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Acura Integra



  • wertmanwertman Posts: 2
    ...also got floor mats, wheel locks, mud flaps and a thank you card with a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant (the dealer picked up on it when we were talking)
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    that was exactly my experience with the dealer even though I went through a .com company. What most people don't understand is that all the ".com" companies do, is locate the car you want at a really low price. Once they 've done that, they send you to the dealer to check the car out, test drive it and fill out all the paperwork. You work with the dealer just like if you were to walk in looking for a new car. The only thing missing is that you don't have to negotiate. The ".com" company has done all that for you and you know the price when you walk into the dealer. To me it was hassle free and stress free going through the ".com" company because they got me lower prices than I could get visiting dealers. Most Acura dealers are very pleasant. I was in the waiting room (they made me coffee and gave me donuts) for about 1.5hrs waiting to see the "business mgr" to sign the papers the day after I test drove my GS-R. So I started complaining that I 've been waiting too long and that I had an appointment at over 1hr ago (I didn't mind the 27" TV w/cable and the donuts in the waiting room). The sales mgr. came out and apologized and walked me into the "business mgr's" office and said to the guy: "take off $100 from the price of the car"!
    I never expected that. Then they give you a nice portable flashlight, pen and other stuff. They were all very polite and made you feel important.
    Totally different experience from the Honda and Chevy dealers where I 've bought new cars from. The other dealerships by the time I sign the papers, either I 'm hating the salesman or he hates me or I 've been through hell and back to get the price I wanted and usually argued for hours with them. My Acura dealer experience was really very pleasant and they only made $500 on the car. They never complained about everything. When I got there, they had already talked to my agent from, they knew the prices and they didn't try to play any games. They never even asked me if I wanted any accessories, alarm, or anything.
    Wertman: You got a really good price on your LS. Congrats!

    PS. Carlady deleted my last post to piggey because she felt it was obscene :) please..
  • piggeypiggey Posts: 9
    Congrats to you Wertman!
    I guess it all goes with luck when purchasing anything, house, clothes, and car. I am having such a bad time trying to purchase my Integra vehicle in MD and VA, it isn't funny anymore. One of my cousins was just purchased an Integra LS (he doesn't care for leather seats) w/ wheel locks, splash guards, and a spoiler for 19.4K (in MD).

    only1harry-What was your response that was so obscene? =)
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Piggey, why exactly are you wanting to run a new vehicle through I'm curious. What's the point? It's new.
  • hello all, here is my little 2 cents.

    just drove back my wife's new 2000 Integra LS automatic coupe from dealership. 17k even including destination (tax, tag extra). oh, btw, i am also in MD.

    does anybody here know a good on-line accessory store for acura? like for honda, there is the hope there is something that kind for acura too. thanks in advance.
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    I test drove a '94 Integra GS-R. I really love the cars, and am (still) considering buying one. However, when 'pushed' the '94 (54K on the counter) had pervasive engine noise in the cabin (really a high pitched rumble, not really nice to the ears).
    Now I don't need someone to tell me that 'that's what a sports car is'... this was way over the hill!
    Granted, I tested a 'not-so-new' car, and am hopefully going to test drive a 2000 model next week (there aren't that many around). My biggest hope is that the engine noise is not AS dominating as in the older car I tried.
    Does anyone know if the newer models are a bit more insulated, - sound-wise? Of course, it may just be that the car I tested was a ...screamer?
  • sionsion Posts: 14
    I am driving an 93 RS. I drove some models
    (incl. the 94 GS-R) before buying this one
    a couple of months ago.

    I don't know how many sports cars you've
    driven before but the gs-r is not THAT
    noisy ... it's louder than family cars
    though so if you only experienced that
    till now ... welcome to the club.

    there is also another thing here. i only
    drove manuals ... because i wasn't interested
    in buying auto ... he gs-r i drove was performing well in the 5th at around 4k with
    90mph ... the noise was reasonable.

    but i hear from some friends
    that honda/acura auto shifters are very bad
    and this might be the case, the auto
    overreving the engine. if that one is an
    auto i wouldn't buy it.

    my 1.5 cents.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Do you expect a 4cyl. engine to be quiet at 8K RPM? I don't consider my '99 GSR too loud. It has a nice sound to it and I like it a lot. Especially when VTEC kicks in around 5800-6K RPM.
    I now have an AEM Cold Air Intake and it sounds much much better. It sounds like the car has headers. It sounds almost identical to a Type-R.
    Really nice and racey.. Don't buy the car if this bothers you. Test drive a '00 GSR anyway. It could 've been there were aftermarket parts on that '94 (most of them have some..) which is why it sounded whinny.. BTW, I hardly hear anything with the radio on.
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    Especially to you, only1harry, for all your valuable info.

    Of course, I'm NOT considering an auto. Have never owned one!

    But the '94 car was exactly that: whinny. It was not a nice sound. Not the pitch in itself (I don't expect a 1.8 to sound like a 3 liter) but it was just not very nice. But again, the car was a '94...
    I don't mind engine noise at all, but there are some limits. I guess it's silly to have asked this anyway... I'll just have to take a GS-R for a spin.
    I truly think it's a very attractive car. I love the styling, and from what I've heard and read, it really is a great car in many respects.
    I have also read some complaints about the noisy cabin, but again, I guess I'll just have to be the judge next week...
    Thanks again!
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    ragtime4ever, in addition to the help you get here, you may want to check our Aftermarket & Accessories conference for more information.

  • Replaced my Integra (134k miles) spark plugs with Bosch Platinum plugs. Now it idles very fast, above 1000 RPM most of the time, and when it idles below 1000 RPM it sounds rough. Seems to perform the same but gas mileage is WORSE! Usually get 150 or more miles from 1/2 tank, now it's about 115.
    Also replaced tires 195 60R14 at the same time. Got rid of the Michelins and put on Dayton, made by Bridgestone. Shouldn't this improve mileage?
    Can anyone help?
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    take those Platinum spark plugs out! Acura/Honda spark plugs are excellent. They 're made by NGK and are very good! Those platinum ones apparently are not for your car and don't work well. Take them out because you can cause much damage to your engine. Your engine could be misfiring and this will slowly damange many things in your motor! You 're not the first one with this problem after installing platinum plugs. Most likely you will need better wires for those spark plugs but I wouldn't go out and spend more money on wires if you don't know that's going to fix the problem. Go to your Acura dealer and buy 4 NGK plugs for your car. That's the best thing and they 're made for your car. The car sounds like it's not running good at all. It shouldn't be rough at idle and it shouldn't idle over 1K RPM. Integras usually idle at around 600rpm.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    I got my car through them. They 're right. Carsdirect is not responsible for any dealer fees or DMV fees.
    This documenation fee I keep hearing about is a ripoff! We don't have that in NY state. Most dealers charge a $20 fee in NY to do the Motor Vehicle paperwork to register the car for you. Then we pay like a $25-30 DMV registration and licence plate fee (for 1 year, about $45 for 2yrs)
    and that's it! I had my $20 fee waived (they make their money on the car anyway) because I said I wasn't buying the car if they didn't scratch that off the bill, so they did. I 'm pretty sure you can negotiate that $279. It's a ripoff and goes directly in the dealer's pocket, unless they include the registration and plates which would be $40-50 at the most! The rest goes to them. Fight it!
  • bdavis32bdavis32 Posts: 13
    I expect to pay the tax, license/registration, but they have this extra $279 documentation fee that is separate from that. I still have to go down to the motor vehicle department and pay an estimated $325 for the title/registration to get my plates (high $ in Colorado for plates). The guy from has been good about everything, and they do have a good price. He mentioned he thought the fees varied by what dealer you buy from. I have never seen this type of fee before, so I thought I'd ask, since it does go directly into the dealers pocket. I'm hoping that the dealer will in turn throw in free wheel locks, floor mats, and mud guards, since I've heard many Acura dealers do that. Thanks for your feedback, as I was curious if anyone else was charged the $279 fee.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    manicke: You got a really good price because of major incentives this year on Integras. Right now there is a $1500 incentive but back in Feb-Mar. there was a $2K one!! (never seen it that high). I got my '99 GSR for $19,898 through and there was only a $1,000 factory-dealer incentive last June ('99).
    I almost leased a car in Jersey (Bergen County) because I live close to the NY/Jersey border.
    It was Ramsey Nissan and I was ready to lease a Nissan Sentra. The guys makes up the contract and asks me to look it over before I sign and give him a deposit, etc. They had a registration & licence plates fee of $120 on there. I argued with the guy that I had just bought a new car in NY a few months before and it was $40 for everything.. (this was in '95). They guy said that was their standard fee that included plates and registration. They wouldn't bring it down so I walked out. The next day I leased a '95 Galant (the same monthly payment as the Sentra I was going to lease) for my wife and paid like $35 DMV fees at a NY dealer. The fricking salesman from Jersey calls me that afternoon and said we 'll drop the fee down to $80 if you come in today and pick up the car. I love those calls and I wish I were there every time to see their face when you tell them you got another car somewhere else. Now if he would 've dropped it the day before when I was there I would 've gotten that stupid Sentra. Glad I didn't because the Galant is a lot more car than a Sentra and for $199/mo you just can't go wrong with a mid-size sedan. So we leased another one in '98 for the same money and this time with ABS and CD changer! Sorry I 'm carrying on. My point is all those fees are negotiable and unecessary.
    My Acura dealer was the best I ever dealt with. The sales manager took off a $100 the day I was picking up the car because I complained that I had an appointment with the business mgr. and they made me wait in the waiting room (with a 27" TV and free coffee and donuts..hehe) for 45min!
    He didn't have to do that. The price was already set (by carsdirect) and agreed on, and I had signed the contract. I was just there to give them the rest of the deposit and pick up the car. I had already signed everything! Now that's a dealer I 'll refer people to and go back myself.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    bdavis32, you'll also find some good information on in our Smart Shopper conference.

  • I just dumped my lemon Saturn (see for a shiny 98 integra gs-r and i hadn't even had it 3 weeks before someone took a crowbar to it to break in! What a reality check- now I have a perfect car- a little *too* perfect ;)

    So I have a factory alarm and the club was on it - should I upgrade my alarm to one with engine shutoff or tracking so my car can be recovered? Anyone have any experience with these things - they are expensive but perhaps worth it.

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Unfortunately the GSRs are very sought after by car thieves. No alarm or Club is going to stop them from getting it if they want it. They cut the steering wheel these days and that takes care of the Club. I also have the Club but I put the car in the garage every night. If you plan to leave it out in the street every night, good luck! Sorry for the bad news but seriously, it won't last more than a couple of weeks left on the street. A lot of them get stolen right out of people's driveways as well.
    It's a good thing you had an amateur trying to break into it but a professional car thief can steal your car in under 2 min.
    LOJACK I think works well with a decent recovery percentage BUT, if you don't report the car stolen within a couple of hours, the thieves would have plenty of time to strip it and find the hidden transmitter and disable it.
    They stole my friend's BMW M3 twice out of his driveway! He 's also a plain clothes cop in NYC and says they recover about 20% of the cars with Lojack with very little damage but the rest they find them totally stripped or not at all because by the time the owners realize their cars are stolen it's too late. They usually get your car in the early morning hrs while you 're asleep.
    Unfortunately a GSR engine and other parts (like the ECU-computer, catalytic, leather seats, etc) go for big bucks in the black market and so they 're a major target for thieves. You have to be concious of where you park your car try and secure it at night. Another thing you could do is if you 're parked in a private driveway, try and have someone else's car behind you blocking the GSR, that way they would think twice about breaking into 2 cars instead of 1 and risking spending too much time and getting detected.

    PS. They 've stolen 3 Integras (2 GSRs) in my friend's neighborhood in North Jersey, including his.
  • zacurazacura Posts: 13
    Hello everyone, I just purchased a new clover green 2000 GS. It is by far the best car I've ever had. I was wondering, what products do you all use to clean the interior/exterior and the leather. Advice would be appreciated.
  • mattc33mattc33 Posts: 1
    How exactley does edmunds come up with its ratings? I recentley purchased a 95 integra se with 70000 miles and am very pleased with it. However, the value rating given to the car was something around 3-4(on a scale of 1-10). What gives?
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