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Hyundai Genesis Lease Questions



  • Carman, What are the lease details and any incentives for a 36 month, 18k mi per year lease: 2011 Genesis 3.8 (fully loaded)? I live in so california (91701). Thanks so much!
  • Here you go. Hyundai Finance's January buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track MT with 15,000 miles per year are .00185 and 56%, respectively.

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  • Hi manniodl. Please see my previous post for an example of what this car's current lease program is like.

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  • timc7timc7 Posts: 1
    I'm looking for a 3-Year/20K Mile Per Lease on a 2011 Genesis 3.8 with Tech Package (or a 4.6)

    My local dealer (California Zip 94303) is telling me Hyundai only does 15K leases and has come up with some insane numbers for some other local (maybe he meant "loco") Bank.
    3Year/20K Per - 3.5K Down - $550+Tax per month

    What's the real story on this, Hyundai doesn't do 20K Leases?

    I need some ammo to go after this car, I'm ready to lease it today.
  • It’s funny you should post this question, as we just went through this same problem at a dealer in San Jose 10 days ago. It is true the Hyundai leases only extend to 15K miles. You can roll into the lease, or pay up front the additional mileage at 15 cents a mile which would be $2250 (15 cents X 5000 miles X 3 years). Don’t let them try and tell you its 20 cents a miles, it’s not; only if you pay for the mileage at the end of the lease. Google a car lease calculator, if you haven’t done so already. When you look at the screen in the dealer’s finance office the money factor and residual value (which Car Man can provide) should be the same as for the 15k mile lease. If I get a vote, go for the 4.6. We have 2, a 2009 that just came off lease, and a 2010. We just replaced the 2009 with a little red 3.8 Genesis Coupe; great fun!! The dealer tried to tell us he had never written up a 20k lease before (ya, and cows can fly) Sorry to be so long. Hope this helps and good luck!!
  • martemarte Posts: 1
    marco27...I would like to lease a Genesis for under $500 per month and can't seem to do it. I gotta know what did your payment end up being with the tax added in?
  • I just leased a Genesis v6, automatic with premium and navigation in NJ from Lester Glenn in Toms River. I put down $1900 total out of pocket and was under $400 a month. Does that help you?
  • Hi jack,

    Can you please post more details with your lease? I'm also in NJ and want to try to replicate your lease.

  • Hi. My car was 38400 and the price was brought down to 31,???. I did all of the paperwork over the phone. - (I never walked into any showroom other then to drive the cars I was considering. All of my car negotiations for the past 7 yrs for my family I have done this way and have found this way to be far less aggravating and more beneficial for me.) This is for 12000 miles a year and a 36 month lease (they don't do 39 months). The only thing that I did not like or know about was that there is a $400 fee when the lease is returned at the end of it if I do not purchase the car which I have never done - I would suggest to you that you (when all is said and done) try to negotiate that $400 off - I would have if I had known and tried to have gotten it off of the selling price (they said Hyundai has that on all of there leases).

    Originally I had a price of 1500 down with a price of 394 per month (out the door price) with Lester Glenn. It was a little better then what I had gotten from other dealerships. (I had actually negotiated a better price for a 2011 Infiniti g37x of $339 a month plus $1900 down out the door price, but preferred the Genesis.)

    I was lucky. It was the last day of the month and since I wanted the Genesis over the Infiniti I decided to call the sales manager, Ed Matthews, who I had spoken with before. I told him the price I had received for the Infiniti and that I preferred the Genesis and would he meet it. He asked if I would take the car that day (January 31st). I said yes and that was that! (I guess there is some truth to waiting until the end of the month!)

    I cannot say enough about the sales manager, Ed Matthews, from Lester Glenn Hyundai in Toms River and the young lady Lauren Afflitto who I originally worked with. When we went to go and get the car all of the paperwork was done. AFTER all was completed, Ed told me that he had realized that he had made a mistake after he had agreed; but that it had been his mistake and that he felt compelled to honor it. (Totally opposite of how some of these dealerships work!) The dealership also will give me free oil changes and wheel rotations.

    I don't know where in NJ you are, but you might do well to check them out. They were amazingly professional and incredibly nice. (After I checked out the car which looked very good, Lauren (original sales associate) was called outside by Ed. When she came back she told me that Ed was not satisfied with the job that had been done to clean the car and that he had her call the prep people to do a better job. I am a fussy person and expect a car to be perfect. He wanted it to be better then perfect!)

    I hoped I answered all of what you wanted to know. Best of luck - I LOVE the car! (If you do speak with them tell them that Leslie sent you!)
  • Thank you for the detailed info!
  • Carman
    Can you give me some feedback on this deal that was offered to me today in so cal:
    3.8 Sedan with Tech
    36 mo lease, 20K miles per year
    Sales price - 36,999
    $1300 due at signing
    Total mo payment - $567

    Dealer said he would throw in Winged badges.
  • I'd be happy to take a look at this deal, manniodl. What is this car's MSRP? Knowing it will enable me to see how much of a discount you are being given on it.

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  • Car-man, I'm looking to lease a v6 Genesis sedan this weekend and I was wondering if you were aware of any special lease deals that Hyundai may be offering? I live in the Boston area and nearly leased a Genesis last month for zero down and $380 per month for 36 months. Thought I might be able to do a little better by waiting. Also, Do you recommend any of the premium packages on v6 leases?
  • I am working on a lease for this car. Only one dealer so far has given me hard figures as to the money factor and residual %. According to him, these are the numbers given by Hyundai themselves for the special ending on Feb 28, 2011. Can anyone confirm these numbers?

    Genesis Coupe Automatic Transmission (Base)
    $24350 MSRP
    $21900 Base Cap Cost (TrueCar NoHaggle Price)
    $595 Bank Fee
    $1000 Manufacturer Incentive
    $21495 Adjusted Cap Cost
    59% Residual ($14367)
    .00167 Money Factor
    36 Months
    12000 miles/yr
    8.1% Sales Tax

    $7128 Depreciation
    $2156 Finance Charge
    $833 Total Sales Tax
    $10036 Total Payments

    $257.89 Monthly Payment Before Tax
    $20.89 Monthly Sales Tax
    $278.78 Total Monthly Payment
  • Typical dealer bull****

    They said "my manager agreed to $1000 dealer cash but he's raising the rate to make up for it"

    Oh dear.
  • Hi cmac6041. Hyundai is running a special lease program on the Genesis Sedan right now, but I don't believe that it sweetened its deal for President's Day. Its program for this car should be the same as it was earlier in the month.

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  • Hi, if anybody has any knowledge to help me, it sure would be appreciated.

    I am getting ready to buy a fully loaded Genesis Coupe that had a MSRP of $32250
    with a $2350 down payment, with an agreed upon price of $31,000, full sticker was $33150 not counting sealant and other bs charges. Not quite sure what the lease factors and fiqures should be with excellent credit and if this is worth paying for. Suppose to purchase tomorrow. Little help please.
  • gramanagramana Posts: 1
    Hi Car Man,

    Can you tell me the current money factor and residual value for a 2011 Genesis 3.8L sedan with tech package (premium included) (3 yrs, 12k miles)? Thanks!
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi gramana. According to the latest information that I have seen, Hyundai Finance's buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Genesis 3.8L Sedan with 12,000 miles per year are .00061 and 54%, respectively.

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  • marco27marco27 Posts: 8
    edited March 2011
    Car man- why is there never any discussion about Genesis lease deals that seem to be available that are way better via brute negotiation than any mf and rv calculator you can input with Hyundai's published numbers? I leased a 2011 Genesis Sedan loaded to the hilt with Prem and Tech pkgs with 0 down and $399/mth for 36ths and 12K mi. Can you pull those numbers out of published lease rates that are used in these forums? Doesn't seem like it, but I got one. Like most lessors, I have no plans to buy this car, so all the other numbers regarding purchase at lease end don't matter to me. Am I missing something about my deal?
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