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Acura Integra



  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Maybe the conversion they want to do is to replace your old compressor? What does this conversion involve??
    Dealers always give you a 12mo/12Kmi. warranty. Make sure the warranty includes the A/C working properly and as good as before. Ask them if they 've done this before in other g2 Integras. Call another Acura dealer as well. Don't tell him the other dealer said to go with R22.. Just ask some questions and how the new Freon works with the old compressors to see what they say. Also call a Honda/Acura independent shop/specialist and get their opinion as well as pricing.. You might save yourself some money if you go with an independent import shop.
  • 5cott5cott Posts: 1
    Ok, granted an automatic is inferior to a stick, BUT I've been looking for a new car and I pretty much have to have an automatic. I've got bad knees. I used to have a stick and after any moderately long period of driving, my left knee would be killing me. SO, my question is this:
    If you had to have an automatic, is the Integra really that bad? Or is it just bad compared to a stick?

    Also, is insurance on an integra high? I kind of got that idea reading some of the past messages. Or was it just high for that guy because his driving record stunk or something?

  • 181kmiles181kmiles Posts: 29
    acura is made by honda as you well know. hondas automatic trans is not that great. as a matter of fact it sucks. it was hondas mistake. you wont get the gas milage, performace, or reliabiliy out of an auto but you will still get a better car than other domestics and imports. i personally prefer a stick to an automatic but if you absolutly must have an auto, the integra isnt a bad choice. yes it is true that the integras insurance is slightly higher only because it is considered a luxury car. if you want to get the same quality without all the "toys" and the hi price tag then go with the honda civic. its the same platform as the integra with a slighly smaller engine and better gas milege. also the insurance isnt to high on the civic. you can get all kinds of discounts on your insurance with a civic
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Availability of both shouldn't bother anybody. Not everybody wants to keep shifting, unless they really enjoy the car. I love manual tranny, will take one over auto any day (and somehow convinced my wife to get Prelude 5-speed as our second car, good for me, she doesn't drive it!), but there are times when I wish I just had less work to do, especially pulling around on I-635 in Dallas area, any time of the day, thats when automatics work.
    It is just preference, that some people compromise performance and control and get auto tranny because they liked the car!
  • hi i am 16 and looking at used 95' 96 integras with under 50k on them. i am leaning toward the se or gs-r and i m def not getting an automatic any advise on the se or gs-r would be great and also the over all opinio of the integra
    thanks email me or post at

  • I just bought an Accord SE a month ago and I love the car, only prob is that a new driver (my sis) will be using the car soon so I need another car. Anyone know when the new Integras are coming out? I'd also like to know its base engine hp and its price.
  • I would go for the GSR.
    It has the 170 hp Vtec only comes in manual tranny, it'll be a rocket, its also a chock full of options...leather, cd, spoiler, alloys, 4 wheel discs abs...the list goes on.
    test drive them and see how you like them.
    Young'ns like us like the faster cars in this case its the GSR
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    titopuente is right but the '95-96 GSR's did not come with leather. Leather became standard in '99 GSR models.
    A '95-96 SE (special edition) also came with everything the GSR did except for the engine. It did come with a spoiler, alloys, sunroff, 4wheel disc brakes and if I 'm not mistaken ABS as well. So an SE should have everything the GSR has except for the 170hp (B18C1) engine. It has 140hp (B18B motor) and almost the same torque as the GSR (127 vs 128). Get the GSR if you can afford it. If you can't the SE in 5-sp flavor is still a decent performer :-)
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    The '01 Integra many say is not coming out till early '02 (March-Apr). Honda/Acura are always very secretive about new models and specs but Japanese magazines have posted that reliable sources have informed them that there will only be 1 Integra model with 217hp - price unknown.
    Again this is all rumors but not far fetched at all. We do know that they always increase HP & torque with every generation so providing that the Integra Type-R has 195hp, 217 is probably about right. They also say that the new Integra will have all the Type-R trimmings (heavy duty sports suspension, brakes, etc) but it may carry the Honda badge! The downside to that is that the warranty may go down to 3yr/36K mi. and having to deal with crappy Honda dealerships instead of nice customer oriented Acura ones.
    I own both a Honda Civic and an Acura Integra GSR and there is a world of difference between the dealerships. If I even think I 'm hearing a noise or something on my Acura and bring it in for them to check out, and they give me another car to go to work with! even though they only want to keep the car for an 1hr or 2 and it doesn't have to stay overnight! Plus you get the free roadside assistance with Acura so lets hope that rumor about the re-badging is not true :-)
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Sometimes Honda dealers can be extremely nice, and much nicer than Acura dealers! I have experienced it!
  • cmuboycmuboy Posts: 2

    I need a reply as soon as possible.

    I was able to negotiate the price of a 2000 Acura
    GS-R Coupe for exactly $20,000 (includes
    destination charge, but does not include tax and
    license) which includes the following accessories:

    Theft Deterrent System
    Full Nose Mask
    Splash Guards
    Wheel Locks
    Moonroof Visor

    Does anyone think this is a good price? The
    dealer invoice price on this vehicle is $20,014 but
    there is a $1,500 factory incentive on this car.

  • cuadancuadan Posts: 13
    20k is a good price for a GSR.
    MSRP is around 22.5k, and you are aware of the dealer incentive, which is good at lowering your price, however, there might still be more room to negotiate. will sell a GSR at 19,989 or something like that, but with the options you have, you're probably getting a better deal with your dealer. The security system itself is listed by the manufacturer at around $500 so at your listed price, you're pretty much got the cheapest deal around. You might get them lower by telling them that you know they're redesigning Integra for 01' and this is a old (since 94') model get the point.
    for reference: your car setup at would cost 23.9K. I'd buy it if I were you.
  • cuadancuadan Posts: 13
    Hey Joseph,
    Just curious :Where do you live? I wonder if they're going for that price in my area.
  • cmuboycmuboy Posts: 2
    Thanks for all your replies. I actually went to another dealership and got the car for about $275 HIGHER. The reason I did this was that 1) this dealership is local to where I live 2) the car that they have there is just right off the truck and everything is still "shrink-wrapped".

    The first dealership I went to was Serramonte Acura in Daly City, CA. If you are considering getting an Acura GS-R and are living close to the area, go take a look. Mike is the Sales Manager. Tell him that Joseph sent you. (He remembers me as he had a hard time with me. :) If you spend enough time there, you will eventually get a good deal like I did.
    I eventually got the car from Oakland Acura in Oakland, CA. This dealership is much closer to where I live and the car has never been test driven before by customers (it has only 12 miles on the odometer). I did pay $275 higher on the car though. My final cost was $22,300 OTD which included tax + license.

    I will be picking the car up this Friday.

  • cfrompacfrompa Posts: 1
    I'm searching for a new car, and I think I have it narrowed down to Integra, Jetta, and perhaps another Civic. I keep reading about how the Integra is outdated, but how does it handle? What kind of repairs does it need? Is it reliable? Is it safe? I'm sick of reading reviews and need some info form actual users.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Integras handle great and are very agile. Better than a Jetta. Why don't you go take a test drive? The GSR hanldes a little better than the LS or GS models because it has a front upper strut bar to lessen body flex at the front.
    With some inexpensive suspension upgrades (thicker rear sway bar) they handle awesomely.
    The 're pretty reliable and safe. I recommend you look at a 5-sp. because it's faster than the auto and more fun to drive.
    The new Jetta 1.8T (turbo) should be fun to drive as well but uses Premium gasoline like the Integra GSR. The Integra LS/GS take regular gas.
    I really enjoy driving my '99 GSR and look forward to it all the time. I 've only driven old Jettas from the late '80s and early '90s so I can't vouche for the new ones. I know they 're not as reliable as Honda/Acuras though because my friend was going through water pumps, starters, and all kinds of parts every other month with his Jetta until he finally sold it with 80K mi. 80K mi. is nothing for a Honda or Acura and they can go easily to 150K with no repairs. My Civic has 96k mi. on it now and so far so good.
  • sionsion Posts: 14
    I have an integra right now.
    I just wonder. What is the difference
    between acura and honda in terms of parts
    and quality. i realize guys that most of us have
    also an acura around so the replies might be
    really subjective. But seriously, what's the
    difference ? To me, the integra '93 looks
    pretty much like a current civic in terms of
    shape and it also drives better. Are the honda
    models always some years "behind" the acura
    models ? also i heard that the new integras
    will bear the honda tag. any info on that ?

    email also appreciated at
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Although Acura is made by Honda the majority of the parts in an Integra and a Civic are different.
    The engines are totally different as well as most of the suspension and braking systems. Rack & pinion power steering system in the Integras is totally different than the Civics and much better. Everything in the Integra is heavy duty and the parts are more performance oriented than the Civic's. Even the radiators & hoses are different (also GSR's radiator is bigger than LS/GS as well as many other parts..). Coil spring rates are higher in the Integra and the shocks are different for better handling. Exhaust is entirely different as well and the muffler in a G3 Integra is almost 50% larger than a Civic's (I own a '97 Civic). They share very few parts which makes sense because I wouldn't want many of the parts from a 106hp Civic for my 170hp Integra.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    This is the only topic I see you active around! How are you doing?
  • alang71alang71 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a new 99 Integra LS (Automatic Trans). I have been getting around 260 miles per fillup before the gas light goes on. Is this low? I though it would get better gas milage.
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