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2010 Mazda3



  • texasnightowl, my Jetta' was a loaded 2006 SE, 10spk stereo, Moonroof, heated seats, Ipod Adapter, 17" wheels; Driver gear springs etc. I suggest that you take into consideration that to purchase any VW vehicle that you also should price in the cost of the extended warranty to at least 100,000 miles. (approx an additional 2 grand give or take a couple hundred bucks or so). Also 3 yrs of free scheduled maintenance is included on all new 09 jetta's, however be prepared for the sticker shock of nearly $600 for your 40,000 mile scheduled maintenance on a Jetta. thereafter regular oil changes from the dealer run about $78-80 every at intervals of every 10,000 miles. If you've the extra dough, then the Jetta is a good buy as long as you know what your getting into, for me however, the 3 was a no brainer,...its basically the closest Japanese equivalent to the Jetta that I could find since I did not like the interior of the fusion or Altima.
  • Thanks dilbertsdub...have to admit the maintenance/repairs/reliability of the VW are a concern to me. it seems like a very well mannered good handling car, but....I'm looking for something to drive for a good 9 or 10 years that won't break me for repair costs.

    I've test driven a Mazda 3s Sport sedan so far and liked it, but it was an auto...I need to go back and try the hatch with a manual. The interior of the Fusion didn't bother me and I have two friends with Focus cars with Sync and it works very well.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Rather than relying on anecdotal information...FWIW, Edmunds shows very little difference in estimated repair and maintenance costs for a Jetta vs. a Mazda3. Based on 5 years and 75,000 miles the total for the Jetta is $3154 for maintenance and $930 for repairs, total for the Mazda3 is $3261 for maintenance and $812 for repairs. So the total repair and maintenance costs are essentially identical, according to Edmunds anyway

    We've only got about 32,000 miles on our Jetta and full warranty just ended last summer, so no repair costs yet. There have been a number of problems fixed under warranty, but ours is a 2005, so one of the first of the new model.

    Oil changes do cost more, because of the synthetic oil requirement...ours cost about double. But then they are required only once per year for my wife's Jetta vs. 3 times per year for my Mazda. I think I've spent much less on maintenance than the other poster, I ask for only the maintenance that is required according to VW's schedule.
  • texas,

    i can attest to jeffyscotts post.

    not to mention that several of the vw dealers in my area have service costs that are basically on par with the japanese automakers.

    it costs like 15 bucks more for my wife to get a fully synthetic oil change and tire rotation for her new beetle than it does for me to get a regualr oil change and tire rotation at my honda dealer for my fit.
  • nightowl, If you're like me you'll probably enjoy the extra giddyup and go of the manual. I too had the 3s in automatic to drive while my vehicle in my specified color/options was being delivered, you can put the automatic in manual mode and it does a good job with the shifting much better I find than it does in regular mode. However I don't regret the manual, there does not seem to be too much in gearing ratio change between 5th and 6th gears however but seems to be quicker than the automatic.

    as far as maintenance cost, I'm sure prices do vary, but speaking on my experience, and in the dallas market the VW w/ sythetic oil does cost more than a Japanese vehicle. approx $78-80 at 10000 miles intervals for the 2.5 engine. its not too bad since the intervals are longer than the 3000 miles for the MZ3 w/ regular oil this cost will probably be a wash. However, be prepared to stash some cash for future predictable unreliability on the VW. You will love the way it drives and absolutely love to hate your service department when they tell you they can't duplicate the issue/problem when they do arise.

    Best of luck.
  • Thanks for the followup on your experience. It's not necessarily maintenance costs...oil changes, brakes, tires, etc. that bother me...I worry about the longterm reliability of the VW...I've been paying for synthetic oil changes on my current car for 9 $70 each 2 or 3 times a year (whenever the change oil light comes on, roughly at the 4000 to 4500 mile mark, or if I hit the 6 month mark) is nothing new.

    I'm more worried about necessary repairs based on a 10 yr/100k use period. It seems like the Jetta may be more likely to cost more in repairs as you either will end up at the dealer or at a select group of shops vs the Mazda or Ford where you will more likely have a better range of options for repair shops.

    I've test driven both an auto and manual Jetta S last week and do like both overall...a couple of niggling little things bother being the spacing of the clutch/brake/gas pedals. In my current car there is a lot more space between the clutch and the brake pedals than there was in the Jetta. Also, the 5 spd manual at 60mph was running about 2500rpm while the auto at 60mph was running closer to 2000rpm so on highway trips it seems like the auto would def. average better mpg

    I'm definitely going to go back in the next week or two and drive the manual Mazda 3s. And the VW salesguy is supposed to let me know when they get a MT TDI for me to try. Plus, dealers are still recovering from C4C (in terms of still replenishing their lots) and getting 2010's in so I'm going to continue looking for a while longer. I am luckily in no real rush.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    You may see the same sort of thing in the Mazda3 wrt the rpm in manual vs. auto. The rpm in 5th in my 2007 Mazda6 auto is about 25% lower than the manual, IIRC. Another way to look at it is 4th gear in the auto is nearly the same as 5th in the manual (both the manual and auto were 5 speeds for the 6 at that time).
  • Texas night owl, funny you mention the clutch take up on the jetta. You are correct it does seem to be a bit awkward at times. I must have stalled the Jetta at least 10 times even after 3 yrs of ownership. Just kinda felt like I was having to re-learn or get used to my own car even after owning it for years. My partner had the same issue as well with the Jetta.

    The mazda on the other hand has a fantastic shifting manual and a very easy to learn clutch. FYI, on the highway, if in 6th gear in the MZ3, don't bother shifting to 5th for extra oomph,'ll probably wish for 4th at the very least.

    You are right to be concerned about cost to own/repair/maintain etc with the VW, i have owned 6 Nissan/Infiniti products before buying my VW and all of them had their various issues most of which either occured at either 60000 miles or 100,000 but in all honesty they were/are to be expected of any brand (timing belt, spark plugs, most of the normal stuff) so I too was leary of the VW but was smitten with the way it rode and handled like a teutonic bank vault.

    My VW on the other hand required the following:

    4000miles new fuel filler door and trunk latch (trunk and fuel door refused to close at any temperature below 50 degrees)

    17,000miles New Catalytic Converter

    24,000miles Car does not recognize the key or the key does not recognize my car.

    29000miles Moonroof gets to decide on its own when it wants to open/close or just flat out take the day off. Side windows and door locks follow the same clown show shortly thereafter.

    38,000 miles Intermittant issue where car won't start, CEL flashes incessantly, dealer cannot locate any fault codes or duplicate my vehicles issues after 6 trips and two separate dealers have crawled all over my car (and fingerpainted on my headliner) to locate a problem to no avail. VAG (Volkswagen of America Group is of no help here)
    40,000 miles, battery dies,
    40,400 miles, altenator dies,
    41,000 miles, ignition control module dies,

    48,000 miles, headliner begins to bubble and fester and pulls out completely from the rear anchors in the C pillars. (oddly, dealer happens to have 3 headliners already on order for other customers as well,...this seems to be an odd yet all too common issue) Dealer replaces headliner and is finally able to duplicate the sunroof and window issues with a wire they found?!?

    50,991 miles, (991 miles out of warranty), CEL comes on, dealer is magically able to locate the supposed problem with why my vehicle had its starting issues back from 38,000 miles and now wants me to pay $308 and change for a purge regulator valve citing that my engine was flooding itself with fuel why it would not start?

    I think not, slap her together so I can buy any Japanese Vehicle,.heck I'll even consider a Mitsubishi at this point!

    So I hope you take my warning with the VW, but if you do go buy the VW I can certainly understand, is a very enjoyable car to drive and the TDI I hear is even better,..Hopefully you'll just have better luck than I did.
  • Thanks for letting me know about the "smart turn" feature on the Mazda 3, i think this is a rather cool feature to have, even though its odd you can't personalize this feature in the settings preferences. I had my dealer activate my personal settings,.only took 10 minutes!
  • roddysroddys Posts: 1
    I just took my new 2010 Mazda 3 GT HB (manual) on a cross country road trip. I put about 7000 miles on it hitting mountains, plains, desert and lots of rain in the South. It held up great with no problems. It was a blast to drive through the mountain scenic highways and had no problem passing (thankful for the manual transmission). My average mpg for the whole trip was easily 30 (mostly highway driving). It's doing great in the city (Chicago) as well. Getting about 25 mpg (80% city/ 20% highway).
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    From a Mazda Press Release for the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show

    "Mazda SKY-G is a next-generation direct injection gasoline engine with significantly improved fuel economy and output performance due to enhanced thermal efficiency. ... Specifically, fuel economy and torque are improved by approximately 15 percent compared to Mazda’s current 2.0-liter engine. This was achieved by adopting next-generation fuel injectors and a highly functional variable valve timing mechanism. The engine enables fuel economy equivalent to the current Mazda Demio (known as the Mazda2 overseas) to be achieved in a vehicle the size of a Mazda Axela (Mazda3)....Mazda’s next-generation SKY-Drive automatic transmission ... improves fuel economy by approximately five percent, due to a complete redesign that significantly reduces mechanical friction, a revised torque converter and clutch with minimized slip, and an optimized lock-up mechanism."

    It sounds like Mazda is moving in the right direction for its future vehicles (like the 2011 Mazda3?).
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    If I'm not mistaken, the SKY-G designation is simply Mazda's version of the Ford Eco-Boost technology.


    Best regards,
  • scwmcanscwmcan Niagara, CanadaPosts: 393
    The SKY-G is not turbo charged, so I don't think it is really related to Eco-Boost, though some of the changes to the fuel system may be similar (I don't know for sure). In any case an improvement in Fuel economy is always welcome. I would still like to see fewer revs on the highway in the manual 3 (I still think the engine has enough power to be peppy at highway speeds if it was revving 500-750 rpm less(on my 2007 Mazda 3 sport (5door) at least, just my opinion though), but I am not an engineer for Mazda so will have to assume they know what they are doing .
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    While turbocharging is a key component of all of Ford's announced engines, many of the new technologies that Ford has filed for patents on do not require a turbocharger, chief among them is the direct injection technology common to both EcoBoost and SKY-G. Time will tell, but is it my understanding that SKY-G, EcoBoost, and a third acronym (that escapes me for the moment) from Volvo are all based upon the new EcoBoost patents (and pending patents).

    Best regards,
  • I'm pretty sure those prefs need to be set by the dealer. Kinda lame if you ask me.....

  • 26cars26cars Posts: 19
    Popped over here from the Subie forum just to hear some MazdaSpeak and lament the loss (totalled) of my '07 3s, possibly the best car I ever owned (although the '04 6s my ex-wife kept & wouldn't give back was pretty nice too).
    I'm jealous that y'all are tossing around your 3's and I'm not. :cry: Had to get a small SUV and the Tribute, although decent, didn't quite make the cut.
    BTW, to those considering a VW, as temping as they may be (I once owned a Passat), one word of advice:
    DON'T!! Unless you plan on keeping only during warranty period, even then expect a bunch of visits to the dealer. :lemon: My VW was the most trouble-prone vehicle I ever owned, and I bought it new.
  • most folks probably will. this type of story is rare among mkV owners. (especially considering the mkV golf has gotten the much vaunted reccomended rating from consumer reports.)

    i hate it for ya though man.
  • most folks probably will. this type of story is rare among mkV owners. (especially considering the mkV golf has gotten the much vaunted reccomended rating from consumer reports.)

    i hate it for ya though man.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    My sources from Mazda are telling me quote the opposite. Internally, Japan is not too high on Ford right now. There was always a battle between Mazda-Japan and Ford-USA and exactly what technologies they will be sharing and how they will be incorporated into their vehicles. I happen to know a Mazda engineer who has told me to "not be surprised" to see drastic technology changes in the near future. Something Mazda-Japan has been trying to do for years but, not necessarily allowed to do because of Big Brother Ford. We all know that Mazda is now in complete control of their operations, and we will now be seeing more separation of technologies between the two companies. There will still be tech sharing, but, not at the common pace we are used to seeing.
  • autonomous: I was tolded by the dealer that the sky-G was only going in the SUV's and not the cars, Can you find out if this is true or not? I would like it to be in the cars as well. I have the 2010 3s and would like to see better mpg,s on the 3. I feel the mileage is only 1 or 2 miles better than the 09's and back.
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