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Acura Integra

wgintzwgintz Posts: 22
edited March 17 in Acura
Does anyone own an Integra?

I'm driving a 96' Integra GS-R and could not be happier. Does anyone have any other opinions about their Integra?


  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Thanks for sharing with us your enthusiastic vote of confidence for the Integra! Tell us, what do you like most about your car?
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50

    If I'm not mistaken, your car is a coupe (or sedan if you have the four-door). You may get more responses in the "Coupe" or "Sedan" conferences, but you're very welcome in the "Hatchbacks" too.

    Yeah, what is it that you like best about your car?
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Hey wgintz,

    Tell me more. I'm wanting to replace my 91 CRX. God knows why, because I LOVE it. It's the perfect car for my commute from Washington DC to Rockville (reverse commuting over parkway, beltway and freeway. Pedal to the metal!) I would not have believed that any car could be this much fun and get 40 MPG at 80 MPH.

    Anyway, the GS-R looks like a good replacement. I'm sold on Honda quality, (although I also like the German design of the VWs I've owned) and the Integra would be a nice step up (I just got a new job and promotion).

    How is the handling?? Any floating? (I hate what they did to the Mark 3 Golfs!! They wag like an excited puppy. I hope they fix the Mk 4.)
    Have you gotten it to understeer yet? How is the steering "feel", my CRX has no power steering and great feedback. There's an exit off the beltway here that is a 270 degree curve and it has new concrete strips where they have repaired the joints every 1-200 feet or so. When I'm at the traction limit, I can feel in my steering wheel the difference in slip angle when I go over the patches because they have slightly less traction than the rest of the road surface. It's neat, just something you would have to feel.

    Please tell me more about you GS-R and your experiences.

  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22

    I just checked in the coupe section and sure enough there is a conference about the GS-R.
    While this car is a "sports coupe" it also has a hatchback. Whats the true definition of either class? Is it set by the manufacturer?

    What I like best about this car is its engine. There is no rush like revving this vehicle to 8000 RPM's. It feels like a turbo when the VTEC kicks in... and it gets 30 mpg.
  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22

    The Integra GS-R probably is not the best handling sports car on the road, but I think it can still hold its own. I have not experienced much floating or wagging in this vehicle and I've taken some fast curves and experienced very little understeer.

    I'd have to say the best qualities of this vehicle are in the engine and transmission. Like I said above there is nothing like revving this engine to 8000 RPM's. Also this is the best 5-speed I've ever had. Quick seemless shifts in all gears.

    When I first test drove this car the sales rep went along so I did not get a chance to really see what it could do and was not really impressed. I went to another dealership and the sales person gave me the keys and told me he has chirped the tires in third gear. I had to try this feat for myself. Well it can be done and my wife will never drive with me again... (just kidding although she was mad).

    Last, I just want to say I believe this car will be an excellent replacement for your CRX. You'll get slightly less gas mileage but greatly increased performance.

    Check out the Integra Performance Page at for some great info about this vehicle.

  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Bill (wgintz),

    Well, I never chirped the tires in 3d gear in my CRX, mad wife notwithstanding ;-)

    Thanks for the info. I think the new Mercury Cougar is also going to have a hard time convincing anyone it's a hatchback.

    Let's think back a ways though! Wasn't the Jaguar E-Type a hatch?? My (derivative) Triumph GT-6 was, as well. Still, I don't think we're going to get many of those drivers in this section. They're probably out driving......

  • ecnivecniv Posts: 1
    Has anyone here driven a Hyundai Accent? I've been very happy with mine thus far, and I'm curious to know what other people's experience has been with them.
  • I'm looking to purchase a '98 GS-R. I have a '90
    LS. Can anyone tell me what they paid for the GS-R?
  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22

    I paid around $800 over invoice for a 96' GS-R with floor mats and mud flaps (plus a bottle of wine). Check out for some buying tips. It looks like $500 over invoice is a pretty good deal, so I paid a little extra. But the dealer I purchased from has an excellent service department with free loaner cars, etc.
    I seriously recommend checking out the service departments at the competing dealerships. This is my second new car and in my experience the actual purchase is just the beginning. The service you receive after you buy the car is what will really matter in the end.

    Good Luck,

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Bill, that's great advice about checking on the service areas and comparing dealers. After sale service can be a dream or a nightmare. I've had both. Going with the dealer who has Saturday and evening hours, free loaners (& lots of them), and well-trained mechanics who fix problems the first time around might even be worth paying a bit extra for. Looking at the total investment gives a good perspective that helps make the decisionmaking just a little bit easier.
  • Thanks Bill...was wondering if anyone with a newer
    Integra can give me there review on cargo space. I
    currently have a'90 Integra and with the seats down I'm able to put my mountain bike in with tires on. I also can carry 2 long skis and equipment during the season with lots of extra space. Would this work just as well with the newer style Integra?
  • edngedng Posts: 2
    Just curious on what people think...I'm also
    replacing my old CRX with something bigger and
    have narrowed it down to either an Acura Integra
    GSR or a VW VR6. Both are at about the same
    price range but are vastly different cars.
    Any advice?

  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22

    I can tell you that the Integra has better resale, reliability, and ratings in most automotive and consumer magazines...
    But the most important factor is which car rides and performs the way you like?

    Here is one tip though. When test driving the GSR open it up to redline through at least third gear (you pay the ticket if you go higher) to get a good idea of its power...

    You can also setup a Topic, either here or in the Coupes section and get a discussion on which one is better.

  • Referring to: "When test driving the GSR open it up to redline through at least third gear
    (you pay the ticket if you go higher)..." Redline in 3rd gear on my RS is 80 mph. On the GSR it is even faster. Are you telling us that YOU'RE gonna pay the ticket between 55 mph and 80? hehehehe....
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    What's all this about speeding and tickets? Surely not among the hatchback crowd? ;-)
  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22

    good point...


    Maybe you should be called carMOM. ;-)
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Hmmmm, moms aren't ladies? ;-)
  • millermemillerme Posts: 1
    I have a 96 GS-R and I am hooked.

    My only piece of advice would be to replace the stock Michelins when you buy an Integra. Take the car to the nearest tire shop and work an "exchange/credit" deal on a new set of Bridgestones for your "new" Michelins.

  • jcjjcj Posts: 1
    (Mike) I've heard a lot about the poor wet perfromance of the michelins. How much credit do you think you'd receive for each "new" michelin you trade in? Also, why do you pick bridgestones over Dunlop (sp4000 or 8000) or BFG comp TA?

  • warpdryvwarpdryv Posts: 4
    The new integra has slightly less cargo space due to c-pillar redesign
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