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Lexus RX 300 Check Engine, VSC and TRAC OFF Lights



  • acetacet Posts: 1
    You know I really wish people joined the forums which already have hundreds of your fellow car-make owners who could save people thousands...Just think about it, WHY would they fuse the o2 sensor to the manifold? :lemon: All the o2 sensors which I've seen in my life were ALL threaded. Its like saying that if you have a cut on your hand, the doctor needs to replace your entire arm. Nothing against you, I am just trying to save you money in the future, when I bet you could have found a much better use for the money from the tax return...

    Do not trust the STEALERSHIPS!! I can't stress that enough :sick: .
  • azjoelazjoel Posts: 1
    Me too.....I had all these same lights on and after reading a few post here, sure enough the hose behind my air filter was disconnected. It's a tight fit for my hands but I finally got it reconnected and unhooked the battery for 10 min or so and all lights have remained off......thanks everyone for the responses....!!
  • cargovancargovan Posts: 10
    Hi! If an oil filter is slightly damaged on the outside still usable?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
  • bdigest you are "IT" thank you for posting your finding. :shades:
    I was on the way to drop off my wife's car to the STEALERSHIP and just before leaving I googled the problem and bam, there was the answer.
    Reconnected the hose and disconnected the battery for 15 minutes. Problem solved
  • Hi- I am having this random issue with my 2001 Rx 300. I cant check the hose, and cant afford a big cost at the dealership. Does anyone know if this is dangerous to drive? Can it be driven without wrecking my engine? Until I can get a brother or father to look at it!
  • My 1999 Lexus ES 300 appeared having the same problem that you guys were talking about. The check engine and TRAC OFF lights stayed on for a while. After searching the web and reading a few of your postings, I got under the hood. To my surprise, the black hose behind the air filter did get disconnected. I simply reconnected the hose, and disconnected the battery for 15 minutes. Voila! The warning lights were gone! Thanks everyone for sharing the experience.
  • I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the problem.

    Right after I got it back from putting in new engine (due to oil sludge,I now learn) the Check engine and trac off lights came on.
    Brought car back and
    I had dealership check the code for these two lights being on &
    the code says to replace solenoid for tranny ($600-$1000),
    maybe the air filter hose has been disconnected.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
  • sladie42sladie42 Posts: 1
    Why have manifold sensor replaced? Why not ignore? VSC has nothing to do with the engine. The check engine light is probably associated to Manifold sensor.

    Not sure just voicing an opinion
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..Fused to manifold.."

    Get thee to a welding shop and have them use a gas cutting torch to HEAT the manifold while avoiding heating the O2 sensor, then remove the "fused" sensor.
  • jackurjackur Posts: 6
    I believe this is a COMMON problem with toyota cars. I had a 98 camry several years ago. The check engine light went on after the first month I purchased the car. I remembered that I went to dealer at least 4 times for repairing that the same problems during the first 4 years of my ownership. After then, it kept on and off and I just ignored it. It was really bothering. But I found that it was ok if you ignore it. Four of my friends had the same problems with their toyota cars (camry or RAV 4), too! For this reason, I did not buy camry any more.
  • acutezacutez Posts: 1
    I have an '01 Lexus RX 300. The VSC and TRAC OFF lights came on the dash. No manual! So, I found this forum and felt I had the problem solved. Took all this posted info to my mechanic (to save time/money) and after checking things out, he said that the hose and filters were OK . . . . that one of the Oxygen Sensors was bad/out/mal-functioning . . . . that it needs to be replaced ($350.00) . . . . that continued driving with a bad oxygen sensor will affect the fuel mixture and probably get lower mileage . . . . not dangerous.

    Has anyone had this problem with the VSC and TRAC OFF lights???

    AND . . . . consequently, we unplugged the battery (as suggested) . . . . replugged . . . . the lights came back on once . . . . then, not again . . . . BUT, SINCE REPLUGGING, the electronic data on the dash has been inaccurate (i.e., 25 mpg)!!! Anyway, no manual!

    Has anyone had this (2nd) problem with unplugging the battery and electronic data display???

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Other than ABS all functionality, VSC?TC/BA/etc, of the ABS pumpmotor is disabled with a CEL indication.
  • dcummins1dcummins1 Posts: 1
    I have noticed that my vehicle has to have oil added every time I fill up. I check it & its low, some times very low. Its not showing leaks on the ground. Any suggestions?
  • mukundamukunda Posts: 1
    I had corolla 2000 model. my CEL light was on abt 40K miles for the same O2 sensor.. drove till 95K without repairing.. thought emission test will fail.. but took battery off to turn CEL off and went for emission test and it passed.
    Now I bought 2007 highlander.. I have 45K miles on it.. same problem.. P031.. O2 sensor.. shopping for cheaper replacement.. if I don't get it.. wait till emission test fails..
  • la4meadla4mead Posts: 347
    edited June 2010
    If the O2 sensor fails by 40,000, that's way too early. Could it have been the fuel in your area?
    Do you use any cleaning product for the system?
    It was warranteed at least until 70,000 for emission-related items, wasn't it (U.S. vehicles)? Why not have the EFI cleaned or the defective part replaced?
    I wouldn't use a cheaper third-party sensor. You can see the difference when you have both side-by-side.
    Other RX300's tend to need cleaning of MAF sensor and the idle servo (really easy DIY and lots of tips using "search" on this and other sites) long before O2, but those have different codes.
    I hope the info helps. I'm really surprised your OEM O2 sensor didn't last very long, and it happened twice.
  • bdigestbdigest Posts: 3
    As wwest mentioned, it can also be an indication that the gas cap was removed and then replaced without refueling or the gas cap was left not fully tightened after refueling.

    I solved my initial occurrence by reconnecting the hose behind the air filter cover. But a year later, the same lights came on. Refilling the gas tank, tightening the gas cap, and resetting the lights by disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes did the trick...
  • gemini416gemini416 Posts: 1
    I have same problem from last night. Is it safe to drive for a few days until my husband can reconnect the hose and disconnect the battery?
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