 off MSRP with a custom order and a wait of 2-3 months.

    The 09 was loaded with every option/accessory accept for NAV. Walked off with $3000 off MSRP, $1000 cash back from Mazda and zero percent financing for 36 months and a potential tax credit for the sales tax.

    To good a deal to pass up and she's happy with the Copper Red Mica and Black Leather interior.
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