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Acura Integra



  • cmuboycmuboy Posts: 2

    I need a reply as soon as possible.

    I was able to negotiate the price of a 2000 Acura
    GS-R Coupe for exactly $20,000 (includes
    destination charge, but does not include tax and
    license) which includes the following accessories:

    Theft Deterrent System
    Full Nose Mask
    Splash Guards
    Wheel Locks
    Moonroof Visor

    Does anyone think this is a good price? The
    dealer invoice price on this vehicle is $20,014 but
    there is a $1,500 factory incentive on this car.

  • cuadancuadan Posts: 13
    20k is a good price for a GSR.
    MSRP is around 22.5k, and you are aware of the dealer incentive, which is good at lowering your price, however, there might still be more room to negotiate. will sell a GSR at 19,989 or something like that, but with the options you have, you're probably getting a better deal with your dealer. The security system itself is listed by the manufacturer at around $500 so at your listed price, you're pretty much got the cheapest deal around. You might get them lower by telling them that you know they're redesigning Integra for 01' and this is a old (since 94') model get the point.
    for reference: your car setup at would cost 23.9K. I'd buy it if I were you.
  • cuadancuadan Posts: 13
    Hey Joseph,
    Just curious :Where do you live? I wonder if they're going for that price in my area.
  • cmuboycmuboy Posts: 2
    Thanks for all your replies. I actually went to another dealership and got the car for about $275 HIGHER. The reason I did this was that 1) this dealership is local to where I live 2) the car that they have there is just right off the truck and everything is still "shrink-wrapped".

    The first dealership I went to was Serramonte Acura in Daly City, CA. If you are considering getting an Acura GS-R and are living close to the area, go take a look. Mike is the Sales Manager. Tell him that Joseph sent you. (He remembers me as he had a hard time with me. :) If you spend enough time there, you will eventually get a good deal like I did.
    I eventually got the car from Oakland Acura in Oakland, CA. This dealership is much closer to where I live and the car has never been test driven before by customers (it has only 12 miles on the odometer). I did pay $275 higher on the car though. My final cost was $22,300 OTD which included tax + license.

    I will be picking the car up this Friday.

  • cfrompacfrompa Posts: 1
    I'm searching for a new car, and I think I have it narrowed down to Integra, Jetta, and perhaps another Civic. I keep reading about how the Integra is outdated, but how does it handle? What kind of repairs does it need? Is it reliable? Is it safe? I'm sick of reading reviews and need some info form actual users.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Integras handle great and are very agile. Better than a Jetta. Why don't you go take a test drive? The GSR hanldes a little better than the LS or GS models because it has a front upper strut bar to lessen body flex at the front.
    With some inexpensive suspension upgrades (thicker rear sway bar) they handle awesomely.
    The 're pretty reliable and safe. I recommend you look at a 5-sp. because it's faster than the auto and more fun to drive.
    The new Jetta 1.8T (turbo) should be fun to drive as well but uses Premium gasoline like the Integra GSR. The Integra LS/GS take regular gas.
    I really enjoy driving my '99 GSR and look forward to it all the time. I 've only driven old Jettas from the late '80s and early '90s so I can't vouche for the new ones. I know they 're not as reliable as Honda/Acuras though because my friend was going through water pumps, starters, and all kinds of parts every other month with his Jetta until he finally sold it with 80K mi. 80K mi. is nothing for a Honda or Acura and they can go easily to 150K with no repairs. My Civic has 96k mi. on it now and so far so good.
  • sionsion Posts: 14
    I have an integra right now.
    I just wonder. What is the difference
    between acura and honda in terms of parts
    and quality. i realize guys that most of us have
    also an acura around so the replies might be
    really subjective. But seriously, what's the
    difference ? To me, the integra '93 looks
    pretty much like a current civic in terms of
    shape and it also drives better. Are the honda
    models always some years "behind" the acura
    models ? also i heard that the new integras
    will bear the honda tag. any info on that ?

    email also appreciated at
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Although Acura is made by Honda the majority of the parts in an Integra and a Civic are different.
    The engines are totally different as well as most of the suspension and braking systems. Rack & pinion power steering system in the Integras is totally different than the Civics and much better. Everything in the Integra is heavy duty and the parts are more performance oriented than the Civic's. Even the radiators & hoses are different (also GSR's radiator is bigger than LS/GS as well as many other parts..). Coil spring rates are higher in the Integra and the shocks are different for better handling. Exhaust is entirely different as well and the muffler in a G3 Integra is almost 50% larger than a Civic's (I own a '97 Civic). They share very few parts which makes sense because I wouldn't want many of the parts from a 106hp Civic for my 170hp Integra.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    This is the only topic I see you active around! How are you doing?
  • alang71alang71 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a new 99 Integra LS (Automatic Trans). I have been getting around 260 miles per fillup before the gas light goes on. Is this low? I though it would get better gas milage.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Usually "light" will be on with about 3-3.5 gallon remaining in the tank (in Hondas/Acuras). How many gallons to go to 260 miles?
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Sounds about normal but it all depends on your driving habits. If you 're heavy on the gas then that's what will happen. If the A/C is on you may get even less. 5-sp. manuals get better gas mileage than autos. Try and take it easy on the gas and accelerate slower next time for 260mi. and you the light probably won't come on at 260 but at around 280. Do you do all city driving? Have you taken it on the highway on a long trip? You 'll see the difference.. My GSR 's light doesn't come on until around 280-290 but that's 99% highway driving. I have gone up to 320 and the needle was barely touching the "E"..
    Robertsmx is right. You have around 3 gallons left when the light comes on.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    I 'm doing ok.. Looking forward to autocrossing this summer.
    I 'm here a couple of times a week. I spend most of my time at forums because I 'm modding my GSR and there is a wealth of information there. I talk to people there with every imaginable mod that there is, they know their stuff..

    I participate in the Civic topics a lot too since I have '97 HB.
    A couple of days ago I noticed you were into a heavy debate on the "which car is better, ITR, Prelude, Celica, Eclipse, etc." I went to start posting to defend our beloved small displacement VTEC engines but they had frozen it until "you guys cooled off.." as the moderator put it :-)
    Too bad I didn't notice it before. I hate to leave a fellow Honda owner alone in such debates.. Oh well, next time I 'll be there for you buddy! :-)
  • With the great discounts on Intergras now, the price is about the same. Which car would you choose and why?
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    I 'd try and come up with the extra $2K and get the Integra GSR.
    If I had to chose between the LS and Si I 'd probably go with the LS 5-sp. because of its higher torque and the ABS that you can't get with the Si. The 2 cars will almost be identical from 0-50mph and the Teg might be a little ahead. It's from 50mph & up where the Si will start passing the LS slowly. The 2 cars weigh the same so the 17ft-lb torque advantage of the LS really helps at lower speeds and you don't have to keep the LS at 5500-6K RPM (like in the Si) all the time to get power out of it.
    ABS is very important to me and engaging it a couple of times in the rain saved my hide.. But if it's all out performance that counts to you go with the Si. The Si is a good car with a good engine and a decent handler. It's loud though and always whinning because it's only a 1.6L
    The LS is much more driveable in the city and highway and more quiet.
    The GSR on the other hand, although it also has VTEC like the SI it has a displacement and torque advantage over the SI just like the LS. At 4K RPM the Si goes about 62mph in top gear. The GSR goes 80mph!
    At comparable 60mph speeds while the SI is pushing 4K RPM the GSR is only at 3K RPM so you get much less engine noise.. The LS is running even less RPMs. These are some of the things I 'd consider.
    I was shopping for the Civic Si too last June but because the dealers weren't dealing too much on them back then and because of its 1.6L noisy engine I went for the GSR and paid $19.8K. Best price I got on an Si with spoiler was $18.3K in the NY/NJ area.
    GSRs now go for about $19.5-19.7K due to 1,500 dealer incentives. I know the prices are more in the low to mid-17's now for an Si and LS so had those been the prices back then I 'd probably go for the Si just because it's a little faster than the LS and I have a heavy foot :-) But I might 've regreted it now seeing how a lot of people are getting tired of the high cruising RPMs and the engine noise of the 1.6L I 'm really glad I went for the GSR. At the time with only a $1500 difference it was a no brainer. The GSR offers leather, ABS, 10 more HP, 17 more torque than the Si and a higher warranty as well as road side assistance and all that crap :-)
    It's actually a tough choice between the LS & Si
    They both have their good points and bad (only bad thing I see in the LS is that it's slower than the Si but nothing a few mods couldn't fix)
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Only1harry and others:
    You're invited to join in a discussion (?) going on (Sports Coupe section)… Topic: what is a sports car anyway?
  • arvindgarvindg Posts: 2
    I recently bought a new Acura Integra GS 200 Automatic with a full gas tank and after having driven till the tank was half empty I noticed that It was giving me only around 12 miles per gallon instead of the 25 or so I would expect. I was driving mostly from work to office and back (2 miles round trip) and the Acura service guy said that my engine was new and wasnt heating up enough to get the right mileage. Could any of you please advice what I should od, has anybody seen this on their new Integras. Thanks!
  • greenbudgreenbud Posts: 2
    I was at the dealership Friday test driving an Integra. I asked about the remodeled 2001 mentioned in Consumer Reports. The sales rep said that they weren't going to release a remodeled Integra until '02. Is this true? He also said that the coupe would be dropped. Can anyone verify this? In that case I'd have no reason to wait on a purchase which was possibly what he was going for.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    He is right about the '01 model release date/year. It will come out in March-April '02.
    As far as the coupe being dropped, he is wrong (unless you meant to say sedan). The sedan will be dropped not the coupe.
    It might be worth the wait though. It's supposed to have 220hp and much more torque but you 'll probably save thousands if you bought one now. GSRs have been going for less than $20K due to $1500-2K manufacturer-dealer incentives. Check the Edmund's section on REBATES/INCENTIVES (make sure you page all the way down to the incentives section)
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    12 mpg sounds weird. Even unbroken GS should get you no less than 25 mpg (city driving).
  • fishertuckfishertuck Posts: 3
    How do I find out about the $1500 incentive on Integras? What should I pay for an LS with an automatic? Take 1500 off of the prices I have found and I am ready to buy! Please let me know ASAP
  • arvindgarvindg Posts: 2
    I will try out some of the steps that you have mentioned to see if the gas mileage improves. Looks like my engine needs to break in properly before I can judge it. This was the first 1/2 tank that I had filled in and so on basis of that I was judging if the car was giving me good mileage or not. With a full gas tank and some decent amount of driving on the freeways, I should be getting around 260 miles or so for a full tank, right only1harry?

  • ineedtiresineedtires Posts: 2
    Hi. I'll need to buy new tires for my 95 Acura Integra this summer. All seasons will do. But which brand/style is best??? (The last Consumer Reports issue on tires is quite dated, and most of the recommendations are unavailable.)

    Any advice is welcomed. Thanks.

    -Ineed Tires
  • fishertuckfishertuck Posts: 3
    I keep reading here about great prices on Integras, however the dealers here (kansas city) are asking $19,000 for used '99 LS. Can't find any info on the $2000 dealer incentive (tried Edmund's) either. If I can get an LS for under 18k or a GS for under 19k I would buy next week. Thanks
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    go to and you 'll see that that they can find you new Integra LS's 5-sp. for $16,815. Add $720 for auto (not recommended).

    I bought my car through carsdirect. At the time the price they gave you included the destination charge. Not sure now. Didn't read all the fine print. Fill out the application and they 'll give you a call within 48hrs. They 'll direct you to the dealer that has your car (& color) you want and at the price they advertise. Dealer's invoice on an LS is $17.8K so even if they add the destination charge ($450?) to 16.8K it's still a good deal.
    Do it now because their prices go up every day! This way you can lock in on this price. Good luck.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Do you have the stock 14" rims? If so the best All Season Tire out there now for the money and performance is the Dunlop D60-A2 JLF
    195-60HR go for about $50 ea. at Tirerack

    I 'm on my 3d set. I really like these tires and they 're great on the wet.
  • fishertuckfishertuck Posts: 3
    thanks for the price info..the car is for my wife, and she wants the automatic (too bad, i prefer to shift myself). What about the 2k dealer incentive? are these still in effect?
  • rjvandenrjvanden Posts: 1
    The incentive ended at the beginning of the month. I got my '00 GS-R for 19.4K (before tax/title/license)...
  • civicrydrcivicrydr Posts: 2
    My brother really wants a new Integra GS-R. But I told him that in 2001 it would be remodeled and that he would get a better, faster more stylish car. The proplem is he really needs a car, and I have heard rumors that the 2001 model isn't coming until 2002, which doesn't make any sense. He can get a 2000 GSR for about 19K. Does anyone have any pictures for then 2001 Integra? If you do please Email to does anyone else have this delima? I really don't want him having a 6 year old looking car when the new one comes out.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    The new '01 Integra will have 220hp with beefed up suspension (coming out in Mar-Apr. 2002) so I estimated to be around $24-25K and being a hot new model you 'd be lucky if you can talk the dealers down a few hundred bucks. You 'd have to wait another 6-9mos (like the new Celicas) for the smoke to settle to get one at a decent price. The current GS-R for $19-20K is a bargain.
    But if you can wait and have the money, why not? I 'll probably trade mine in for a '02 or '03
    (don't like to buy first year out..)
    I 'll send you some pics of the '01 Teg.
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