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Chevrolet Traverse Lease Questions



  • I retired a few years ago so I don't drive that much.

    As you can tell by the Traverse I turned in with only 17,000 miles and nearly 4 years old.

    I would have had less than that but I took a road trip to see my son in Florida and that accounted for nearly 3,000 of the miles.

    I really like the Traverse for it's handling and smooth ride. First time I have ever bought the same vehicle back to back in over 50 years of buying cars.
  • Well that's a pretty good testament to the Traverse!

    Anyone have any idea if a $329/month, $0 down 36 month lease on a LS AWD is a good buy? Or should it be less? It has an invoice price of $30,385 after the $1,500 factory rebate.
  • I forgot to add that when I turned in the 2010 they wrote off my last 3 lease payments
  • strider_gtsstrider_gts Posts: 5
    edited August 2013
    I would LOVE to quickly know the current residual rate on a 2013, AWD LS if anyone knows it!

    Thank you so much!
  • chris0076chris0076 Posts: 11
    edited August 2013
    Don't know the rate on the LS, but my 2014 LTZ was 56% that was for 39 months. It will depend on the number of months your leasing for. The longer the lease the smaller the %
  • Do you think this is accurate? /rebates.html

    58% residual at a 1% apr?

    I had no idea how much residual rate affected your monthly payments until I played with this calculator:
  • That appears to be in the ball park. I just looked @ my 2010 Traverse LT1 lease agreement which was for 48 months and my residual was 39%. That was in Jan. 2010.
  • fatslopfatslop Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    Hello, does anyone know of current (as of 09/05/13) lease residuals and rates on both 2013 and 2014 AWD Traverse 2LTs? I am just starting the process today and although the 56% residual (36 month/36K miles) I have been quoted seems reasonable the money factor rate of 3.18% does not (for someone with excellent credit at least). I am looking at a 2LT with an MSRP of $44,400. Thanks for your time.
  • I'm sorry... we don't have the September lease numbers for GM..

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  • Hi CarMan,

    Can you please tell me the residual and money factor on the 2014 Traverse LTZ @ 12k miles per year? Any incentives going on? Thank you!
  • 1.20% MF and 60% residual.. It looks like ALLY provides $850 of lease cash to be used as a CAP COST reduction, on this model.


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  • Hi, I am taking bids online for the vehicle below, but need to know more information for next steps including: residual value, money factor (very high credit score), and what should I be paying (vehicle price and fees).

    2014 Traverse 1LT AWD 8 passenger
    All-Star Package
    Roof Rack
    Standard colors

    Looking for a 15k / 36 month lease.
  • 2014 Traverse 1LT AWD 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    1.75% MF and 58% residual


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  • I have been dead set on an AWD Traverse, but there seem to be mostly FWD Traverse models being sold in Cleveland, Ohio. I want a vehicle that is going to be very good in the snow (real snow) because I drive into areas that are hilly with 150 inches of snow per year (real snow for Cleveland).

    What are your opinions of the performance of FWD versus AWD on this vehicle?
  • I owned 2010 FWD Traverse and had no problems during the 3 winters here in Pittsburgh ( home of nothing but hills & bridges ) and had no problems. Of course the past 3 winters have not been that snowy. If you drive long distances or are on the road a lot I would go for AWD. Ohio terrain does not have the hills you would find here in Western Pa so you might be alright with FWD.
  • No AWD in Cleveland? That seems weird..

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  • Can you please post the money factor and residual on a 14 Traverse LTZ leased for 36 months at 12k or 15K miles/year? Also, are there currently any incentives? Thank you!
  • 2014 Traverse LTZ 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    1.75% MF and 58% residual.. add 2% for 12K/yr lease
    $675 in lease cash


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  • cpamancpaman Posts: 42
    Hello all,

    I am currently in negotiations with a couple of dealers to lease a Metallic black 2014 traverse 1LT for my wife. The only option is the all-star package. Can someone please provide me with the details (MF and residual) for a 10K,12K and 15K per year lease in the north east (CT specifically)? Time is of the essence and I appreciate the feedback.
  • 2014 Traverse 1LT 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    1.75% MF and 58% residual.. add 2% for 12K/yr lease, 3% for 10K/yr


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