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Chevrolet Traverse



  • My 2010 Traverse is one year old this month. The check engine light came on this weekend and I took the Traverse into the dealership on Monday a.m. I phoned to see what the issue was and was told that it was the TIMING CHAINS and it meant pulling the engine and they would have it for the remainder of the week. Has anyone else had this issue? I just now have 13,000 miles on my car and am sick at learning this news. The Traverse still looks as if it rolled off the dealership showroom. Also the steering wheel is making a whinny noise but not like power steering issue. Appreciate the help and answers.
  • maxxmdmaxxmd Posts: 17
    I dont know anything about the timing chains and a check engine light but I know there is a service bulletin on the timing chains. I had mine replaced if you read back through my posts.
    I've also had the steering wheel noise issue. According to my service tickets, I have had the steering wheel replaced in April 2009. I had the "steering rack" replaced in Nov. 2009 after the noise came back. I had the "steering gear" replaced in Aug. 2010. The noise returned on Nov 18th and I will take it in again this week.

    Good luck.
  • Thank you for your reply. How do I find the "service bulletins" that have been issued regarding the timing chains? What is you final outcome on your Traverse. I was sick after reading your threads regarding your Traverse and hope you get results from GM if not the dealer. It is totally beyond ridiculous! Thanks again.
  • I have a noise in my steer column it sounds like. When you turn back and forth (with the radio off) you can hear it whining or something. is that what yours was doing as well? Mine is a 2010 LTZ
  • maxxmdmaxxmd Posts: 17
    That is the same noise. The dealer described it once as corduroy pants rubbing together.

    Not sure where to find the service bulletins on timing chains. I would Google it.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,982
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide has TSB info, but you'll have to get full text from the dealer unless someone has posted them online somewhere.

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  • nekwebnekweb Posts: 1
    Today will mark the 3rd time since Sept. 24. my traverse has been inoperable. The first two times it was the timing chains and this time seems like the same. My wife, myself and 4 children were traveling about 75mph when without warning the engine shutdown and check engine light popped. The last 2 X'S it has run but stumbling and sputtering. This time dead nuts, it didn't re-fire untill about 1/2 hour later, but my attempts to blow up the motor failed after it stalled 10 seconds later. Same issue as before except stranded this time. It sucks that three timing chains have already streatched on me two other times and now i get that damn silverado loaner that barely fits us for a third week. A new engine is in our future, either from Chevy or someone else....
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Sounds like something is causing this problem and the dealer needs to investigate, replace whatever comes in contact with the chains. Sounds like all they did was throw on a new chain. I'd also call corp. and get them involved and I would want to know just what their plans are BEFORE they do any work as if they say all they are replacing is the chain then this just doesn't get it. If they insist on just the chain tell them you will put signs in all the windows of the Traverse telling everyone who can read what a shoddy dealer they are. One time a Chevy dealer screwed up my radio(aftermarket, shorted it out) and they wanted to send it in to be fixed. I said no as this could take a month on a brand new truck a week old. They refused to replace with new one so I went home and made a picket sign and it didn't take me 10 min. of walking in front of the dealer before the sales manager was out there with a check. :shades:
  • sailor23sailor23 Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    My 2011 Traverse only a few months old began to have a Steering Wheel Whine, not Squeek... but Whine. Local Tech fixed it. Said they often come with insufficient fluid, which can cause an air pocket. He power vacuumed the air pocket out, and voila! No more whine.
  • My 2011 Traverse has frequent Rotten Egg smell when the AC Fresh Air vent is open and coming to a stop. Shops keep telling me they don't have any Tech Bulletins on this... But some independent research tells me its probably a bad Catalytic Converter... But to get a shop to fix it is another thing... I sure don't want to spend $1,000 plus replacing the Muffler/Catalytic converter. I'm also surprised the Sensor isn't alerting... unless that is broken too. Anyone have thoughts or proof of a TB by Chevy? I"m still covered by Warrantee.
  • Hello All!

    I have a 2011 Traverse, which I have had for almost a year (to the day). I have only driven Honda's in the past (5 to be exact) and this is my first Chevy. I love my vehicle very much, but recently I have been having a few minor issues...

    First, back in June of this year, I was driving home from work and the car just stopped, right as I was about to make a turn. The engine was still running but nothing else would respond - not even the brakes! Turns out it was the CV axel and CV boot that needed to be replaced. The car was 8 months old and had less than 8k miles on it.

    Once that was fixed, life was good. But recently I have noticed a few things...

    First, my steering wheel is now making a whining noise when I turn the wheel sharply. I have no idea what is making this noise but it is driving me crazy!!

    Second, when I turn my heat on there is this rattling noise that can be heard when the vehicle isn't moving. Most times it can be head over the radio and again...its VERY annoying!

    Last, but certainly not least, my passenger's side seat (front) doesn't seem to be screwed in tight... or something. When the car starts off the seat seems to move backward just a little and then moves forward when the car stops. I'm clueless. And like the other two, are driving me nuts!!

    I love my car and often brag about it to my friends and family... but it seems to be the little thing that are getting to me. Has anyone else had these issues with their Traverse?? If so, were you able to get them resolved?? Please give me some hope. The dealership where I purchased the car is incredible, but unfortunately, I have moved to another state and can't take it there. I'm hoping that my local dealership can fix these things... and soon.

    I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone that is looking for a crossover-type vehicle. I'm sure every car has its issues... I know my Honda's all had one thing or another.

    Thank you for your input!!!
  • Ok, I would like some help on this one. I own a 2009 Traverse with 63k overwhelmingly highway miles. Been great so far.

    Went to replace all four tires and got a great deal but the place did not do alignments but recommended someone. Took it today and the place told me the bushings on BOTH rear control arms were shot and they couldn't do the 4 wheel alignment until they were replaced. He called the dealer and you can't just replace the bushings--the whole control arm has to be replaced. For both the cost is roughly $750!!

    Has anyone else had this experience?! I have taken excellent care of this vehicle and it's barely two years old. I could not find any recalls related to this issue on the internet and of course I'm way over the mileage limit for the standard warranty. I'm sure that this won't be covered under powertrain warranty either.

    I could really use some insight on this. I have been a proud GM supporter, but if this is the case after two years it really gives me pause.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,742
    I'd get a second opinion but keep in mind that bushings are a wear part and you do have quite a few miles on the car.
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  • Has anybody seen a problem with Chevy Traverse 2011 dying while driving. Mine has only 5000 miles when turned off while driving. I could not start it anymore. Onstar could not diagnose anything. Had to tow it to local Chevy dealer. It has been there for four days. Still does not start. Very frustrating...
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Look at it from the bright side. At least it still doesn't start. Lots of people with different vehicles have the same problem but they usually restart after sitting a couple minutes and the dealer can never find anything wrong.
  • First things I'd look at is the connection where the battery cable meets the battery under/behind the front passenger seat and where the data cable interfaces with the main system computer.

    In reading a number of incidents in this forum, the GMC Acadia forum, and a couple of Traverse dedicated forums, with vehicles shutting down at highway speeds and/or failing to start and/or losing battery charge it has always come to these points of failure.

    My first look would be to see if there is either a loose or incompletely inserted plug in the socket of the data cable.
  • While I understand there is a break-in period for new engines...I do believe I've got something going on that is out of the ordinary. We bought our 2011 Traverse AWD LTZ in late November 2011 and have almost 1,800 miles on it now. We have not gotten better than 15 miles per gallon. Most of the driving has been around town...probably 75% town and 25% highway so far. I know that the EPA estimates for fuel mileage are always skewed high because of they are calculated with 100% gasoline (not the 90/10 mixture of gasoline/ethanol that we are forced to purchase at the pumps); however, I do think that the mileage we are getting is a bit pathetic. My wife and I do not hammer on the gas pedal and are conscious of how we accelerate. Has anyone else out there had poor fuel mileage like we are? Any other stories of fuel economy like this and then it bumping up to what it should be would make me feel a bit more at ease.

    Look forward to hearing what others have to say on this topic. Thanks!
  • tomme12tomme12 Posts: 11
    Its normal. It might go up a little bit, but not much. The car really likes the hwy. I can get close 24mpg on my 2010 ltz on the hwy steady at 70mph. But as soon as I go to driving around tow, it kills it down to what you see. There is not much you can do to change it. I put a k and n filter in and helped a tiny bit, but not much. Its a heavy car and the start and stops kill the MPG. If you were buy a big suv for mileage, its not this one, but a great overall car. I have 25k so far and its nice, hauls our boat, kids, stuff, ski trips, etc. You can check out the as well for more info
  • maxxmdmaxxmd Posts: 17
    I have 87,000K on my 2009 AWD Traverse and 15 mpg in mostly city driving sounds about right. I might get 22-23 on perfect hwy driving but that doesn't happen too often.
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