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2009 Toyota Venza Crossover



  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    Precisely, as I already own a Sienna and considered to trade in my 2007 TCH (40MPG) for the 09 Venza and decided to not pursue it, as the Sienna takes care of what the Venza can do +++ more.... my opinion, for someone that needs comfort and mostly plenty of space to move around, then a Sienna is a better choice to own than a Venza...
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    Hey .... it has been too quiet, too long. I am weary of checking and finding the same last message.

    I see the new Toyota CEO wants to return to the old tried and true stragedy. Comment?

    Or how about: The Sienna is aimed at an entirely different market from the Venza. "Mostly plenty of space" is not on top of everyones priority list; but for those that need space, the Sienna is provided. Any nibbles on that?

    How about a technical question: Has the sludge problem that was such an issue in 2001, been resolved in the latest V6?

    Or .... for new owners: with 6 forward gears, does the tranny downshift at every slight incline? We rented a Ford Focus, and it could not assend a slight freeway over-pass without downshifting. At what speed does the tranny settle into the highest gear?

    Maybe .... the Venza is brand new; are there defects that have required a return to the dealer?

    Let's hear from the responders.
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    I am new to this forum, but a long-time reader -- having probably perused every message -- and am very seriously considering purchase of a new Toyota Venza.

    I have several questions, some about Toyota in general and some specific to the Venza::

    (1.) Living in southwest Florida, the dealers here -- as well as in the rest of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina -- get their Toyota's through a so-called SET distribution network "port" based in Jacksonville, Florida. Many of the Venzas have their options (e.g. leather seat trim) put on at the "port", even though all the cars are made in Georgetown, Kentucky. Likewise, the delivery charge in the SET states is higher ($795) than elsewhere ($720). Does any forum participant know how this 5-state SET Toyota "monopoly" got set up...or why?

    (2.) I know that, in general, Toyota's dealer holdback is 2% of the base MSRP. However, all the websites I've seen specifically state that the holdback "might" be different in "Southern" states. Does anyone know what it is in Florida?

    (3.) Has anyone seen and driven a 4-cylinder Venza yet? I've driven the V6 version in a somewhat controlled environment (i.e. salesperson present); it was not as peppy as I expected, but very nice overall. The negative review of the Venza in a WALL STREET JOURNAL article a few weeks ago notwithstanding, the Venza remains appealing to me. It looks nicer IMHO than the new 2010 Lexus RX350. Moreover, the Venza's EPA mileage estimates are better than those of competitors -- e.g. Mazda CX-7, Nissan Murano, etc. -- in some cases much better. And it doesn't require premium fuel.

    (4.) Given the late launch of the Venza and fact that the 4 cylinder version is just now becoming available (presumably), does anyone consider it odd that Toyota decided to call it a 2009 model rather than a 2010 model? Obviously, if you buy one and keep it forever, this makes no difference. However, if you plan to trade it in earlier, that hurts its resale value by 1 model year.

  • Yes- things have been a little quite on the Venza forum of late...

    I (we) are still waiting to DRIVE a 4 cyl version and if all is fine, ORDER one!!

    Still have not received a definitive answer from either Toyota or ANY dealer in my area of the world as to a ship date.

    The V6 we drove (twice) was silky smooth with MORE than enough power - would pursue it more if the mileage was better.

    Any new info on the 4 cyl??
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    Thank you for your response.

    I suspect the 4 cylinder engine is an item that a lot of us are waiting to drive. And, I suspect that many will go ahead and purchase the V6 after driving the 4 ... but none of us want to buy without at least driving the 4.

    As I understand it, the 4 cyl. is a new design. There are several outstanding 4 cyl. engines on the market, but most are around 2 litre. The new engine is much larger, not too much smaller than the 3.0 litre v6 in my 2001 HL. I had a 2.0 litre Acura RSX , DOHC, vtec, and it was fantastic ... true, the car was lighter, but I have no interest in towing capacity; I have no interest in 0-60 in under 7 seconds; but I am interested in initial cost and fuel efficiency.

    It will be interesting.
  • "felt"

    I drive a Tacoma x-tra cab with a 2.7L I4 that produces a claimed 142 HP - It seems to move my 3200 Pound (+ or -) truck around OKish... Although it is a little "loud" at times. Our , I hope soon to be, Venza will spend most of its life at an average speed of 35 MPH, so I think it would be fine with the 4 cyl. As long as it not too loud and cranky with full acceleration I will be happy.
    Trying to be Carbon Friendly is at the top of the list for us - cost of the decrease in fuel economy between the 6 and the 4 over 100,000 miles (at $3.00/gal) came out to about $1200. The initial cost of the 4 over the 6 is also a moot point for us.. We are just trying to do our part to decrease the total amount of fuel we use.
    As I have said before, this "car" fits us to a "T" ergonomically and I truly think Toyota is onto something here...
    I am hoping the 4 is adequate, but even the 6 is still a pretty stingy vehicle compared to the competition (Honda CRV, Mazda 7, etc...) - Added plus, NOT a SUV-lite (OK, CAR-heavy, but not a SUV or Minivan - which I just CAN'T do).

    Still waiting for the 4cyl. Toyota - do you hear us??
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Maybe .... the Venza is brand new; are there defects that have required a return to the dealer?

    After my first 100 miles, I've only got a couple of minor things to be checked on so far at the first service visit (4-6 months/5,000 miles). The front passenger assist grip on the ceiling is a little loose and the "wood" trim piece around the gear shift/MP3 holder is badly misaligned. Other than that, everything works and seems to be very solid.

    Incidentally, my Highlander (2001 - first model year of a new design) went back immediately after delivery to fix the turn signal (the turn signal cancel mechanism wasn't functioning) and my 4Runner (2005 - third model year) went back within the first year to have the driver-side side airbag module replaced (required a change-out of the entire seat).
  • linersliners Posts: 19
    Purchased AWD, Golden Umber Mica three weeks ago and am completely satisfied. My wife drives a 2006 Avalon with same engine, but different trans. The Venza six speed shifts smoother than the Avalon. The Venza does not get off the line as quick as the Avalon, but is just as smooth overall. I have put a little over 1,000 miles on it, mostly rural driving and have averaged a little better than 22 mpg which makes me feel good as I traded in a 2003 Sequioa. Came with towing package and I installed a class III hitch which went in very well. The vehicle pulls a 10 ft. Wells Cargo single axle very well. Next test is a drive from FL to the NC mountains. The Avalon gets right at 29 to 31 mpg on this trip. As a separate question, does anyone know about the preinstalled XM/Sirrus radio connection. The dealer did not say anything about it and activation shows up nowhere. I have all station access- not previews. Just wondering if all new Toyotas come with activation and for how long?
  • is showing at least eight 4-cyl Venzas en route to their dealerships in MD and PA, with details including colors and equipment levels, so they must be near delivery. Pricing at fitzmall starts at $24,621 up to $26,967. Looks like the initial I-4s will be priced at the low end, without too many expensive options such as leather, panoramic roof, nav, etc.
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    Thank you, great responses. ..... I need to check that out. Looks interesting. I never heard of it before.

    liners: I am glad that you are happy with your vehicle. Can you give me an idea about the speed that it drops into 6th gear? I do not imagine it would use 6th until 40-50 mph?

    Surely Toyota is aware that at least some potential buyers are waiting to make the decision after driving the I4. It would be interesting to know if the delay is part of their marketing stragedy, or if there was a delay in delivery of the 4 cyl? Possibly a delay in EPA certification or some such thing.

    It will be interesting.
  • It would be interesting to know if the delay is part of their marketing stragedy, or if there was a delay in delivery of the 4 cyl? Possibly a delay in EPA certification or some such thing

    There really has not been that much of a delay, since Toyota originally said the 4 cyl Venza would arrive in Feb. 09. They are probably a little behind their production plan since the Toyota Georgetown plant shut down for nearly a month (Dec-Jan) as part of a Toyota-wide cost savings effort.Production is now back to normal, though Toyota has announced a number of shut-downs days for the remainder of 2009, these are sporadic and should not affect output significantly. Then again, if car sales in general don't pick up, who knows what the future will hold.
  • Wouldn't it be much more "carbon friendly" to keep driving and maintaining your current vehicle? Or to purchase a used vehicle? The natural resources consumed to produce a vehicle have already been expended on your existing car or a used car as opposed to the new one. Sorry, I don't mean to rain on your parade but every time I hear something like "carbon friendly" I think of some hollywood star or Al Gore type posing next to their prius and then finding out they go through cars faster than their private jets burn Jet A. I don't mean to suggest that you should feel any guilt about buying a new car, I sure would not, just that doing so in the name of environmental awareness is not as simple as comparing mpg ratings.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Confirming what you stated.

    In the training done by Toyota last Fall the planned rollout of the vehicle has always foreseen that the loaded V6's would be made first from Nov through Feb. The more standard I4's would begin arriving in Feb but as you note the economy has forced the vehicle makers to cut back production across the board to balance out inventory.

    Our first I4's are now due to hit the ground from 3-4 through 3-15.
  • volkovvolkov Posts: 1,302
    You can look to see if the brakes and other clearances would allow a smaller rim, then run a higher profile tire. The added cushion is nice in winter, and the high performance loss would be irrelevant in PQ winters. We have done this with our vehicles whenever possible. It adds a little to the up-front cost, but the savings of running a smaller tire often get almost all of that back. Then add in the significant savings for rotating tires instead of remounting and balancing twice a year and it's a good investment.
  • LSP972LSP972 Posts: 20
    Well, no disrespect intended toward anybody... but who CARES about the 4 cylinder? I'd be happy to get the six cylinder FWD/loaded car I put a deposit on six weeks ago!

    This is really starting to become annoying. The dealer is doing everything he can (put me in a loaner plain-vanilla Corolla and is buying the gas), but I'm getting tired of driving that beer can and WANT MY VENZA!

    I see where Nissan is doing some pretty good rebates, etc., on Muranos... might go look at one tomorrow.
  • I gotta say the MPG ratings are only one small piece of the pie...
    I completely agree with you that building a new car is NOT very carbon friendly - but you gotta know that this will be the 2nd NEW car I have purchased (and I am about to turn the BIG five-Ohhh!). We will be replacing a 94 Volvo Wagon that has served us VERY well since I bought it in 95 (used) - to bring it up to speed would cost more than the Kelly Blue book is says it is worth. There are NO used vehicles that match what the Venza can offer - and I CAN'T drive a SUV or Mini-van (psychologically or philosophically!!)

    The Venza is ergonomically the BEST vehicle for our family. Ingress and Egress are wonderful - added plus it looks kinda COOL!!

    Even though the difference in MPG between the V6 and the I4 are minimal, over the life of this car (I am planning 150K or more) every little bit will help... I wish it came with a European Toyota Diesel - but I digress!!

    "Carbon Friendly" has become a bit of a catch phrase - but I think if we all did a little to help out we might be leaving a slightly better planet for our kids... Our "little" is opting for the I4 and it's slightly better MPG.
    BTW - No rain on my Parade - even though we live in the Seattle area!!
    And No offense taken and I hope none given...
  • macpromacpro Posts: 52
    Below are a couple links to a review of the Venza.

    The 2009 Toyota Venza may be middle of the road, but it owns that road:,2933,500366,00.html?sPage=fnc/leisure/auto
  • LSP972LSP972 Posts: 20
    Maybe they were reading this??? :)

    Took delivery this morning.

    What a neat ride.

    However, I think that those of you holding out for the four cylinder are making a mistake. I know my engine is brand-new, and will get a bit better, but it certainly does NOT have an over-abundance of power.

    The one I drove six weeks ago was without a doubt peppier than mine. We'll see.

    No drama, though. I bought it for style, comfort, and utility, not to be a street racer.

  • Thanks for the update.

    The dealership I have been dealing with just called to ay they also had a L4 ON the lot...

    We may go tomorrow and drive it - I've been through my Racer Phase with the Turbo Volvo Wagon and am also looking for style - utility AND better MPG - ready to give up SPEED!!

    Now, can we get one outfitted as we want??
    LSP972 - How is your L4 configured - if you don't mind me asking???
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    David...I think you mentioned in an earlier post that you are in the Seattle area. I am in Snoqualmie and would like to drive an I4. Can you tell me which local dealer has it on their lot? Thanks!
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