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2009 Toyota Venza Crossover



  • Did you end up getting the TPMS Sensors from Tirerack as well? What size were the tires - just checking on how close the rolling area is vs. the Orignial tires - just purchased an AWD I4 and looking to get a set of winter tires/rims -- but learning more about TPMS and the least expensive way to get them on and working - having checked out how the recalbriation works or the cost when you do the winter summer swap and rotations.

    thanks for any education you can provide.

    Steve in Vermont
  • I took a DVD down to my Venza and tried everything I could and it would not read the disc. I reread the manual and there is a screenshot of the screen showing a DVD option alongside the CD, SAT, AM, AUX etc. This does not show on my screen. I emailed Toyota asking why both the salesperson and the manual says that you can do something that you can't. This is not my first contact with Toyota regarding this Nav/Stereo/Bluetooth unit. I suggested that since I purchased an early production model that my Nav unit might be an older unit. I am waiting for a reply. They have been prompt in the past so they I will probably hear from them in a few days. I will post their reply.
  • One of the best sellers this year so far.... -the-auto-recovery/

    I have my Venza since Feb 2009. I have nothing but positive about this car. What about you?
  • I believe the DVD tab is enabled if you have the entertainment console option.
  • linersliners Posts: 19
    I have had my V-6, AWD since Feb 1 and have just turned 17,000 miles. It has been a great vehicle. With 70 percent of driving around town and the balance on interstate at 75 to 80 mph, I continue to very happy with fuel mileage or 22 and 27/28 mpg. I have absolutely no issues and get compliments all the time on color and wheels.
  • After re-reading the manual I see that. This was not what I was told by my salesperson, a nice person but obviously uninformed. Thanks for your reply.
  • Test driving a 2009 Venza AWD V6. Offered at $585 below invoice (dealer holdback I believe.) I like it but the passenger Air Bag light stays lit in the top center area. Usually, these warning lights go off after a bit. Is this supposed to stay lit or is it not sensing the seated passenger? If this stays lit this is a deal breaker as it is too distracting particularly at night. I didn't think to check if it stays lit without a passenger.
  • Test driving a 2009 Venza AWD V6. Offered at $585 below invoice (dealer holdback I believe.) I like it but the Daytime Running Lights are not on with the switch in the auto position and its daytime. The auto switch did turn on the headlights once it got dark. The owners manual said there is a switch to turn off the DRL but the manual did not give the switches location. Any help?
  • linersliners Posts: 19
    The passenger airbag light should go off after a few seconds. The only correct reason for the light to stay on is weight in the passenger seat.
  • linersliners Posts: 19
    I am not aware of any switch to turn off the DRL's. Mine are on in daylight in the auto position. Perhaps they go off when the trans. is in park or neutral. I have never paid any attention to this. Or perhaps, the vehicle was destined for Canadian delivery where there are different criteria regarding DRL's
  • So when there is a passenger seated, the light is supposed to stay on?
  • So when there is a passenger seated, the light is supposed to stay on?

    If they are un-belted.

    These are mostly federal requirements...not Toyota specific,.
  • Sorry, I confused my lights.

    The airbag light comes on to tell you the airbag is deactivated. This is usually because it thinks there is a small child on the front seat. In reality, it doesn't know the difference between a small child, a dog, a laptop or a pizza, it just measures weight.

    There are Federal requirements for when it illuminates. Some manufactures use a time-out or a speed threshold to turn off the light.
  • Well gee, the red flashing seat belt light does go off once the seat belt is clasped; however, that distracting pesky yellow Air Bag On light stayed lit during the entire test drive which included a few highway miles. We had the Venza at night and that yellow light is very distracting. It never went off. As it turns out, this "new" 2009 Venza also had other issues with the VSC. At one point, my wife put the car in Reverse and the beep beep beep went off and the VSC light stayed flashing and we were not moving yet. I think I need to pass on this particular Venza. There must be a software issue or sensor issue of some sort. That's too bad as the car is right for empty nesters.
  • easy, test another Venza. I had no problem whatsoever with my awesome Venza...i already logged in 20,000 every second of it.
  • I'm new to the forums and I have a question about buying a New 2010 Venza
    I posted this on another forum, but I need some help on my decision

    4dr Wagon AWD (3.5L 6cyl 6A)
    Options are: MSRP
    Premium Package #2 $4,345
    JBL Premium Audio $1,090
    Destination $ 750
    Total $35,735

    Now I was told by a friend that I am not suppose to pay Dealer Prep Fees, Ad Fees since I am not responsilbe for the them to sell cost effective ads, and floorplans and Holdback fees, and that I should get the car for at least close to 31,000 or 32,000, and just to make sure that I ask to see the Factory Invoice on the car to haggle right?

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,914
    All that may be well and good, but I'd figure out how much I thought the car was worth, and offer a number a bit less than that. Something less than True Market Value in other words.

    And then just focus on one number - the out the door price. Why spend an hour fighting over a $200 prep fee? (It is a junk fee, but do the OTD thing and you can ignore it).

    Out The Door (OTD) Pricing questions

    Enjoy the new ride!
  • linersliners Posts: 19
    The light stays ON all the time when there is someone in the seat. Your wife's experience with the BEEP, BEEP and the VSC light coming on is because of the vehicles hill assist feature. Your wife undoubtedly stepped on the brake pedal hard before placing it in reverse thus making the system sense that you were on a hill. Under normal brake pressure, this does not happen.

    I have had my AWD, V-6 for a year this week with 21,000 miles on it. It has been one great car. It rides great, gets plenty of looks and is very economical and still hauls butt besides.
  • I wonder if anyone has a similar problem ?When I leave my 2009 Venza parked and not used for more then 3 weeks, the battery goes dead and I have to ''boost'' it to get it started. The dealer says that this is because there are so many electronics on the car that even with everything off the battery will drain out completely. He suggested I use a trickle charger or disconnect the battery if I leave it not used for more then 3-4 weeks; have never had this with any other cars, I am curious if anyone else has run into this, the 6 cylinder Venza has 8000 km on it and has been ''completely'' gone over by the service dept at the dealer
    many thanks
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