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Volkswagen Routan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Have you been able to test drive a 2011 yet? Are they any smoother/more powerful with the stronger engine? Outside of the previous questions, how long do you plan to own the vehicle? If you plan to sell within the next 3-5 years, then waiting for the 2011 (if you can get it at a good price) may be the best bet, because the depreciation on the ones with the weaker engines will be fairly steep.
  • ktb7ktb7 Posts: 4
    Hi Car Guy,

    I know that this is a great deal right now but can I get any better? This vehicle is obviously not selling well and I'm not even sure if VW is going to continue the model.

    Other dealers have turned down the sale price saying that it is too low.

    Should I wait to see what happens or buy now?

    Car Buyer
  • ktb7ktb7 Posts: 4
    Just purchased today for $29,500 including freight at Fitzgerald VW in Annapolis, MD.
  • Hi ktb7,

    Nice deal! Which sales rep did you work with at Fitzgerald? Did you finance privately or use VW or Fitzgerald financing? I'm in Laurel and may be in the market for my second Routan.

    Thanks! Tom
  • ktb7ktb7 Posts: 4
    Hi Tom,

    I worked with Tom Asher at Fitzgerald. I hope it was a great deal and financing was not a factor in the price.

    Please let me know how you do.
  • urdosturdost Posts: 2
    I am looking for my first minivan. Would you mind providing the following information?

    1) What's the realistic mileage in city/highway?
    2) ktb7 - Did you buy 2011 SEL Routan with RSE and NAV with the price you mentioned? That looks like a great deal!
    3) How's the finance rate these days?

  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    I bought mine from this dealership in northeast Ohio - Medina Volkswagen/Mazda.

    The price on their website is what I paid.

    Currently an SEL with RSE and NAV is $32,095
  • catonqiancatonqian Posts: 1
    Have got an offer for 2011 vw rountan se w/o rear entertain for 22,590 () market sugest: 32,590) before tax and document fee. Is this a big deal?
    Thank you, Caton
  • bestdealohbestdealoh Posts: 7
    edited July 2011
    Which dealership offered that price? That is a very good price!
  • dangnabbitdangnabbit Posts: 30
    Just bought a new 2011 routan se with the rse. Price was about $10K off sticker. Probably could've pushed for a better deal but wanted to get car-shopping over and done with. Not a demo. Just a straight cash deal.
  • howard75howard75 Posts: 4
    edited July 2011

    Congratulations.. it is a great deal. May I ask where is your location and which dealership? I am in Michigan and I hope I can get the same deal.. SE + RSE is sufficient for me.

  • howard75howard75 Posts: 4
    Hi Caton:

    Great price..May I ask where is the dealership? Thanks..

  • dangnabbitdangnabbit Posts: 30
    I'm in St. Louis and they have two major VW dealerships -- one is Bommarito and the other is the Dean Team. Both have advertised $10K off on their SE's with RSE (internet pricing). They might balk at first saying that the price includes all discounts including military, loyalty, and that destination charge is not included. But they ended up honoring their internet price (even though I'm not military nor a previous VW customer). Truth be told, I got the feeling I could've gotten a better deal, maybe another $500 off or maybe an SEL for almost the same price). But the weather was hot and the kids were whining and I just wanted to get home and relax/enjoy the rest of the weekend.
  • howard75howard75 Posts: 4
    edited July 2011
    Thanks Dangnabbit. This is excellent.

    Did you finance with them? VW has 0 APR for 72 months, although I understand you are not suppose to get both ($ off and 0 APR)

    Sorry..didn't notice it is straight cash no financing..

    First contacted dealer in Michigan can do $6000 off. That's the best they can do.. Will keep looking around.
  • higgledyhiggledy Posts: 28
    How is it allowed dealers give you money off but not include the 0% financing? On VW's site it only lists the 0% apr, not an either-or apr or rebate. Seems shady to me.
  • howard75howard75 Posts: 4
    Well it is sort of standard practice. VW gives you either a large sum of cash toward the purchase OR the 0% for qualified buyers. You can’t combine the two. (of course unless the dealer says otherwise :)

    And now the price of Routan 2011 is even lower: up to $11,200 off MSRP. A dealer at MO...why MO again ? :) Hope I live there..
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  • SE/RSE $24,610

    im in SE Michigan, i have been shopping around for a bit for a SE/RSE. I came across the dealership in Medina OH which they were offering their stock of SE/RSE for $24955 with minimal fees totaling about $285 in state doc and transfer fees, i thought this was a very fair price and worth the drive. One last time i would see what offers i could get with this quote from Medina to shop around locally via the dealerships website "make me an offer".

    Dealers generally could not do any better than about $3-4k higher than Medina's number, but one not only matched the price but came in lower :shades:
  • got SE W/ RSE NAV for 11000 off MSRP
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    Could you kindly confirm if they were able to do 0% APR with this $11k off MSRP deal? The local dealers in the bay area are not able to provide both and best cash price is $10.5k off MSRP but with 0% APR, they add another $5k to the price. :(
  • i am pretty certain though Volkswagen it is $4-5k off, or %0 APR. You can always check with the dealer to see what they offer or have networked with other financial institutions for vehicle financing outside of the manufacturers.
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