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Chevy Traverse vs. Ford Flex



  • I just want to know why not get a Chevrolet Traverse LTZ and compare it with the Ford Flex Limited, instead of a 2LT? It's pretty easy to understand why the author liked the Flex's interior, with leather, navigation, etc. So, why not compare apples to apples? It's not like the Traverse doesn't have something to compare with the Limited.
  • wavehowaveho Posts: 31
    I completely agree. They compared the Flex to the WRONG MODEL! My LTZ has heated AND air-conditioned front seats, rear DVD, auto-folding side mirrors, leather, remote starter, premium Bose, full screen navigation and rear-camera, spacious 3rd row, huge storage space BEHIND the third row which is rare in a non-Suburban-class SUV, and the styling is class-A. I guess I'm not "hip" enough, but I don't like the Flex in any way.
  • wavehowaveho Posts: 31
    US N & WR rated all "Affordable Midsize SUVs" and found the new Traverse to be the BEST of the bunch. Here is the link: s/

    Ford Flex bounds in at number 9. A very strong showing for the Traverse, that's for sure.
  • As a retired person,lots of time on computer ! GM,Ford,Toyota,Nissan,about all,build autos and trucks that are not sold in this country ! From Mexico down and other conntries they make disel motors (great MPG) ! USA ! Bigger,more HP,more options,that what the auto makers put on you in this country ! But isn't that what you've asked for ? That guy in front of you is not "Drunk" he use-ing one of the new features on his auto !!
  • /that's why it's bettger to buy a used domestic car. You can get a great value. With Honda and Toyota you pay for the name. Checkl out who has the most recalls. It's not the Ford or GM.
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