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Toyota Hilux (Tacoma) Diesel Option available in U.S. 2010

Toyota already makes a diesel version of the Tacoma (known as the Hilux). The Hilux offers two turbocharged diesel engine options. These vehicles get 30-35 mpg, can tow 5,000lbs., and will last 300,000+ miles. If you want it in the U.S., then go to the Toyota website and contact them, via email, and request it. Let them know you want the Hilux (with the diesel option) available in the U.S. as soon as possible. I contacted Toyota and they said they are considering bringing the Hilux to the U.S., but were gauging customer demand. Each customer's request is given a file number and is cataloged. When enough people demand the Hilux in the U.S., they will make it available. So now is the time to let them know what you think!

P.S. Just google "2009 Toyota Hilux Euro Spec" if you want to see the Hilux already available in Europe. The Hilux is a far superior vehicle than the Tacoma we are stuck with in the U.S.


  • rmerme Posts: 7
    AMEN!!! Phone call was made and I've seen the euro spec diesel you speak of....what a great looking truck....
  • I will be sure to do this. Thanks for the info :D
  • I've also seen them in Europe and Australia. I'd MUCH RATHER have one of them than the behemoth Tacoma I have, which will NEVER be economical. Just emailed my comments also to Toyota.

    Go to bottom of the page "contact us"... then bottom of the page "email Toyota"

    It's not like I haven't sent them plenty of emails on these kinds of subjects... but I always get a canned email back... "we're sorry you don't like our product" LOL

    I'm on Toyota truck #8... but eventually Honda is gonna build an economical truck that will fit a motorcycle in the back, and I'll be the first in line !!!
  • They sell the Hilux in Haiti. Most of the cars in haiti are diesel.
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