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Acura Integra



  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Not sure about pre-98 models, but from '98, LS and GS have minor equipment differences (15" alloy on GS, spoiler, standard leather etc.), but mostly it is the same as LS.
  • garthgarth Posts: 66
    in 98:
    RS had no power locks or sunroof; steel wheels w/covers
    LS added 14" alloys, sunroof, power locks
    GS added 15" alloys, sunroof, power locks, leather, spoiler

    in 99/00:
    no RS
    LS has 15" alloys
    i think the rest is the same...

    standard disclaimers ("i may or may not be an idiot") apply
  • Thanks for the responses,guys, answer your question Harry the car is silver, grey leather interior.....I also read a question on the board regarding the antenia...mine makes a loud banging noise...Is this normal??
  • Oh and I forgot...15" wheels...
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Yes, the noise is there will almost all Integras.
    Even in my '99 GSR (when it goes down). They say you 're supposed to grease the antenna every year or so or it could potentially break.. I gotta look into that more.
  • dav50dav50 Posts: 6
    Hi again.
    I am the same person who put in entry 203, to which you responded in entry 205. I ended up buying the car because I was in urgent need for transportation and my job is very time consuming, hence no time for more car-shopping. I would appreciate it if you, or anyone with the know-how, would answer my questions in entry 210. Thanks a lot.

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    I answered a few of them before. Not sure about the antenna. There is a web site where you can check VIN #s. I 'll see if I can find it for you.
  • IS the 2001 Integra coming out March 01/00 in 3days?I need to know because my next door neighbor wants my 93GS
  • dav50dav50 Posts: 6
    Thanks for taking the time Harry :

    1- The sunroof leak is just minimal to the extent
    that the upholstry around it became "damp" after a
    two-day rain. But, who is the person to take it to (assuming the dealer will charge an arm and a leg) to change the plastic "washer" under the glass frame?

    2- I read way up there that someone had suggested
    a Sears electric antenna mast for $40. Is that a
    good option? Are there other good options?

    4- It is a standard (stick) transmission. Should
    I do something about the clutch now or just wait
    for it to go (acceleration is pretty good now)?
    How much am I looking at for a new clutch and
    service etc. ?

    5- Should I replace the timing belt just to be on
    the safe side (147 K miles now)? How much more will I be charged at the dealer? If not the dealer, where would my second best option be?

    6- The odometer noise is kinda loud in the cold
    mornings and continues. Will it go away if I
    change the spring/wire? How much am I looking at?

    Again, thanks a lot for being so helpful.

  • garthgarth Posts: 66
    my god, if it's the original belt at 147k you're about six blocks away from a disaster. you NEED to find out when it's been changed in the past; the interval on this car is either 60k or 90k (it'll be in the manual)
  • dav50dav50 Posts: 6
    Thanks. The prior owner told me it had been changed "around 80K". When should I do it next?

    Thanks again.
  • garthgarth Posts: 66
    doublecheck the owner's manual - if it's a 60k interval, i'd go ahead and change it again. on Hondas/Acuras, this usually involves changing the water pump, too, since you have to remove it anyway and it's not a terribly expensive part (you won't be paying for labor).

    you might want to negotiate the cost of this out of your purchase price if you can
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Yes, you 'd want the timing belt replaced around 150-160K mi.
    Don't do anything with the cluth if the car is running ok. I 've seen Integras go 200K mi. on the original clutch. It's expensive (around $600)
    Get an estimate from a garage/mechanic on the speedometer/odometer noise. I can't see them charging you more than 1hr labor. The part is cheap.
    I would take the car to an autoglass place to get an estimate on the sunroof.
  • dav50dav50 Posts: 6
    Thanks a lot for your info. I will look into your advice. Do you suggest I change The timing belt at a dealership or just my own "foreign autos' mechanic" that I used for my prior car?

  • briansbrians Posts: 14
    The 2001 Integra is due to debut Spring '01. There's 12 more months to go.

  • dsobdnt1dsobdnt1 Posts: 13
    I recently purchased and 2000 Interga (checkbook demanded the LS model) and could not be more impressed with a vehicle. The ONLY complaint I have is that everyone else seems to be driving one also :-)!!!

    Prior to this, I owned a 94 Nissan Sentra (red-sporty one) and a 99 Mazda Pick-up. Loved the Nissan and literally cried when they told me it was totaled. Probably would have stayed with them, except they don't make a 2-door model anymore--can't be seen driving a 4-door sedan :-). I also (for a very short time--4 months to be exact) owned a 99 Mazda Pickup--BIG waste of money and what sent me looking for a new mode of transportation. See maintenance title 'Mazda--won't make that mistake again!!!' for more details.

    What really sold me on the Integra was the engineering of the airbags--they place the sensors on the firewall vice in the bumper as with most cars. This may sound like a petty reason to buy a $20,000 car, but let an airbag smack you in the face for hitting a curb at 8mph and you'll understand why it became important to me :-).

    Back to the subject, my little blue Integra has quickly (one week) wormed it's way into my heart. She handles VERY well, the stock sound system is adequate, the gas mileage is decent, LOVE the moon roof and power windows, the fold-down seats offer plenty of cargo room and (not to mention) I look %$#@ good driving it!!

    Til next time...
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I'd say you made an excellent decision. Have fun.
  • lperrylperry Posts: 4
    I have a 1995 Integra LS 5 speed with a B-18B engine. It is my second car, my first being a Jetta. The Acura is awsome. I really enjoy driving now. Anyway, i was just many miles can i expect my engine to run before it goes to the grave? I'm at 80,000 now and it runs better than my friend's 98 Cavalier with 14,000 miles. I am going to swap a V-TEC B18C into it when it goes out. Any info apriciated, Thanks
  • sionsion Posts: 14
    Hi guys, i really need to find out quickly
    what an average fair price for an acura integra
    RS 1993, 80k miles, 1.8L, manual, a/c, one
    owner car with no apparent problems is ?!

    around 7k ok ?!

    pls. email me at as soon
    as possible. thanx allot !
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    00tl and lperry, you may also want to visit our Maintenance & Repair conference for answers to your questions.

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Congrats on the new car! (I hope you didn't pay $20K for an LS - my '99 GSR was under $20K!)

    I know what you mean. I had an airbag smack me in the face in my '97 Civic. I didn't know they came out at first because I was going 65mph when a truck in front of the car in front of me lost its drive axle and we (11 cars) all drove over it! So I heard like a loud bang (like a gun going off) but I thought maybe it was the impact of the undercarriage of my car going over this thing that was about 10" off the ground! Feels like somebody smacked you in the face with open palm and sounds like a gun went off in your ear. I then saw the passenger bag (which was pink!) hanging down and then I realized I couldn't breathe from all the white stuff/powder/gas pouring out of both bags. Thankfully I could open the door and got out to breathe fresh air.
    I 'm still driving that Civic today with 93K mi. but those air bags are very important. I guess the harder they smack you the better they work? :)
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    If noise & comfort are you top priority then you shouldn't go to a 50 series tire. They have a lower profile and the ride will be slightly bumpier.
    Sounds to me you that you don't want a performance tire so I think you should stay with the 195-55 size but the problem is that there are not too many tires in that size. You could go to 205-50 but nothing bigger than that because your speedometer will be off too much.
    I 'm not up on the noise level of tires. I 'd suggest going to and read all the road tests they 've done. They usually rate the tires on noise.
    As far as treadwear goes, the Michelin XGT-V4 probably has one of the highest one (340 I think). You 're not going to get much better than that. I personally thing they 're really bad in the wet and average in the dry. I 've had much better tires before but not sure about road noise.
    I like the Dunlop D60-A2 all season tire. I 'm on my 3d set now on my Civic and they handle much better on wet and dry than the Michelin XGT-V4 which I still have on my GS-R. I 'm getting Dunlop SP8000 (dry&wet only - not for snow) and they 're excellent in both wet and dry.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Depending what condition the '93 RS is in, I 'd pay between $5500-6500.
    What don't you look it up at Edmunds?
    You 've probably bought the car by now, so good luck with it..
  • jalper12jalper12 Posts: 8
    Well, I've been eyeing the '00 Integra GS-R for my first ever car purchase (second car, inherited a '95 civic DX from my brother). Test driving it yesterday combined with reading these forums makes me think I'm making the right choice, however, for comparison's sake, can you guys suggest some other cars to test drive and check out? Lookin for cars that are along the same lines and cost around the same, just so I can get a feel for them and make sure the Integra is what I want, though I don't doubt it is!
  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    I'm sure only1harry will disagree but you may want to look at the new Celica's. The GTS compares well with the GS-R though its somewhat more expensive. The new GTS is very quick, handles well, brakes are exceptional, and interior is roomy (up front anyway). IMO, it also looks better. Visibility and quality of interior materials could be better. Also, since its a brand new model, the dealers are less likely to deal on them than on the Integras.

    I would also recommend you look at Preludes; better low end torque than either the Integra or Celica and a more comfortable ride. More expensive than the GS-R (about same as Celica GTS). True coupe design rather than a hatchback though (a negative in my book).
  • jalper12jalper12 Posts: 8
    Yeah, I've never been a big fan of Toyotas or the Celicas, but it would probably be a good comparison car to try out. I'm guessing the Mitsubishi Eclipse would be another good one to compare with. Any others?

    I'm planning to head to one of the Honda dealerships and try out possibly the Civic Si and Prelude. Maybe an S2000 if they let me, just for the hell of it.. ;)
  • dsobdnt1dsobdnt1 Posts: 13
    No, I did not pay $20,000 for my LS--just tried to give a nice 'round' number. I am one of those women that car salesmen hate to see coming because I tend to show up on their lot with a 'few' volumes of research and a stubborn (bad) attitude. :-)

    As far as the airbag goes, maybe Civic designs theirs a little differently.

    I, unfortunately, have received punches in the face that did not compare to that airbag...not to mention that it cause over over $3400 worth of damage to the INTERIOR of my truck (steering column (blew the thing right off the dash and into multiple pieces all over the floorboards), steering wheel (completely warped), dash, horn, wiring, airbag, etc.). Best part--my chiropractor estimates 6-8 months just to get my neck back into working order.

    Also, I guess, when there is that much damage-dealerships aren't too ept at putting everything back in working order again because I had the steering go out on me coming around a mountain at 70mph! Let me tell ya...that was fun.

    I guess I took the 'long way around' to say that --No, a hard smack does not mean better. It was an 8mph impact between the curb and my right front tire (which did not need replacement). I honestly believe that I (and my truck) would have recieved A LOT less damage without the airbag.

    My apololgies if the letter seems 'harsh'--I guess I still have some 'issues' to work out with that *&^% airbag!!! :-) But it also explains why I spent so long researching the airbags on various cars before I purchased the Acura--which I am still 'in love' with. :-)

    p.s. I still don't trust airbags--especially since information concerning their manufacturing and specifications are so difficult to find.
  • owncav01owncav01 Posts: 4
    I was once a proud owner of one of the first generation Acura Integras, it was a 1988 LS hatchback.
    At the time it has one of the first high-tech 16-valve 4 bangers (1.6ltr) that delivered a whopping 120bhp!!
    Nothing by comparison to today's standards but kicked butt to anything in its class at the time!
    I bought it just after I got out of college in the spring of 1988 and now, 12 years and 240,000 miles later, I had to finally give it up for a family vehicle. A Dodge Grand Caravan of all things! ;^(
    I even sold it for $1,100 with all that age and mileage! I did keep a great maintenance log on it.
    I admired all the newer, 2nd and 3rd generation Integras but could not bring myself to part with my "little red buggy" as I called it…it just kept running and running with flawless effort.
    I just want to leave all of you potential Integra owners out there with this, "you will never find another little car on the market today that will give you the total package of reliability, performance, pleasure, and durability that the Acura Integra delivers." The lucky owners of these great marvels of engineering know exactly what I'm talking about! Enjoy your Integras!!

    my opinion!!:^)
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    That was a good one owncav01
  • jalper12jalper12 Posts: 8
    Here's another question regarding buying an Integra... Which accessories are actually useful/important? So far I'm fairly certain I want wheel locks, splash guards, foglights, floormats, and theft deterrent system (mainly for the keyless entry, but the dealer is trying to sell me on lojack by tellin me it'll cut my insurance down, which is DEFINITELY something I need *sigh*). Anywaaaays, are there any other accessories I should get installed by the dealer when I get the car or am I all set?
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