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Valve/engine woes. Should I call it a day?



  • I am having the same issues with the check engine lights due to misfires as well as numerous transmission issues with no codes showing problems. I am now requesting a repurchase.
  • I have a 2011 Forester auto and traveling up hill it surges and shakes before downshifting. It also feels like it slips into neutral before hitting the lower gear really hard at low speed city driving. The computer is not showing any problems with lights or codes about the transmission and the dealer has had it 6 times attempting to resolve this issue with no luck. I say LEMON!
  • deequedeeque Posts: 2
    My less than 1 year Forester has been in 4 times for misfires. Each time, the dealership tells me it is for a different reason.
    The Lemon law in California states that if it is brought in for four times for the SAME thing.
    I have secured an attorney to deal with Subaru.
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