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What do you like about hatchbacks?



  • Hatchbacks are, in addition to being extremely economical and convenient, just cute as can be. Why are fewer and fewer companies making them? Even the teeny wagons are getting impossible to find. For versatility and cuteness, nothing beats that Honda Civic 4-door hatch/wagon, but do they make it any more? Nope.

    Everything on the road these days looks exactly the same. Sedans make me vomit, and SUVs are just overpriced gas hogs. Can we ask for just one model year in which no sedans are produced? It is really the least auto manufacturers could do after subjecting us to the sedan mania of the mid-nineties.

    And don't even get me started on the minivan. Who the h*#! needs that much head room? Do these people need to practice their dance routines on the road? Driving behind them makes me queasy, especially since they usually contain an assortment of unruly children running around wildly and pressing their little noses up against the back window in an effort to better see little ol' me zipping along in my considerate, fuel-efficient, perky-mobile.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    There's no doubt about it! This is the home of the Hatchback Fan Club. Like you, I think it's the ideal car.

    Does anyone disagree??
  • Hatchbacks are awesome. They can house the best sounding stereo componants. I love my '84 Toyota Supra!!!!!!
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Hmmm., room for stereo components... Good idea, udamanj.

    Just one more good reason to go for the hatch!
  • Hatchbacks are probably the best cars for the money. They have as much cargo volume as wagons without looking as ugly as one.
  • Hear hear! I think the thing I like best about hatchbacks after their hauling capacity is simply their shape. Even the doofiest looking hatchback still has a pleasing outline to my eye. And the well designed ones look REALLY sharp!

  • what can anyone tell me about the saab 9000. I want one if the price is right but don't know much about them. Would their owners keep buy another one?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I've hidden planet's question above because it is off-topic here. The question is a great one and I've created a new discussion for it. Saab fans, please join us at:

    Saab 900
  • Hmmm...hatchbacks - where to begin? I could go on and on about my '91 Festiva. Maybe I will...

    Huge cargo area with the rear seat folded up. We've moved recliners, tables, bookcases, and just about everything else in it. Two large U-Haul boxes fit perfectly, with plenty of room still left over. And once it's packed, I can still climb just about any hill in third gear. It may not be blindingly fast, but it'll get there.

    Totally reliable, and cheap to fix. In 190,000 miles of driving, we've had to replace the water pump, head gasket, and shifter gate (which plain flat wore out), a couple of wheel bearings (you gotta torque those bearing nuts to factory specs, which Pep Boys seems to NOT do), and a broken clutch fork (at 13k miles, covered under warranty). What other car can you buy four tires for, get them mounted and balanced, and still get change back for $100?? (Oil changes are cheap, too, when you only have to buy four quarts of oil.)

    The perfect urban vehicle. Can sit in traffic for hours without even thinking of overheating. Parking spots too small for most other cars to parallel-park in are yours for the taking. Nimble in tight traffic and small parking lots. And when traffic starts flowing again, you've got that 40+ MPG to accompany you home.

    Mildly theft-resistant. Who's going to mess with an old, faded hatchback when there's a nice new sedan parked next to it? (It's its own anti-theft device!)

    Besides, it can still outrun just about any Geo Metro or Daihatsu Charade ever made. Turboed Chevy Sprints are no problem, either.

    Okay, okay, so this was more of an ode to the subcompact, rather than the hatchback (I can't see my mother-in-law's '90 Mazda 626 GT hatchback, or even my wife's old '82 Citation, doing half of this stuff), but I think that as most subcompacts are hatchbacks, it's probably close enough. Besides, I don't have to tell you why you love your own car!!!
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50
    I just want to say that I own a VW Golf GTI and I love this hatchback!

    There are 2 questions that I want to discuss here.
    Responses are encouraged.

    1) What makes a hatchback better than a sedan?

    2) Why are hatchbacks associated with cheap, third-rate transport here on the U.S.?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I'll take a stab at the first question and I have no doubt that many others will go for the second. :-) To me, hatchbacks are just so much more versatile than sedans that everybody can benefit from them -- especially if you are comparing them with similar sized sedans. There is more room for "stuff" and the stuff doesn't have to come in "trunk size" Think of all the money one can save on delivery! We recently crammed a treadmill in the back of our VW Golf -- umm, it didn't fit in our Honda CRX -- but that's another topic!!!
  • garthgarth Posts: 66
    In response to 2. - it's tough to find a hatchback in the States that isn't inexpensive. Also, because we have extremely cheap gasoline, much milder restrictions on engine size, etc., those that want utility just get an SUV. In much of Europe, for instance, those with larger engines are taxed more, so the market forces smaller cars to be multipurpose vehicles.
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50
    Thanks everyone!

    Those are pretty good responses.

    In response to you, Garth, there's is one hatchback that I would never buy and that is the BMW 318ti. I'm sure you can imagine why.

    Carlady, did you ever notice that the Golf's (A3) C-pillar is much wider than the GTI's C-pillar? I just noticed this b/c many reviewers were comlaining that the Golf's C-pillar was getting wider. I looked at my GTI's and said, "not really, what were they talking about?" Then I realized that it may be the case for the 4-door version, and sure enough, it is!

    I measured the GTI's C-pillar to be about 1.5 stretched hands wide and the Golf's C-pillar to be about 2.5 stretched hands wide! What a big difference wouldn't you say?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Well, wonders never cease! You're right of course, and yes, they do make a difference. But I'll stick with my four-door and its large c-pillar. In addition to making it easier to load the back seats with groceries, etc., I personally have a thing about everybody having his own door and a window that rolls down. God forbid, but in case of an accident, I'd hate to think that my passengers route out of the car would be over my dead body (so to speak.) Anyway, that's my own horror. Not that we often have passengers in the back anyway.
  • paepae Posts: 3
    of course hatchbacks are more pactical cars. Between my Subaru Justy and my girlfriends fiat uno, we've hauled enough freight to fill a 40 foot conatiner. Now, that i've upgraded to a vw golf, i 'm pretty sure i wont have any moving problems. My girlfreind tho has bought a nissan sentra which may 10 time smore comfartable than the uno, but can't touch when it comes to a full load.
  • bchaubchau Posts: 8
    Say, no one responded to "why aren't they making hatch" anymore.

    I looove the Accord hatch, but why did they stop making it. It looked good and, as all hatch are, functional. What else can anyone ask for?
  • xtrooperxtrooper Posts: 1
    My wife have a Escot Hatchback, the nice thing is that it looks sporty then it haul more load than any other, easy to load and unload.
  • malaenamalaena Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me about their experiences with the Toyota Celica hatch? I'm considering buying one soon. What do you think about Saturn SC1? Do you think they're worth the money? How about Eagle Talons?
  • garthgarth Posts: 66
    I dunno about the saturn, but I definitely don't think a Celica is worth the money...
  • Talons rock, but the Plymouth Laser and Mitz Eclipse are the same cars with a less expensive name. I love my Laser but for someone who didn't it wouldn't be worth it.
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