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Ford Expedition Heating Problems



  • Bought a new 2010 Expedition EL LTD in August 2010; the vehicle has had more than a reasonable number of quality problems that should have been caught in normal factory quality control checks. About two weeks after having the vehicle, I lifted up the front passenger side floor mat and noticed the carpet was soaking wet. After taking it to the dealer for repair, it was determined that the plastic box containing the evaporator coil behind the dashboard had a crack. The repair required major disassembly of the entire dashboard, console, plumbing into the engine compartment, and probably more that I'm better off not knowing about. The repair procedure lasted 8 days. Things seem to be working well now, but I am concerned about other problems down the road given that so much of the vehicle was taken apart and reassembled. Seems to me that some basic QC check should have picked this up.
  • hrgprohrgpro Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Ford Expedition XLT. My heat is coming on but not feeling it coming thru the vents nor the floor vents hot. The blend flap behind the glove compartment closes but still no heat coming thru. What do I need to do to make it come thru the vents and the floor?
  • Is it coming out the defrost? If you have a vacuum leak, the default position is out of the defroster. The blend door controls temparature, but not which outlets the air is sent to. I'd suspect vac leak. The typical place for a failure is the vac lines running under the battery tray, they get corroded and fail.
  • have a 2000 ford expedition eb have plenty of air front and rear but no heat car has been flushed and termostat change when blowing air in lower setting feels little warm front and back but when set it on high is just cold any ideas
  • My truck blows hot air but I have no control on temp. It just blows hot ain't. I can hear the actuator door slapping in a rhythmic patern. What the cause obviously thr actuator door is woo
    Raking but not staying in the fixed position the temp control is asking for. Any advise on what to replace? :confuse:
  • My 2001 Exepdition has had some trouble starting when it's wet outside. Doesn't want Tim idle and warm up. You have to stay and hold the RPMS till it warms up. Once you travel a few miles it starts to idle properly and it's fine. :confuse: Any thoughts?
  • That sounds like a broken blend door. Is it the rear controls or the front?
  • IAC - Idle Air Control valve.
  • Is this the reason she won't start and idle. Once it warms up she runs like a new truck. The part looks easy to install.
  • It's in the front controls. I can here the the blend door slapping trying to either close or opening. The heat always blows hot with no temp control. The rear controls seam fine. The temp. Gauge is staying at a 1/4 never seems to be running at the right temp should be running warmer. Is this a separate problem someone said ECT Control or idle control valve HELP!
  • I'm guessing at the IAC as the culprit for your idel issue and it is easy to replace so it seems like a good place to start.
    In the front the blend door axles break which leads to no control (in the back it is the blend door actuator that breaks it's gears). Two ways to fix the blend door, the Ford way which is to remove the dash and put in another plastic door. There are aftermarket kits that you go in through the back of the glove box opening with a steel door. Look up Heater Treater, I think their site is I haven't had to do one yet, but will go with the second option when the time comes.
  • I have a 2001 Ford Expedition. I have plenty of air front and rear but no heat. The car has been flushed, fluids replaced, new radiator hose, termostat changed ... when blowing air in lower setting feels little warm if it is above freezing outside. We thought it was the blend door, so we took out the dash and ... the blend door is fine and in the open position ... so it is not that. I am hoping that maybe a new heater and hoses will fix the problem ... since it is exposed now and hoses ... but the hoses at the parts store do not look anything like what is on the car. I haven't started this project yet ... not sure how the hoses are attached. Some of them go to a T connection and there are these aluminum/metal coupling looking things where they are attached to other hoses. HELP!
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