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2010 Mazda3



  • hiwaystarhiwaystar Posts: 10
    I have now passed 4,000 on the odometer and still getting 29/30 MPG on my 2010 Mazda3S GT, 2.5L.

    Did take one 900 mile round trip to ST Louis last month and hit 30/31MPG at an average speed 72-73MPH

    Also am still quite satisfied with this car thus far. It's not as quick as my old 2006 Passat with the 2.0L Turbo that I traded for it but the savings at the pump, now that I'm buying 87 octane vs. 93, more than makes up for that.
  • sonnyrockersonnyrocker Posts: 126
    29/30 MPG for 2.5 average is VERY good. I don't know what you are complaining about.
    But on a side note...I thought the 2.5 requires high octane than 87, is it not?
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    Nope. Both Mazda engines require regular (87 octane).
  • relldonrelldon Posts: 8
    Thanks for the update. I purchased a 2010 Mazda 3 S sport with 6 speed manual transmission two weeks ago and I love it. The 2.5 L gives me about 30 MPG on my daily commute to work which is on a 4 lane highway that I drive at 65 MPH. For now, I'm keeping an eye on the average MPG reading and the current MPG reading. But I suspect that, after a bit, I'll stop paying attention to that and just enjoy the zoom. I've received many complements about the car. The exterior is very attractive but it is the interior that I most enjoy. Unlike before, I enjoy the prospect of getting in the car in the morning for my daily commute.

    When I was trying to decide whether to buy this car or a hybrid, a co-worker helped me decide by asking if I was more likely to regret not buying this car or more likely to regret not buying the hybrid. Unless gasoline goes to $6 per gallon, I know I would have been more likely to regret not buying this car.
  • unicorn62unicorn62 Posts: 13
    Relldon: I also have the 2010 mazda3s sport automatic. I have got as little as 25mpg's and as high as 35mpg's combined, but it depends on the gas you buy. I have better luck with shell gas and my range gose up to 515. Relldon what color did you get. I have the light blue and it gets alot of looks.
  • jbbeveljbbevel Posts: 25
    I'm wavering between....

    Celestial Blue

    Gunmetal Blue


    Liquid Silver. Crystal White Pearl is intriguing.. but I don't know if I want a white car.
  • unicorn62unicorn62 Posts: 13
    jbbevel, I have the celestreal blue and it doesn't show the dirt, the liquid silver will be the same, The white will show the dirt but it is a nice color and cost more. The lighter the car the easier to cool off compared to a dark color.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    The Celestial Blue and Gunmetal Blue are my two top picks! I originally tried to find my '06 MZ3 in a color called Winning Blue, which was very similar to Celestial Blue. They were hard to find, I ended up with Titanium Gray.

    IMO, pearl white doesn't fit the look/character of the Mazda3. It's a color I'd expect to see on a luxury car, but not on a sporty compact. I prefer a pure white, but it's not very common anymore.

    That being said, at least the Crystal White Pearl has a choice of either Black or Dune (beige) interior (as do Black and Graphite). Both Blues (and Silver) only have Black interior. I thought the combination of Graphite with Dune interior would be tacky, but I was really surprised when I saw it in person.

    But still, I'd vote for Celestial's really a sharp-looking color and fits the car perfectly!
  • relldonrelldon Posts: 8
    35 MPG is fantastic. I wish that I could attain that level on a consistent basis. But, again, I'm willing to sacrifice MPGs a little for performance. That's why I didn't choose a Honda Insight. My car is a liquid silver metallic which was surprisingly difficult to find in a manual transmission. But I'm glad I found it. Thanks for the tip about Shell gas. I'll give it a try and see if it makes any difference for me.
  • hiwaystarhiwaystar Posts: 10
    I didn't realize I was complaining. In fact I'm not complaining at all.

    All I said was it does not have the "pick up/ballz" that the VW 2.0T had with it's 210HP which I knew going in. And even though the mileage is the same between them I like only needing to buy 87 octane with the Mazda.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    I must give credit where it is due- the VW 2.0L Turbo is the smoothest turbo I've ever driven! Most turbochargers are like an on/off switch, fairly gutless until you hit a certain rpm then they pin you back in your seat. VW tuned the 2.0L for low and mid-range torque, so it acts more like a big V6.

    Then again, the on/off pin you back in the seat thrust of the MAZDASPEED3 is a lot of fun, too! I could get in some serious trouble with that kind of power. :D

    Back on topic- 30/31mpg is very impressive. I have a 2006 MZ3 with the 2.3L and 5-speed manual and I average about 26mpg overall. The best I've ever managed on a trip is 28.4mpg with the cruise set on 75mph driving from Atlanta to Birmingham. That 6th gear would be very useful!
  • unicorn62unicorn62 Posts: 13
    relldon: The 35mpg's is when i fill the car up with gas and i get my combined mileage of 35mpg's, But there are some times i got 25mpg's going faster than norm for me. Sorry to say its not constant. I don't drive the car like a sport car i drive normly, not a heavy foot or light foot. Yes i find that using shell gas i get 515 to 520 on the range you can go on a full tank.
  • jbbeveljbbevel Posts: 25
    Trying to decide how much better the BOSE stereo would be compared to the stock am/fm cd .

    Any 2010 owner's have an opinion?
  • relldonrelldon Posts: 8
    I recently bought a 2010 Mazda 3 with sunroof and BOSE stereo. If you get the BOSE stereo with the sunroof it would be worth it as it is a little better than standardl But I wouldn't buy the BOSE stereo alone as I don't think that it is that much better than the standard stereo.
  • maz3hatchmaz3hatch Posts: 2
    Im getting the Crystal White Pearl, with tinted windows. the contrast of that is really going to make it pop out.

    Celestial Blue is not bad either, nice to look at, but I don't see myself as a guy driving in that color.

    Gunmetal Blue looks a bit dull to me.
    My top 3 were, the black, graphite or white.

    I just went driving around town, and saw a lot of lexus with white body and tinted windows, especially with the speckle paint it should really pop out.

    who cares if it's 200 bucks for the white, i think it's probably the best look.
  • maz3hatchmaz3hatch Posts: 2
    im getting a mz3 hatch, I hear a lot of comments that the standard and the bose are not that big of a difference. I sat in a mz3 2010 and the standard quality is good enough for me.
  • A most educated and proper response regarding the market enthusiast that Mazda is targeting. What constructed discussion can be had if an opinion is already skewed before the discussion has had a chance to commence in an open forum?
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    The color is called Crystal White Pearl on both the 2009 and the 2010 models, but I saw a 2010 at the dealership last week in this color. It looks much better than it did on the '09 MZ3, less 'pearl' more 'white'. I wonder they just kept the color name, but altered the hue? Or am I just seeing things?
  • fuguf1shfuguf1sh Posts: 2
    That's decent... I have an 06 2.3 5-speed and get about 31 mpg at 75. If I keep the speed down to 64-65 I will average 34-35 mpg per tank on my highway commutes.
    I guess holding the line on mpg while delivering more displacement, HP and torque is pretty commendable.

    Still trying to come to terms with the new styling...
  • On 2010 Mazda3 I Touring -- are the white on black indicators on the interior of the front doors supposed to illuminate at night so that they can be seen? (ie. mirror controls). They do so on our Honda Civic but they don't on the Mazda3 -- and we're trying to figure out if the indicators on the front door just aren't supposed to illuminate, or whether there is a problem. It can be challenging at night without the indicators on door being able to be seen. Thanks.
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